TV Recap

Masters of Sex aired the season three premiere last night, with nudity from Hanna Hall and maybe Isabelle Furhman in 720p. (I say "maybe" because Furhman's face is never seen clearly in the scene, so it might be a body double, but Furhman's character is definitely nekkid, and the show has no history of using body doubles.)


Fuhrman (?)



Ray Donovan also started season three last night, but I haven't watched it yet. If there is any nudity it will appear in tomorrow's edition.

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"Black Sails"

1080hd. Season one.


Louise Barnes

Some early movies this week, covering the period 1950-71.

Today: Moving on to the mid sixties (1965-67)

Mickey One

Donna Michelle shows some lovely cleavage in Mickey One (1965).

For a Few Dollars More

Rosemary Dexter is topless in the excellent Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone movie For a Few Dollars More (aka Per qualche dollaro in più; 1965).

Scoop's note: this scene was daring by 1965 standards, although nobody would have raised an eyebrow if the film had been released in 1968. (Things changed rapidly after the summer of 1967.) It was censored in many screenings.

Diana Rabito does the old hands over the breasts trick.

The Graduate

The Graduate (1967) has Anne Bancroft’s body double topless

and Lainie Miller, who plays a stripper, is down to her tassels.

Film and TV Clips

Olivia Chenery stark naked in Legacy (2015) in 1080p. This one will enter the ranks of the top nude scenes of the year!

Jasmine Trinca and Marina Rocco in Nessuno si salva da solo (2015)

Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams in To the Wonder (2012) in 1080hd



Jodie Whittaker in A Thousand Kisses Deep (2011) in 1080hd

Amanda Fuller and Lauren Schneider in Red White and Blue (2010) in 1080p



Fuller in the special features


Aussie soap actress Caitlin Stasey

Rihanna, braless in a see-through top

Zoe Kravitz

Miley's breasts and a pineapple. Don't ask. I don't get it either.