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This is an eccentric romantic comedy that went straight to video. Joe, a 40ish womanizer, finally falls in love, only to find out that his wife was born a man, a condition which he cannot accept.

Or can he? And if he does ... ?

The brief nudity was provided by Amy Esacove, who played another woman with her sights set on Joe.

Other Info:

Details about the movie.

The movie itself is as bland as the place where it was filmed (Indianapolis), but Amy Esacove has a fascinating life story which she has turned into a one-woman show.


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Angelina Jolie film clips (samples below).

Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell film clips (samples below).

Scoop's notes:

This is a biopic of Gia Carangi, a lively and rebellious girl who became a model, caught on because she was something new, got caught up in the drug scene, started a downward spiral of dependent behavior, and eventually died of AIDS-related causes. The script was co-written by Jay McInerney, author of the familiar novel "Bright Lights, Big City," and the semi-official chronicler of the high life in New York in the 70's and 80's. OK, that's good material to work with. McInerney is a literate and knowledgeable observer of that scene, and Gia lived an interesting and tragically short life, but .... unfortunately, they couldn't find any "hook" to make it truly cinematic. It is just a pretty straightforward made-for-cable recitation of the highlights of a life - more or less a docudrama.

Of course, since Gia was a real person, even the unembellished facts may hook you in, because the film captures a time and a scene and a person you may be interested in. And there are plenty of positives. The story does have the ring of truth to it; the script presents Gia "scars and all"; Jolie is a charismatic (and daring) performer; HBO did their usual classy job of producing; and some clear, straightforward, and colorful photography created some beautiful images.

And yet, with biographical films I always ask myself this: "If it weren't about a real person, would it really be interesting enough to watch?"

My answer here: maybe not ...

 ... except for the Jolie/Mitchell nude scenes, which are excellent.

Bottom line: if you want to be educated about the life of Gia Carangi, and (more important) see Angelina Jolie with her clothes off, then you may want to check it out.



Semen, una historia de amor


Johnny's comments:

"Semen, Una Historia de Amor (a rather subtle title...) is about a nerdy bloke who works as a doctor at an artificial insemination clinic. He falls for a trapeze artist who comes to the clinic to be inseminated. But, attempts at doing so are botched, so the doctor decides that he is going to have to do it himself. She gets pregnant and they fall in love, except it turns out that she is the surrogate for her twin sister and that's where the fun begins and ends. Yeah, it's one those movies, an annoying comedy sub-genre involving insemination (isn't there a film with Jennifer Aniston coming out soon with a similar plot) that is just well, icky. Enough with them already, geez..."

Here are the film clips of Leticia Dolera, a Spanish avtress who was then a gorgeous 24.

The collages are below:




Lil Dagover in Between Two Worlds (1921!!)

Keisha Castle-Hughes in The Vintner's Luck in HD

Larissa Riquelme is the chick who promised to streak if Paraguay won the World Cup

Vintage Lohan downblouse, top quality

One more of Natalie Portman on the set of Friends With Benefits

Tracie Savage in Friday the 13th, Part 3


Jill Schoelen in The Stepfather in HD

Jen Rosendahl in Viva Hot Babes

Katya Santos in Viva Hot Babes

Gwen Garci in Viva Hot Babes

Hazel Cabrera in Viva Hot Babes






Shelley Martinez in in the poignant screen romance, Porn Shoot Massacre (sample below)

Cassandra St James in Porn Shoot Massacre (sample below)

Naomi Cruise and Kasey Poteet in Porn Shoot Massacre (samples below)

Liana Mendoza in Porn Shoot Massacre (sample below)

Elina Madison in Someone's Knocking at the Door (sample below)

Silvia Spross in Someone's Knocking at the Door (sample below)

Tiffany Shephis in Dark Reel

Steffi Wickens in Kill Theory