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There was some brief nudity from Rebecca Ferguson in episode three of The White Queen

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"Game of Thrones"

season three

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Today: s3e8

Emilia Clarke

Carice van Houten

Talitha Luke-Eardley


Zombie Campout


Brainscan's comments:

Words fail me.  The disappointment is too great.  Hopes were so very high for Zombie Campout on each of two fronts.  Zombie movies in the past decade have elevated their games and made the newly awakened guys with the bad eating habits either a whole lot scarier or a whole lot funnier.  I was hoping for one or the other with Campout.  And then there were the babes.  I had reasons to think this cinematic portrayal of the recently reincarnated would have some major babes in few clothes.  One character is billed as Girl in Shower and so I was thinking, well at least there we ought to see some exposure.  On both fronts Campout was as complete a waste of time as anything I have done since voting in the Democratic primary in Oklahoma.  The zombies pretty much obey the Romero rules: they are brought back to something resembling life by a meteor shower - very much as the previously dead in the original Night of the Living had been - they move slowly and they travel in packs, herds, clowders… whatever.  So the alive and kicking can take refuge from them in a car, safe from the zombies' attacks because the Z's are weak.  Yet they manage to pull arms out of sockets on more than one occasion.  That is hard enough for a pair of horses to do, but zombies pull off the stunt with some ease.  I guess these are momentary zombie special powers granted them by the writer and director (who is, as you might guess, the same person).  Anyway, this movie is full of dialogue that is neither funny nor clever.  It does not enlighten and it does not entertain.  It just is.  Talk talk talk, so much talk, for 110 minutes or so, interspersed by zombie lunch time that is as laughable as it is repetitive.  The movie has no narrative, either.  And the characters are big old ciphers.  Sigh.  And the babes keep their clothes on - that goes for the two lead female characters and a bunch of others.  It is all such a waste - this movie.  It coulda been something, instead it's a bum, Charlie, a bum.  Now, two women do give up some upper goodies.  For one, Renee McMahon, the exposure is deliberate.  She plays a woman driving down the road topless as she is filmed by one of the male protagonists.  The scene in the movie is rubbish but the extended scene in the DVD extras does deliver, ever so briefly.  BTW, the scene is in black and white because color camcorders didn't exist in 2002??!!  And the second gal who offers up some goodies, does so just barely.  She exposes one breast for one frame, ever so accidentally.  She is Danni Tkacs and she is supposed to be undressing behind a plant.  As part of the only funny bit in the whole frickin movie, the plant goes up and down as she bends over and rises back up.  But for one single, solitary frame she reveals a nipple.  That's it.  The whole enchilada when it comes to exposure.  What a crime.  I am sure the folks who made this movie enjoyed the experience; they all had better, because for most it was their one time in the cinematic sun.  Danni and Renee made no other appearance on the large or small screens and the principal players did one, maybe two uncredited things before they gave up and went home to lead real lives.  But they had fun for the two or three days it took to write and film and edit this movie.  God bless 'em. 

Renee McMahan film clip, collage below

Danni Tkacs collage below:

Scoop's notes:
I think my expectations would have been more modest for a film called Zombie Campout. Although I would at least have expected a few laughs.


Do zombies need a campfire on their campout? I submit not.

1. They only eat raw brains. Never cooked.

2. I've never seen any indication that they get cold.

3. They almost never have late night sing-alongs. Only when their fellow zombie, Barry Manilow, is in town.


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