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(2004, aka "Der Untergang")

Maria Semenova film clips (samples below).





The big news of the day is that somebody caught Anna Faris and Chris Evans stark naked on the set of What's Your Number. Unfortunately for us, he was not in the optimal location and did not have the optimal equipment. But who are we to complain? Anna has a really cute butt.

Tiffany Bolling in Bonnie's Kids (1973)

Robin Mattson in Bonnie's Kids (1973)

Nicole Narain makes the paparazzi's jobs much easier by lifting her skirt

Christina Hendricks shows off her abundant cleavage back in January (no nudity)

Emmanuelle Chriqui shows off a bit of butt in a bathing suit




Catalina Denis, Mouni Farro, and Marie-Laetitia Bettencourt in Le Mac

Linda Hardy in Immortel (ad vitam)