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Um Copo de Cólera


A Glass of Rage is a 1999 film starring Brazilian TV star Jślia Lemmertz and her real life husband, Alexandres Borges. He plays a hermit, living in the country and raising rabbits. She is a big city journalist. She arrives one evening, and they waste little time with preliminaries, but spend the night having hot sex. The next morning, they have little to say at breakfast until he passionately attacks an ant hill, then the two start a verbal battle in stage prose that would seem much more natural from the other side of a proscenium arch. She finally leaves in a huff, but returns to his bedroom that night. The arguments seem to center around his bohemian anti-establishment life style vs. her conformity and belief in mainstream society.

IMDb readers say 6.4, and it was nominated for 6 Brazilian awards, including Best Picture, Best Cinema Release, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Actress and Best Music. Anytime you see that many nominations for both artistic and technical aspects, you know it is a good film. Frankly, the dialogue didn't really interest me, but may have been much better in Portuguese. Jślia Lemmertz naked did impress me, and she spent the first 20 minutes of the film completely naked and having sex.

This is a C, for fans of world cinema and "hard core meets mainstream."

It is available on an All Region NTSC DVD from It is in Portuguese with optional English subtitles.

A Glass of Rage (1999)



Julia Lemmertz








Devil's Den

No time travel today.

Dawn Olivieri, one of the models on "Deal or no Deal," gives up a little boob as an evil lady.


Karen Maxwell with no nudity but some awesome cleavage.


Also some unknown topless strippers.






Notes and collages

La Bisset, part 1

Bisset was a Bond girl. In 1967, a spoof was made of Ian Fleming's "Casino Royale;" "Jackie" Bisset played "Miss Goodthighs." Today: three films. Tomorrow: La Bisset in Secrets!

The First Time

The Mephisto Waltz

Wild Orchid








El Retorno de Walpurgis

The proud and ancient line of Daninskys is cursed by a vengeance-seeking witch. Some decades later Waldemar Daninsky starts turning into a werewolf and killing everybody, and the only one who can stop him is the woman who loves him.

This is your typical Paul Naschy film. If you like his movies you will like this one. If you don't, stay away, because you won't become a fan watching this movie.



Fabiola Falcon


Maritza Olivares


somebody else










Eva is a 1962 b&w drama directed by Joseph Losey and starring Jeanne Moreau and Stanley Baker. Rome and Venice are featured prominently in a morality play in which Moreau gives a persuasive performance as a cold bitch who destroys men, while Stanley Baker evokes Sean Connery.

Baker plays a successful writer whose latest book is about to be made into a film. Visiting Rome on a promotional tour, he meets femme fatale Jeanne Moreau, a mature high class escort, a cold woman only interested in money. He falls for her but she only hangs with him as long as she's paid. Although he sees there’s no way out, he continues the doomed relationship, in the course of which he loses his fiance (played by beautiful Virna Lisi), is humiliated several times and finally ends up broke and derelict. The film starts and ends with bible verses about how man was expelled from Paradise.

This film could be seen as a cautionary tale for men who abandon their spouses in order to chase bad girls and what awaits them in the end, or as a pessimistic look at human relationships, when money is all that matters. In that latter sense, Moreau is not an evil person. She does not enjoy humiliating Baker, it's just her nature. Perhaps he is the masochistic one, because he sees what’s coming to him but nevertheless keeps going.

Jeanne Moreau

Virna Lisi


Pink Chiquitas

Pink Chiquitas is a 1987 sci-fi comedy starring Frank Stallone. A pink meteor controlled by aliens lands near a small town and turns the local women into nymphos. A deputy sheriff and a local private eye investigate. This must be one of the stupidest films ever made.


Claudia Udy

McKinley Robinson

Heather Smith








Stripper-vampire movies or vampire-stripper movies ... they are a mating of genres that I, for one, cannot resist. Matters not at all how bad these bad girls can be...and lordy, how bad they are...I will watch them. All of them. Brings us to Vamps 1 & 2. Clips of them both. Leading with our strength, we start with the pneumatic Glori-Anne Gilbert. Three clips from Vamps 2, in which she plays a good vampire-stripper who resists eating any guy she boffs. How nice. We have her doing the boffing (clip 1), doing the stripping (clip 2) and just lying there, asleep (clip 3).

A second, semi-sorta-kinda-semi-demi-famous gal who shows up in Vamps 2 is Leslie Culton.

Amber Newman shows up in both Vamps 1 and 2. She is the reason you should walk away from a stripper acting like a vampire even if she promises you more than champagne in the champagne room.

Jenny Huss plays that most elusive of creatures-- a stripper who does not strip. Or at least ones who do not give up the goodies. This clip is as close as she got. BTW, Jenny plays the character in Vamps 1 that Glori-Anne plays in Vamps 2. The producers acquired a few IQ points and decided to hire an actress who would agree to show her hooters.

Jenny Wallace plays the head vampire in Vamps 1.  Right. Strips with Amber and here by herself, first on stage and then in a bookstore. Happens all the damn time in my own shop. Three, maybe four times a week. Ya get tired of it after a while.

Odd thing about this bookstore visitation is that when the owner/operator of the shop goes to touch Jenny's mighty fines, she pulls his hand away. So I am all in favor of house rules but, crimony, when it's my house it's my rules. Right? So go ahead, fella...grope away.








Lots and lots of new paparazzi shots of Rebecca Gayheart topless on holiday.

Two chances to look at Edwige Fenech way back in 1969, at the start of her career.

Edwige Fenech in Alle Dame ...


The Italians sure love long movie titles. They must be very verbal people in general, I guess. When I lived in Oslo I used to get a real kick out of watching Italian movies with Norwegian subtitles. Mastroianni or somebody would rattle on and on trying to persuade his girlfriend to spend the night in his hotel room, and this would go on for what seemed like minutes with no subtitles (a disaster for me, since I understand written Norwegian, but not spoken Italian). Finally, the subtitle would read "Kom" ("Come"), and she would enter.

I have a feeling that I might not have gotten the full flavor of the persuasion.

It must be hell to do the translations the other way around, like a Bergman movie into Italian. The way I picture it, (I've never seen this), a guy grunts and the whole screen is covered with scrolling dialogue like that intro to Star Wars.

Edwige Fenech in L'uomo ...


Miranda Otto in The Healer

Marvin's latest: Hilde Grythe in Drommeslottet. Film clip here, sample to the right.
Four short clips of Monica Bellucci in La Riffa