Some more great film clips:

This zipped .avi is all of the sexy stuff of Jennifer Aniston in The Break-Up, including the brief look at her bum. She looks very good in this movie.

The Machinist is the psychological drama for which Christian Bale lost 63 pounds. (Movie House Review) This zipped .avi is an HC film clip of absolutely magnificent quality, superior to DVD. It offers a nice look at Jennifer Jason Leigh and a creepy look at the skeletal Bale.

This zipped .avi is Scarlett Johannson in A Good Woman. It may or may not include a flash of nipple but, damn, that woman has some serious Mimi Rogers levels of cleavage.

The two film clips (zipped .wmv) of Joyce Van Patten in Bone are the aborted rape scene (represented by the first collage below - when else but the early 70s could you get a gyno cam shot from a dowdy TV housewife?), and the lovemaking scene (the other three collages). My thoughts are below. Tuna had a completely different take on it. He liked it. It's a film basically split into two stories. I hated one of the two, and I didn't like the other one enough to make up for it. Tuna's thoughts are here.

Joyce Van Patten


Bone (1972)

Bone isn't Citizen Kane, but it's not a totally awful film either. The problem is that it had absolutely no audience. The film's distributor, Jack Harris, tried to market it in the white suburban theaters - no luck. Then he convinced director Larry Cohen to try marketing it in the "black film" circuit - no luck. Cohen was convinced it could be promoted as a comedy, so he invested a great deal of his own money (he had just sold a script to a major studio) to do a trial market run in New York City, giving first billing to Jeannie Berlin, who played a minor role but had won a N.Y. Film Critics Award (and an Oscar nomination) for her supporting performance in The Heartbreak Kid. That failed. Art film? Failed again. Mr. Harris finally changed the name of the film to Housewife, and re-cut the trailer to make it sensational. ("This housewife will do anything for kicks."). This change allowed him to sell the picture through the drive-in circuit as a second feature in a sexploitation twin bill.

Could this film come from any other era but its own (70s counter-culture)? It's filled with confusing and unnecessary symbolism, sudden acid flashes to the lives of people unimportant to the film, scenes that might be real or imagined, heavy-handed satire of the suburban bourgeoisie, a murder in the sand dunes, classic anti-capitalist posturing, and a woman who prefers her black rapist to the conniving user car salesman she married. The representative of the white American business world is corrupt, materialistic, cowardly, and lacking in human decency. If I didn't already know who directed this, I would have guessed Marco Ferreri. All it needs is Depardieu and a giant plaster ape.

After the first few minutes of the film, the white suburban couple gets split up and the script covers their stories separately, intercutting them until the last few minutes of the movie, when they find one another. The portion of the film with the wife (Joyce Van Patten) and her would-be rapist (Yaphet Kotto) is quite watchable. Their scenes gradually migrate from sexual menace to rapprochement to conspiracy, from melodrama to humor, with both characters developing as they interact. Those scenes can be suspenseful, funny, tender and sexy. The other half of the film, which follows the peregrinations of the sleazy husband, doesn't spark any interest at all. Those scenes seem to ramble pointlessly, and are filled with uninteresting encounters with uninvolving characters, during which the satire always falls flat. Unfortunately, the husband's adventures take far too long to unfold, thus dragging the film to the level of a pretentious arthouse endeavor.

The DVD, however, has lots of good features. There's a full-length commentary, and thirty minutes of footage from the first version of the film, which was shot with a different lead actress.



Other Crap:

Everyone on earth is descended from the same guy.
  • "Everybody on Earth descends from somebody who was around as recently as the reign of Tutankhamen, maybe even during the Golden Age of ancient Greece. There's even a chance that our last shared ancestor lived at the time of Christ."

If you liked Zita Gorog in Underworld 2, 8MM 2, and Den of Lions, you are gonna LOVE these pics of her.

The Top 15 Greatest College Athletes of all time

A very interesting interview with Johnny Depp

America in mourning. Paris Hilton Moving To London?

