2009; Director's Extended Cut

As I wrote yesterday, only a Blu-Ray rip will present the scenes in adequate quality, but here's what we have to date, for better or worse.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Coming to America


A great screen moment in ultra HD:

"The royal penis is clean, your highness." 1080p film clip. Collages below.









The Centerfold Girls


Today the Time Machine takes a 35 year trip to the seventies for "The Centerfold Girls". A lousy movie with lousy acting. Jamie Lyn Bauer shows the boobs in these caps and four clips.





TV Land

Over in TV Land Eve Mendes is hot and sexy as she visits the new "Tonight" show with Conan. Eva with some leg and cleavage in these caps and an HD clip.








Notes and collages

Ghost Lake


Tatum Adair




Sylvie Matton









Intimate Obsession


Multi-part presentation:

Amy Lindsay (Sample below)







Film clip

Lauren Alvernaz in Skid_Marks
Eva Derrek, Dawn Vaughn, Akira Lane and Erica Porter in Skid Marks
Emily Freeman and Sara Goosens in Skid Marks. Beware body doubles.
Christina Elizabeth Cavallero in Bob Funk

These are not from LC, but are some additional captures of Christina in Bob Funk, so they fit best here.







Home Sick


"I've seen a lot worse" may not seem like much of an endorsement of this 2008 horror flick, but given the "done and re-done" nature of the subject matter, it probably is. Although no ground is broken in this story of backwoods folk who like to eat outsiders, they didn't do a half-bad job of getting there.

Three snowboarders are returning home to New Jersey after a trip to Colorado. In the mountains of Pennsylvania, they are forced off of the interstate by a fierce blizzard that closes the road. Now lost on local back roads, they wreck their car and one of them is injured. Things look bleak when a local comes along and offers them refuge in his remote cabin. Unfortunately, cabin guy doesn't have the best intentions, as our three heroes soon find out.



Rachel Chartrand and Beth Armstrong Stephanie Banting Samantha Thomas and Olivia Bessel






GFE: Girlfriend Experience


Fake Canadian documentary about hookers, not to confused with the Sasha Grey movie currently in theatres. The lead character is a hooker (porn actress Ivy Vine) who is filmed by a hidden camera with an actress (Emma Lahana) used in recreation scenes to add in some drama.

Ivy Vine: nude as hooker

Emma Lahana: underwear (she's on the DVD cover)

Valerie Pauwels: topless as dancer

Mandy More: topless

Krystal Vrba: b-movie actress sexy as hooker

Danielle Munro: Gutterballs actress sexy as hooker

Kim Cabral & Rosayln Taylor: both playing the same character partial boob by Rosalyn

unidentified: sexy but can't figure out who she is

Ivy Vine and Mandy More are hardcore porn actresses on the Canadian West coast

What Goes Up


Seems this movie really held back on the nudity.

Sarah Lind: bare butt

Colleen Rennison: see through wet t-shirt and shorts

Jilena Corri: boobs big enough to nurse an elephant

Hilary Duff: swimming with blouse over underwear?

Alana Huband: partial boob

Abducted: Fugitive for Love


One of those Lifetime movies which aired on Showcase with extra nudity.

Carrie Colak: topless

Sarah Wynter: pg-rated sex

Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies

(1969; aka "Monte Carlo Or Bust")

Now let's go back nearly 40 years ago in the wayback machine for this euro-comedy

Mireille Darc: topless








Barbara Bach in Ecco noi per esempio

Kim Kardashian

Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway

Elizabeth Berkley: slight see-through

Marisa Petroro in Sex, Politics and Cocktails (2002)

Paz Vega in The Human Contract


Film Clips

Franka Potente in Under the Australian Sun (Germany, 2007). This is my first awareness of the existence of this sex scene, and IMDb does not list this film, for some reason or another.

Lacey Chabert and Tatum O'Neil in The Scoundrel's Wife. Minimal nudity, but any flesh is rare from these two actresses.

Mia Zottoli and Kim Dawson in Hollywood Sins

WOW! I don't know where this came from, but I approve - a full-screen version of Salma Hayek in Ask the Dust, with lots of lower body exposure. Awe and boner inspiring!