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Daisy Diamond


Aesthete is experimenting. These 1920x1080 clips and caps are not from an HD broadcast, but rather are upsized DVDs. I think they look just fine, and many of them will allow us to see unmatched clips from films (or specific versions of films) which are not easily available on an HD source. You'll see some of his best upsizing efforts in the next week or so.

Noomi Rapace film clip (images below)

Annika Amour (images only)



Beautiful Killing Machine


Brainscan's comments:

In the late 1990's Japanese filmmakers put out a series of movies about beautiful, dangerous women with guns.  Think of Andy Sidaris. only with epicanthial folds.  There was a brooding style to these movies because the dangerous women were not happy people; each had a secret to hide or a past to forget - they were downright tortured.  The Zero Woman series followed Rei, a government assassin, as she plied her trade.  And the folks who made this series had the clever idea of casting a separate babe for each of the seven movies (or eight, counting the one made in 2004).  Then there is the double X series, the best of which was given the English title, Beautiful Killing Machine.  In BKM, the female protagonist is the best damn bodyguard in the business, rather than an assassin.  She saves rather than dispatches, but that often requires some dispatch of its own.  Her name is Cheryl, she is played by Rei Natsume and she kicks ass.  Okay, so the movie takes us along an uneven journey because the director and screenwriter could not settle on what it should be.  Action film?  Psychological drama?  Tragic Romance?  Gender-bending shock film?  Why pick one when you can pick em all?  Good news for us of the Funhouse readership is the frequency with which Rei Natsume goes topless.  She doffs her top often and over some lengthy scenes.  You sometimes see her backside but that is not such good news because she has wide hips and a shapeless bum, not that any of us would quibble if we got up close and personal.  I should explain that in two scenes, Cheryl (Rei) undergoes some sort of aquatic treatment by her own personal physician played by Saiko Isshiki, who gives up some bent over cleavage (what little she has).  Another character, playing a hooker-assassin (and in the age of AIDS, is there any other type?) also gets topless but nowhere could I find the name of the woman who plays her.  So there we are: some nice exposure from one gal whose name we know and another whose name we do not in a movie that is a triumph of style over substance, and of just plain oddness over art.

Tomorrow: a bunch of scans (not my own) of our star, Rei Natsume, particularly of her furry regions (in Japan these full frontal poses are called hair nudes). 

Rei Natsume

uncredited hooker

and just for the sake of completeness, a still capture of the Saiko Isshiki downblouse


Film/TV clips

Golshifteh Farahani in The Patience Stone (2012) in 1080p

Nina Axelrod in Motel Hell (1980) in 1080hd


Two different imagers created composite images of Rosario in Trance

French TV personality Nabilla Benathia (Wikipedia link) getting nekkid for fun and profit

Anastasiia Kyryliuk, Tatiana Merizalde Dobles and Vicky Krieps in Die Vermessung der Welt (2012)