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"Cactus" (1998)

Cactus (1998) is a Paul Cox film about a French woman, Isabelle Huppert, who has left her husband and is visiting Australia. She has some undisclosed traffic accident where she loses the use of her left eye. When her right eye starts shutting down in some sympathetic reaction, she is told that she must have the left eye removed to save any sight in her right eye. She is introduced to a blind man, Robert Menzies, and learns from him other ways to "see." They become intimate. That is pretty much the plot. There are two impossible dark love scenes between them, and some breast, buns and bush exposure of her standing in front of a window.

The film opens with 4 minutes of a slow pan of an Australian garden, and overly-loud bird calls, with some sacred music in the background. Maltin, in awarding 3 stars, points out (correctly) that Paul Cox films are always about male/female relationships between unusual people. He seems to understand the film, and talks about the loudness of the bird calls showing, right from the start, how other senses become keener as you lose your sight. He found the choice she had to make over surgery to be distracting from what he thought the film was about.

Ebert sees it as a story about a girl who must choose between saving her sight, or becoming blind to join her blind lover, and says that the film only works when following that plot. He says 2 1/2 stars. IMDB readers say 6.3/10, but based on only 12 votes. I didn't understand the film at all. First, if a film is about vision loss, why is most of it devoted to impressive visuals? If it is actually a love story of mutual discovery, why aren't the two on screen together more often? The pace was excruciatingly slow, and if the symbolism of the cactus was ever explained, I missed it entirely. Menzies owns a huge cactus collection left to him by his father, so we do see some cacti during the film. The other characters seem to exist only for exposition. The film is technically impressive, but I had a lot of trouble staying awake. Huppert's French accent was distracting. The DVD transfer was 4/3, dark and grainy. C-.

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  • Isabelle Huppert (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    "The Misfits" (1961)

    The Misfits (1961) included the final performances of both Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable, and also featured Montgomery Clift and Eli Wallach. This alone would make the film worth watching. It was written by Arthur Miller for his ex wife Marilyn, and was meant to let her shine. As the story begins, Marilyn is in Reno getting a divorce. She meets cowboys Eli Wallach and Clark Gable, all three sort of lost souls looking for meaning, and moves into a house built by Wallach for his wife, who died, and begins a relationship with Gable. Gable and Wallach decide to go "Mustanging," and travel to a rodeo to find a third hand. That is where they run into old friend Clift.

    All three men want Marilyn, and the jealousy causes some tension, but not nearly as much as when Marilyn discovers that they intend selling the mustangs for dog food. I am not real sure what this film is saying. It obviously is an environmental plea to stop killing mustangs, long before it was PC to be green. It is also about people who have lost their way, and it might be saying something about redemption. One thing I came away from the film with was a new appreciation for Marilyn's ability to use her body to advantage and get things by the censors. In image 1, you see a major nip slip (more like an entire right breast slip) that only lasted for two frames, and there are several pokies, major cleavage shots, and see-throughs.

    Maltin says 3 stars, calling it unsatisfying but engrossing. IMDB readers say 7.2/10. I think the rating reflects the strength of the cast more than the actual plot. I found the dialogue rather over-wrought for the screen, and more suited to the stage, but the film held my interest, largely due to the performances by four screen greats. If you are a Marilyn fan, this is a must own. For the rest, it is worth seeing once. C+.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    Sweet Justice is a grade b version of the Magnificent Seven, except six of the seven are chicks, and some of them get nekkid.

    Skipped Parts is quite a good independent movie, a coming-of-age story set in 1963 which deals frankly and humorously with pre-pubescent sex. I know it sounds lurid, but it's actually a funny and sensitive movie.

    • Jennifer Jason Leigh (1, 2)

    Platoon is considered Oliver Stone's masterpiece, his autobiographical story of his own Vietnam experience. Sorry, no hot babes. If I ever get to make my Vietnam masterpiece, it will have plenty of car washes, hot tubs and full-frontal blond surfer chicks. Charlie Sheen only agreed to be in Stone's version because he thought he was going to be in mine.

