Friday, July 4th

The Spy Within

1994, aka The Flight of the Dove

This one caught my attention the other day when I assembled the missing parts of Theresa Russell's career. It's kind of a grade-B version of Three Days of the Condor, in that a top government spook (Russell) with an avian code name (The Dove this time, rather than The Condor) is trying to escape from her own section chief, who is trying to kill her.

The Dove has written a tell-all book, albeit for therapy, not for publication. Her job as a spy requires her to perform unsavory sexual practices, and she is trying to come to grips with that by writing out an explanation for why she does it. She's completely patriotic and has written the book exclusively for her own eyes and those of her shrink, but the head spooks don't trust that the book will remain unpublished, and just can't afford to have it in existence at all. Moreover, the section chief realizes that she is trying to leave the agency, and ... well, as they say in movie after movie, "Nobody gets out."

In the course of her flight, she stumbles into a discredited explosives expert (Scott Glenn) who is facing civil and criminal liability for a building implosion that killed a homeless woman and her young daughter who were living in the basement. He is racked with guilt, feels like he has nothing left to lose, and is just forlorn enough to join forces with The Dove in her elaborate plan to get away and start a new life.

It's a standard thriller which would be a typical made-for-video film if it featured unknowns, but is marked by the presence of some known performers. In addition to Russell and Glenn, the film features Alex Rocco and Joey Pants in roles so tiny they are barely more than cameos. The Spy Within is the one and only film ever directed by actor Steve Railsback, and I assume that he got some of his acting associates to participate in the film out of friendship and/or loyalty.

The plot has little credibility, and the actor playing Russell's superior is totally unconvincing as a hardened NSA operative, but the film is not without its guilty pleasures. There are some interesting action sequences, The Dove's escape scheme has a couple of nice (if implausible) twists, and the leads have some steamy sex and shower scenes, so I got through the entire story without taking any breaks or fast-forwarding. I always consider that a sign that a genre film will meet at least the bare minimum requirements for those inclined to enjoy this sort of film.

If it has any interest for you, you can't lose much on it except your time. I bought the DVD for less than the cost of a rental. (Amazon Marketplace.)

This film clip is my take on Theresa Russell's nudity.

It's actually three separate scenes in one avi. Some samples follow below.


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Time Served


Catherine Oxenberg, aka Princess Catherine Van Dien, giving up the boobies, first as
she checks into prison and then working the stripper pole. Our kind of royalty.







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Kristin Minter









Fairy Tales


This and upcoming columns: some clips from Fairy Tales

This adult version of the Brothers Grimm stories is a hoot. You got your Idy Tripoldi to start off things and your Linnea Quigley to finish em up. Between those two, Angela Aames and former Pet Mariwin Roberts and a bunch of others give up the goodies. There is even a reverse Hankster scene in which guys are chained to the wall and nekkid gals are offering to whip they sing Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar. One of the singing whipsters - the brunette - is Evelyn Guerrero.

Clips #3 and #4 (samples right)
Mariwin Roberts
Melinda Utal










Asia Argento in Boarding Gate
Matylda Buczko in Underbelly
Never Campbell in I Really hate My Job
Darcy DeMoss in A Bucket of Blood
Sarah Horvath in Pool Party
Selena Khoo in Two Tigers
Brigitte Lahaie in ???? (Scoop's note: that's definitely Brigitte in her classic "elbows up" pose which she uses again and again, but I don't recognize this specific movie)
Shamron Moore in Zombie Strippers
Siwan Morris in Skins
Liz Palace in The American Poop Movie
Linda Paris in The Girl of My Dreams
Emmanuelle Seigner in ?? (Scoop's note: I don't recognize the scene, and it doesn't look like Emmanuelle to me.)
Shannon Tweed in Human Desires








Dallas 362


Kelly Lynch, still foxy at 44










Anne-Marie Cadieux


La Vie secrète des gens heureux


Catherine de Lèan







Tuesday Weld in Serial


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