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  • We finally found someone with the real bio of Delia Sheppard! Her accent isn't Danish, it's Afrikaans, and she's from South Africa. They remember her well there, which explains why they don't remember her in Denmark at all. She was born in Johannesburg, and went to school at a performing arts school called the Johannesburg School for Art and Drama, where she was a dance major. After school, she moved to Sun City and became the South African equivalent of a Vegas showgirl. She danced in that troupe for 18 months before being promoted to headliner. She moved to the USA when she was about 23, and worked temporary jobs in LA, eventually working as a stripper, which is when Stallone saw her.

    Her mother still lives in South Africa, and Delia she still visits regularly. She changed her country of origin because it was not politically correct to be from South Africa at the time she moved to California, so her working resume listed her birthplace as Denmark and her dancing experience as Paris.

  • The top ten things your dad will never say.
    1. Jeez, I'm lost. Let's stop and ask directions.
    2. Well, you're 13 now, punkin, and you're ready for unchaperoned car dates.
    3. I noticed all your friends have an earthy "up yours" attitude. I like that.
    4. Here's a credit card and my car keys, GO CRAZY
    5. Whadya mean you want to play football? Figure skating was good enough for me and my father, and it's good enough for you.
    6. We'll be out of town this weekend, and there's plenty of booze, if you want to have some friends down for a party.
    7. Your car? I don't know - probably one of those doohickey thingies. Just tow it to a mechanic and ask him.
    8. No son of mine is living under my roof without an earring. Now get your ass to the mall.
    9. What do you need a job for? I make plenty for you to spend.
    10. Father's day? Don't waste your time on that crap.
  • Sharon Stone
  • There isn't much left of the old time breathless glamour of Hollywood. There are great actresses, and great beauties, and great intellects among today's stars, but not many left who embody glamour in their simple presence. I suppose Sharon Stone was the last, until the next one comes along. Will Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gellar endure? Will JLH move from beautiful kid to elegant woman? Time will have to render those verdicts. In the meantime, let's review our last treasure. She was already about 34 when she became an "overnight sensation" in Basic Instinct, but she had been hacking around for more than a decade in various roles, ranging from cameos (a brief facial appearance in Woody Allen's "Stardust Memories") to good sized parts in successful movies (the "consider that a divorce" wife in Total Recall.) Basic Instinct made her a legend. Some of that was because of her famous leg crossing/uncrossing, but that was only part of the package. She was obviously smart, sassy, sexy, beautiful, dangerous, and probably more woman than any of us could ever handle, and she seemed to be almost the same offscreen. She seems to be cursed to leave that as her legacy. She's 41 now, has done plenty of movies since, and she's been pretty damned good in some of them, but she remains fixed in our memory as the only screen goddess who showed us everything and wasn't the least bit apologetic about it.
  • Before Basic Instinct
  • 1984. "Irreconcilable Differences". Age 26. Sharon was born on March 10, 1958 in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Imaging by Kruger (one of the best, but now retired)
  • 1987. "Cold Steel", from Crow.
  • 1988. "Action Jackson", from Hugo.
  • 1989. "Sangre y Arena", from Abys.
  • 1989. "Sangre y Arena", from Abys.
  • 1991. "Scissors", from RDO.
  • Basic Instinct 1992
  • "The scene". A masterpiece in blue and white and tanned legs, one of the most beautiful vidcap arrangements ever made, from RDO.
  • close-up of "the scene", which I did about four years ago, when capture equipment was significantly lamer. It seemed great then, but it sure ain't much by today's standards. The movie was released in the States on March 20, 1992, 10 days after her 34th birthday. The world-wide gross was $353 million dollars, including more than $100 million in the USA, on a budget of $49 million.
  • The scene where she wants Douglas to see her getting dressed/undressed. RDO
  • Lovemaking. RDO
  • Lovemaking. RDO
  • Lovemaking. RDO
  • Viewed from outside. RDO
  • continuation of the above, but picked up now by Aesthete.
  • more of the same, from Aesthete.
  • Douglas stands face-to-face with a topless Stone, from Aesthete,
  • enlargement of the above, from Aesthete.
  • After Basic Instinct
  • 1993. Sliver, from Graphic Response.
  • 1994. The Specialist. From Nuc.
  • 1994. The Specialist. From Big Brother.
  • 1994. The Specialist. From Norman Bates.
  • 1994. The Quick and the Dead. From Norman Bates. Only a brief breast flash, and no face visible. I believe this is an admitted body double. Stone produced this movie.
  • 1994. The Quick and the Dead. From Norman Bates
  • 1994. The Quick and the Dead, frame by frame from BobCap. Not a smooth pan down to her breasts, but an abrupt cut.
  • Love Crimes, from Aesthere
  • I suppose this must be the movie with the most Sean Young nudity. Aesthete did a comprehensive and excellent job on the unrated version of the tape. Here we see Sean's backside as she dresses.
  • enlargement of above
  • More buns, and then a flash of her crotch.
  • No nudity in this case, but plenty of sexual tension with a pair of scissors.
  • New scene. Sean rips off her sweater.
  • New scene. Sean gets bathed.
  • a different camera angle on the tub scene
  • She stands up from the tub, and he towels her.. Enlarged frames.
  • Smaller frames, storyboard version of above
  • Standing up, revealing herself completely.
  • Also naked in this movie was Fran Dorsey, and the last four files are dedicated to her. Here's a storyboard.
  • Storyboard #2
  • Enlargement
  • Enlargement #2
  • Patsy Kensit
  • Speaking of South Africa and political correctness, the other day, when I ran Rookie's caps of Lethal Weapon 2, I received several letters saying that the woman pictured didn't look like Patsy Kensit. I didn't understand why you doubted it, but I asked The Realist to get the DVD and check it out. There is no question. That is Patsy, and there are no camera tricks of any kind, no missing heads in the nude scenes. She was about 20, and she looked great. The Realist wasn't very impressed with her South African accent, but was very impressed with the sweet sincerity and attractiveness she brought to her character. I think it was an OK cop flick, but I've really forgotten the whole movie except for the trailer with the toilet seat: "they're back, and this time they aren't taking any crap"
  • more Patsy
  • more Patsy
  • No special point but, ...
  • ... but one visitor pointed out ... compare Madonna in "Body of Evidence"
  • to Severance in "Red Shoe Diaries"
  • More
  • This might be the catch of the day. Clearest caps I've seen of Elizabeth Montgomery in "The Legend of Lizzie Borden". First ever vidcaps from a Man With No Logo
  • Hannigan and Pressly kissing on the MTV movie awards, from FR
  • Chumba's version of Kidman pulling up her blouse in RS.
  • Irene Miracle topless scene, from MGM (really here? what are they from?)
  • Lingerie models in "Enemy of the State", from Devilscan.