Friday, July 4

TV Recap

There was some nudity in the second episode of Tyrant. I guess. At least the character is supposed to be naked, but the scene is too dark to identify any naughty body parts. The actress is Maddison Jaizani.

Jaime Murray continues to get almost naked in Defiance, s2e3. (Well, she's as nekkid as SyFy will allow. This show would be so much more fun on pay cable.)

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Henry and June



This project encompassed several days, of which today is the final. The captures are all found in the edition from Sunday, June 29th.

Today: film clips of the unidentified actresses


Adam and Six Eves


Adam and Six Eves is from the genre of early 60's nude cuties.   Or topless cuties.  This is a movie of only an hour's length but in 55 of those minutes you will find at least one, and more often several, topless women.  The number of gals tops out at 5 for any one scene but there are 6 total women, as the title indicates.  Fine.  And the women who played the six Eves are named in the credits.  Yay.  But, Houston, we have a problem: only one of those women did anything other than this movie  (at least using the names provided in the credits) and so for only one, Leigh Sands, could face and body be matched with name.  Leigh did some print work and sure enough, I did find a scan of something she did long, long ago.

I grouped the other five Eves in one collage

and then threw together some of the best frames for each of them into separate collages, which can be found below, accompanying film clips.  I find it difficult to believe women this attractive and this willing to disrobe in the 60's found no other work.  Gotta believe - wanna believe - each of them had illustrious careers spanning dozens of films under different names but I have no idea what those names might be.

A word about the movie itself: it is narrated by a donkey.  I kid you not.  The only spoken words are said to be those of a donkey ridden into the desert by a frumpy gold prospector named Adam, who stumbled upon an oasis with six women.  Only one of the six women is named - she is called Fatimah - and the joke, of sorts, is that she has a hideously long nose.  All other jokes, of sorts, fall into two categories: 1) Mildly amusing double entendres about the women; 2) Unfunny and gratuitous insults about Adam.  It reminded me of the one episode of Hee Haw I was forced to watch decades ago while visiting relatives in Dothan, Alabama.  The gals want Adam to stay because, well supply and demand makes it so that even withered fruit is priceless when it is the only food for thousands of miles.  Adam wants only their gold.  The whole movie is about the Eves enticing with tops off and Adam looking for ore, rather than more.  That is, of course, the biggest and lamest joke of all.

The links lead to film clips, with stills/collages below

Eve #1

Eve #2

Eve #3

Eve #4

Eve #5 ("Fatimah")

Eve #6 (Leigh Sands)


The Republic of Two


 The Republic of Two is a drama the follows the ending of the long-term relationship between Tim and Caroline (Brent Bailey and Janet Montgomery). After being together for 5 years, things are starting to slow down just as Tim is about to become a doctor. Caroline is going nowhere in her job and having mood swings causing her to seriously think about moving back home, but Tim persuades her to stay which pays off as she finally gets a promotion at work. But, the relationship doesn't improve and with the pressure now on Tim to get a doctor's residency, can their relationship go the distance?

An OK movie which is driven by the leads, who are both very good.

Meryl Bush film clip

Karen Schantz film clip

TV and Film Clips

Emily Cutting in Blood Widow (2014) in 1080p

Soko (Stephanie Sokolinski) in Augustine (2013) in 1080hd

Frequently naked Paz de la Huerta in The Tripper (2006) in 720p

Claire Dumas in Hard (s2e2) in 720p

Cerina Vincent
in Manchild (s1e1) in 720p
A young Jacki Weaver in The Removalists (1975). She was in her twenties then. In a spectacular career revival in her sixties, she has recently been nominated for two supporting actress Oscars for Animal Kingdom and Silver Linings Playbook.

Pics and Collages