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Henry and June



This project will encompass several days. The captures are all found in the edition from Sunday, June 29th.

Today: film clips of Maria de Medeiros and Brigitte Lahaie


Dear Diary

From a Penthouse Inc video called, Dear Diary, we have three former Pets giving up major goodies, as is the Penthouse way.

They are Chloe Jones,

Nicole Marciano

and Samantha Stewart.

Sam has the face of an angel and the after-market equipment of a clothing-removal entertainment specialist. 




Mia Wasikowska

Here is a zipped file of all the HD captures of Mia from Johnny Moronic

TV and Film Clips

And now for something completely different: from the obscure world of Lithuanian films come Karina Stungyte and Agne Jagelaviciute in Lost Valentine (2014)

Yesterday I ran a gorgeous pic of Roberta Petzoldt in Deal (2012). A handful of you rightly inquired, "Where's the film clip of this hot lady in this movie, dude?" Message received, here's Ms. Roberta Petzoldt in 1080hd. The picture below is a re-run.

Naturi Naughton, now of Power, in a great nude scene in 2009's Notorious (in 1080p). The stills aren't great, but only because she moved around so energetically.

It's a Lola Naymark film festival

Lola Naymark in Dans tes Bras

Lola Naymark in The Army of Crime in 1080p

Pics and Collages

Three words: Lily Allen's coochie

Former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts on a topless beach on Ibiza

Just a passing note: Cameron Diaz is talking about her appearance in Sex Tape as if it were the first time we have ever seen her breasts. First of all, I have no verified reports of naked flesh in that film, but there are two other things to remember:
(1) When she was dating Matt Dillon, they were hanging out on topless beaches.

(2) When she was about 19, she was in some kind of crappy, grade-Z, light bondage flick which she would like to forget.