Liz Hurley Liz and a big snake from Talk magazine.
Liz Again A larger version of the snake pic. This scan by NMD.
Water Polo Here is a shot as an appetizer to the Sydney Olympics. Water Polo has been added as an event & this shot is the reason why the women's final is sold out already.
Lisa-McCune One of Australia's most respected & awarded Actors. I've never really watched anything she is in, but I'll be watching the Tele-Movie this shot is from.
Bijou Phillips The guys who like making fakes could go crazy on this one.
Pam Anderson
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
6 new scans of the babe that just wont go away from Later magazine. Not that I have any problems with Pam, she's fine. I guess I'm just amazed by how far a bad actress with blonde hair and big fake boobs can go in this world. For me, I think she peaked on "Tool Time" around '92. I guess it just proves the power of "Baywatch"!
Bridget Fonda
1, 2, 3)
Bikini top, and bare bottom from "Jackie Brown"
Francesca Neri
1, 2)
Full frontal 'caps from the movie "Outrage".
Laura Dern
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Topless vidcaps from 1991's "Rambling Rose".
Rachel Griffiths Topless in "Jude"
and ...
Jenny McCarthy
1, 2)
Jenny in "Scream 3", by Akira I like #2 from two reasons. First, Jenny is grabbing her boob. and Second, it features Jay and Silent Bob.
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
1, 2)
From "Love Walked In". Is it just me, or does she remind anyone else of Isabella Rossellini?
Mena Suvari In his email Sisyphus simply said..."Somebody had to do it". Referring of course to the removal of all overlaid text from this scan of Mena in a bikini from New York magazine. Great job!
Victoria Binns Topless vidcaps from "Nature Boy".

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"La Fille Seule" from Tuna

La Fille Seule (The Single Girl) is being released tomorrow (7/5/00). Staring Virginie Ledoyan, this critically acclaimed and popular film bored me to tears. Basically, we follow Virginie around for a day with a steady cam. First, she tells her young and unemployed boyfriend that she is pregnant. Quelle Surprise, he is not happy about that. Then we follow her through her first day of work as a room service waitress where, Quelle Suprise Encore, she is hit on by staff and guests alike, and resented by less attractive waitresses. The story takes place in near real time, so we get to enjoy countless scenes of her walking down streets and through halls.

She took off her top once, but kept her back to the camera. At one point, she delivers a breakfast to a couple who are doing the "old in and out." Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I think they were actually doing it. See unknown 2 and 3, which look almost identical, but are actually a few seconds and two strokes apart. Maltin calls this a star-making performance, and Virginie was nominated for a Cesar for most promising young actress. Perhaps if I was a single, pregnant, young, French waitress I would have found more to relate to in this film.


Unknown (1, 2, 3) Virginie Ledoyan

"Søndagsengler" from Tuna

Søndagsengler ("The Other Side of Sunday") was nominated for Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1996, and won best film and best actress awards in other festivals. It is a beautiful Norwegian film that speaks eloquently about two things -- the hypocrisy of some fundamentalist Christians, and the difficulty of female adolescence. Marie (Marie Theisen) is fifteen and daughter of the popular local priest. She believes in God, but not the same God as her father. She sees a God of love, who inspired "The Song of Solomon" and believes in nature, and that people should be happy. Her father's God is made of far sterner stuff. When she asks him if he loves her, the best Father can manage is, "It is a parents duty to love his children."

Meanwhile, Marie is developing, though not as fast as she would like -- "I want large breasts that point up." - and wants to fit in with the more earthy of her peers. She longs to be so daring as to wear ear rings, and drink a coke in the local teen hangout. She is becoming increasingly resentful over her upcoming confirmation. Her only real friend is the church organist (Hildegunn Riise), who has never actually been daring, but has had daring dreams. When Marie learns that her father has had a personal (although probably not intimate) relationship with the organist, and a young priest grabs her in the woods and kisses her passionately, she finds the strength to be her own person. At the same time, those she has been wanting to emulate are giving in and conforming to the church. She tells one of them, "You are Christian enough. Stop all that kneeling, your knees can get infected."

Young Marie gives a great performance, as does everyone in the film, and Marie is a character that I related strongly to. Obviously not for fans of high-testosterone films, but I highly recommend it to those who enjoy quality character-based foreign cinema.


Hildegunn Riise (1, 2, 3, 4) Marie Theisen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Movies by Aussie

Today's featured film, Andie MacDowell nude from "Ruby Cairo". Number one is probably your best bet for the most visible skin. (1, 2, 3)

Graphic Response

The rarest of the GR finds is, Stella Stevens age fifty something, in "Last Call". Jennifer MacDonald in Red Shoe Diaries episode: "The Cake". Nicole Kidman from "Dead Calm". Also known as the other movie with a sinking boat and a red head staring Billy Zane. Nicole with a super 80's hair do, and a great 80's butt, in the Aussie film "Windrider".


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