    Graphic Response
  • Melanie Griffith, breast exposure in scenes from "Working Girl" (1988).

  • Elizabeth Whitcraft, topless, also from "Working Girl".

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website. www.graphic-barry.com.

  • Scorpion's Skinemax
    Catherine Bell
    (1, 2)

    A little dark, but excellent quality topless and bare bum 'caps of the beautiful actress in sex scenes from an episode of the late night cable series, "Hotline".

    Lesli Kay Sterling
    (1, 2)

    More sex scenes from "Hotline". Breasts and bum again, plus #1 has just the slightest hint of pubes.

    Audie England Breast and bum from the Red Shoe Diaries episode, "Laundrymat".

    Holly Sampson Very nice breast views, and a masturbation scene from "Lady Chatterley's Stories".

    Due on video in October...Holly takes on the title role in "Emmanuelle 2000".

    Jill Pierce See-thru action in scenes from "Witch Hunt" (1994).

    Kim Dawson Sport humping and lots o skin in scenes from another episode of "Lady Chatterley's Stories".

    Lauren Hayes I think she has become my personal favorite late night babe....here she showing off her perfect robo-hooters (plus a bit of bum and bush too) in scenes from an episode of "Passion Cove".

    Nancy Lynn Vaughn All three B's, pseudo-sex, and a very rare mixing of fetishes...both whipped cream and candle wax! More from "Passion Cove".

    Robin Mattson Breasts, and maybe some pubes if you squint a little. Scenes from "Wolf Lake" (1978).

    Soledad Miranda Very brief breast and partial bum exposure from 1969's "100 Rifles".

    Gena Lee Nolin
    (1, 2, 3)

    Barely dressed and looking great in the June Issue of the German Maxim. Check out link #2 for some Mega-cleavage.

    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Another round of sexy non-nudes from the German Maxim.

    Mr. Skin
    Patricia Adriani
    (1, 2)

    Some ultra-obscure nudity...from the movie "La Pecadora" (1979). #1 has topless and frontal views. #2 has full frontal and full dorsal nudity.

    Maribel Guardia More obscure stuff...nice thong views from "Las Traigo muertas"(1985).

    LetÝcia Perdigˇn Nice lathered up boobs in this shower scene from 1977's "La Hora del jaguar".

    and ...
    Mńdchen Amick
    (1, 2, 3)

    Great 'caps of a beautiful actress.
  • #1...by Dann, Topless and frontal views from "Dream Lover"
  • #2...more full frontal nudity, and some rear views too, also from "Dream Lover"
  • #3...by Hugo, nice legs plus partial breast exposure in a sex scene from the movie "Bombshell"

  • Leslie Horan
    (1, 2)

    Gorgeous face, and a great body to match! Some folks may know her from her role of the daytime soap "General Hospital". Here she is nekkid in scenes from "Widow's Kiss" (1994). Thanks to Scanman.

    Renee Griffin aka Renee Ammann, aka Renee Allman. Great topless, bikini views, and partial bum 'caps from "The St÷ned Age" (1994) by Kruger.

    The Funnies
  • Now this would make going to the office much more fun!

    Thanks to Pat Reeder at the Comedy wire for pointing out this one....

    From the NY Post Page Six column...

    KIM Cattrall's proposed sex book was too racy for prudish poobahs at Simon & Schuster. Cattrall, who plays insatiable Samantha on "Sex and the City," was contracted to write about "how men can satisfy women" with her husband, Mark Levinson. But, apparently, it was too explicit to print. "Basically, Cattrall and her husband wanted to do a book that was very graphic sexually and that included photographs, sort of like a 'Joy of Sex,' " says an insider. "Simon & Schuster wanted something less graphic and more psychological, more about how men can make women happy. It just didn't work out."

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