Movie critic Ebert has emergency surgery

Actor Ian McKellen has topped the 'Pink List' of Britain's most influential homosexuals

Weekend Box Office Results for June 30-July 2, 2006

  • If you add up the totals, you'll see that the box office performed exactly as expected - about 5% over last year - totally consistent with the previous five weeks. That was in the aggregate. The money did get swapped around a bit from film to film. The Devil Wears Prada was the big winner, with $10 million more than expected. Superman was the big loser, losing pretty much everything Prada gained.

Top Wall Street minds declare carney games a poor investment

Some moments beg to be photographed: Tornado, Rainbow, and Sunshine Over a Kansas House

Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship: June 30th edition

Stacey Dash Online reports that she will appear naked in the August Playboy


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Dingle, Barry (2005)

Dingle, Barry is a zany comedy about date rape. Ponder that for a moment, and it will be obvious that this is not in especially good taste. I can't even imagine how a film could be less PC.

Barry Dingle is living at home, and spends every night in bars where he picks up women and seduces them. He uses drugs when necessary, and keeps a little black book of his conquests. Meanwhile, his mother has plans for him. She wants her son to woo the ugly daughter of a future US senator. Mom's archenemy on the Guggenheim museum board also wants her own son to woo the young lady.

Barry ducks the ugly daughter and brings home a girl from a bar who ends up charging him with date rape. He is convicted and given three years. The only prison scene we see is him being raped by a big black cook while he is wearing a Chef Boyardee outfit. Meanwhile his rival has married the senator's daughter, but dies of colon cancer, so she is free again, and her father is now running for president. Mom agrees to help Barry get even with the girl who sent him to jail as long as Barry promises to woo the candidate's daughter. Life gets worse for Barry and his mother when the rival mother teams up with the date-raped young lady, steals Barry's little black book, and recruits another willing victim to go after him.

Veronica Cartwright was strong as Barry's mother, but writer/director/star Barry Shurchin, who played Barry Dingle, seems to be just as big a creep as the character he wrote. Not only that, but he seems proud of it. Personally, I saw little reason to laugh.

Based on the user comments at IMDb, and this surprisingly positive review, I will reluctantly give this one a C-.

IMDb readers say 3.7.


Linda Sebastion shows breasts.
Melissa Siblia shows breasts.
This woman shows breasts. (It is either Elizabeth Boehmer or Tara Grodt)








Let's return to "The Secret Cellar."

This time it's Cecelia Simon who bares all for the camera.  Once again we fire up the "Gyno-cam".





Jessica Kosmalla in "L'heure Simenon"
Muriel Baumeister in "Meine Tochter darf es nie erfahren"
Sabine Sinjen in "Das Haus im Ginster"
Marina Krogull in "Das Eigentor"
Julia Thurnau in "Klinik unter Palmen"






Dann reports on Candy Stripers:

Although it sounds like a 70's sexploitation flick, 2006's Candy Stripers is actually an alien body snatcher horror story.

During a car wreck, a victim is infected with an alien worm-like thingee. Ugly critter, too....looks like a slimy cucumber on steroids. When the victim reaches the ER, she infects a Candy Striper before dying. The girl then infects others by kissing them. Several high school basketballers being treated for injuries discover the problem, and the game is on.

While it isn't exceptional, this is a decently done horror flick with some flesh, a lot of sexy women, an acceptable if totally unreal plot, and a restrained amount of gore. Worth a watch for B-horror fans.

Deanna Brooks Serria Twain




UK hottie Jordan
Jodie Foster in the full screen version of Backtrack. (Her pubes are visible. They are not in the Widescreen Region 1 DVD)
Demetra Hampton in Kreola. I like Demetra, but never heard of this film.
A few from Tipping the Velvet, which could sorta be described as the UK equivalent of The L Word.

First Keeley Hawes

Tipping the Velvet-  Rachel Stirling
Tipping the Velvet - Sally Hawkins
Roberta Angelica in New Blood