Just a note on this one. I have to apologize. I should have looked at Tuna's captures more closely before we reviewed this DVD so enthusiastically, but I was in a hurry and missed a key fact.

The DVD Tuna reviewed does seem to be uncut, as advertised, but there is a major problem with it. It is not a full-frame full screen version, but one designed to emulate the theatrical A/R. As a result, it has some of the shots of Susan Blakely's coochie, but not others. Some of the very best views of Blakely's pudenda are missing from the disc because her genitals are below the visible portion of the widescreen cropping. (See examples below)


I have asked RLDVD's to look for an uncut full frame version.



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Sex Substitute 2

Sex Substitute 2 (2003) is another example of couples erotica on a dual region DVD.

This time, Scott Duke is a wannabe script writer who makes ends meet by housesitting, which not only brings in a few bucks but also saves him the cost of having to maintain a place of his own. When one of the homeowners returns early and finds Scott entertaining a girlfriend, our hero needs another gig. He crashes that night at the house of an actor friend, and is lucky enough to land a gig the next day at a failing bed-and-breakfast while the owner takes a business trip. This leaves Scott all alone with the owner's beautiful sister.

Complications arise when a magazine misprint causes the B&B address and phone number to be given at the end of an article praising a local sex spa. When customers start arriving in droves demanding sexually-oriented services, Scott feels duty-bound to service them, but his growing affection for the owner's sister and the immense number of guests causes him to bring in reinforcements in the person of his actor friend.

It is just a matter of time before the real sex therapist, played by Angela Davies, discovers what is happening.

The nudity and simulated sex is nearly constant. Seven women show everything, including Jacy Andrews, Ander Page, Georgia Adair, Cara Jo Basso, Kelsey, Angela Davies and an unknown. In addition to the nudity, the story is pleasant to watch because we like the characters, and the whole thing is light-spirited.

This is a C+. This is a very satisfactory genre effort.


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The Sex Substitute 2



Jacy Andrews


Ander Page


Georgia Adair


Cara Jo Basso


Georgia Adair and Cara Jo Basso together




Angela Davies










Six Days, Seven Nights

Today is a non-nude, but still sexy day. From "Six Days Seven Nights" we have:


Anne Heche with pokies and a very wet top.



Jacqueline Obradors with nice cleavage and sunning in her underwear.







Notes and collages

La Bisset, part 2

As promised, La Bisset in Secrets!










Fuera Ropa

A Mexican sex comedy with Rafael Inclán, a Mexican comedian best known for this type of movie. He plays a very religious member of the community who is going to build some buildings for the Church, so he arranges a meeting with another even more religious member to discuss the project, the character played by Leticia Perdigón. The factory where they meet gets robbed and they are left naked in a room for the weekend. You can imagine what happens next.

In the end Rafael's character likes what happened so much that he stars arranging it with other ladies.



Leticia Alarcon


Leticia Perdigon








"The Tudors"

Historically inaccurate, but still a very interesting show, Showtime's 2007 series The Tudors tells of the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII. Henry's life was a soap opera, and that is pretty much historical fact.

However, they certainly took a great deal of dramatic license with a lot of historical details, such as combining his sisters into one. He in fact had two. Even so, it's a really entertaining series, with excellent work by the cast.

The collage is a compilation of all the women in Season One, but featuring Natalie Dormer, who plays Anne Boleyn. I saw and enjoyed every episode, and I'm really anticipating Season Two. Of course, as the series reminds us each episode, we already know how it ends. It's getting there that's the fun.

Natalie Dormer and others






Even more of Rebecca Gayheart on vacation.

Gayheart is OK, but why couldn't this have been Alba or Biel?


Paris Hilton begins her new, monastic life

Stefanie Stappenbeck in Das Zimmermaedchen
Asia Argento flashed her coochie very briefly in B. Monkey