Caroline Ducey (Caroline Trousselard)
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Comments by RDO:
Yeah, I know it's been done. I've been waiting for it to get off the new release rack because it's not one I really wanted that bad. Now I know why. It did at least one thing for me though. I now know why Woody Allen is considered to be so artistic. He makes movies like a European, and for some reason movie critics seem to think that if a movie looks dull and pretentious, it must be very deep indeed. Or maybe it's just me. I find Mozart pretentious, too.

I did some checking up on this one online. Not being a European, and since the movie was "banned in the US" I guess the 'power' of the movie is lost on me. I saw a lot of comparisons to "Last Tango in Paris" and "Realm of the Senses", etc. Usually when a movie sucks eggs the press always compares to to a great film to draw attention (and revenue). "Romance" just looks like regular old porn to me, but with better cinematography, and possibly a plot (presumably for "artistic value"). The IMDb reports that there was even a "money shot" in the original, uncut version. much more 'porn' can you get!

As for the 'caps...DVD quality, and lots' of nudity. Plus a BJ scene and a wide variety of penetration caught on film too.

El Kabong
Torrie Wilson
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More Torrie from the Muscular Development Swimsuit issue!
Mystery babe From The June Issue of Women's Sports & Fitness
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Jade from August 28, 1999 (1, 2, 3, 4)

A Page 3 blondes special, featuring Jodie, Jade, Jo, Jakki and Maria.

A Page 3 wet tops special. Abby Felicity Kim Bingham Nina Carter Sarah Jane Hutt Stephanie Stephanie Marrian Tracey Elvik Vanya

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The Honte
Izabella Scorupco
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Comments by The Honte:
I have been away to Beverly Hills for a couple of weeks, so I cannot guarantee that someone else didn't beat me to it, but otherwise, here are the first scans from the Izabella Scorupco movie "Dykaren". I and at least one other person have brought you sneak peaks from the movie taken from promotion material and bootlegs, but these are the first caps from the actual video release of the movie.

Izabella just might be the most beautiful woman in the world so I couldn't keep myself from doing as much as 5 collages from the movie. She is kind of a cross between Elisabeth Hurley and Eva Herzigova...

Luisa Corna
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Here are 4 more images of from Max magazine. Brain also serves up the following info...Luis is a fashion model, has done a number of shoots for soccer-related products and soccer teams, has done some theatre in Rome, and has starred in a few movies.
Tai Collins Three babes from a Sidaris film! Naturally that means big guns, and bigger boobs! These 'caps are all from "Enemy Gold", directed by Christian Drew Sidaris (Andy's son). Actually the only gun is in the Julie Strain collage (along with her bondage bikini sword dance), but there are plenty of store bought boobs from all three ladies!
Suzi Simpson  
Julie Strain
Lesley Ann Warren A nice variety of see-thru's today. Everything from classics to today's hottest celebs.
These wet, see-thru 'caps from "Race for the Yankee Zephyr"
Nicole Heesters From "Tatort - Der Mann auf dem Hochsitz"
Debra Messing Vidcaps fully equipped with some serious pokers from a recent episode of Leno.
Marilyn Monroe A trip back to the "Old school". Vidcaps from 1959's "Some Like it Hot".
Deborah Raffin Not going back quite as far as the Marilyn 'caps, but 26 years is a long time in the movie biz. These 'caps from "The Dove"
Camilla Sparv From 1969's "Mackenna's Gold "
Kristy Swanson Pre-Buffy in 'caps from "Highway to Hell". Not a very well known movie, but a fun b-movie. Lot's of future big named stars in this small movie, including Ben and Jerry Stiller. Plus how can you forget Gilbert Gottfried as Hitler!

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"The Hot Spot", (1990) from Johnny Web

I think this pretty much takes care of everything from The Hot Spot.

Virginia Madsen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

"Blood Feast" from Tuna

David Friedman and Herschell Gordon Lewis had a traveling movie making company. Lewis was a financial and marketing genius, and Friedman knew how to make a movie with nearly no budget and distribute it at a profit. They were in Florida in 1963 to make a commissioned film, and stayed on to make one of their own. They got the idea from watching a gangster film on TV. When someone was shot dozens of times in the stomach, it occurred to them that there should have been lots of blood. They decided then and there to make a film with lots of blood and gore. Note that this had never been done before. The closest before that was Hitchcock's Psycho.

The facade for their motel (Suez Motel in Miami Beach), which had an Egyptian motif, gave them the basic idea for a plot (and the backdrop for the title page and credits). The plot, quickly, is about a fanatic follower of an ancient Egyptian cult who runs a catering service, and decides to create an "Egyptian Feast," which is made from body parts of young women, to awaken his Goddess Ishtar. As he harvests body parts, the police take a dim view of the grisly murders. Incidentally, their view wasn't the only dim thing about these policemen.

This is a terrible film. There are more plot holes than plot, the acting is virtually non-existent, people couldn't remember their lines (one actress is actually reading them of the back of her hand) and the dialogue is totally inane. Why did I bother with it? It is the first slasher/gore film. It is rather tame compared with what came after, but was truly ground-breaking. Censorship boards at the time had standards for nudity, sex and language, but had no regulations regarding violence or gore. This film caused an entire new set of rules. There is no nudity at all in the theatrical release of this film. Lewis and Friedman were a little concerned about getting it shown, and figured nudity would give the censors an excuse to ban it. The Unknown nudity is from a set of deleted scenes that Something Weird Video uncovered for the DVD transfer.

To give you an idea how this (and other exploitation films) were made, I will relate some anecdotes from the feature length commentary with both Friedman and Lewis. Lewis wanted an actress with a large mouth to make a scene where her tongue is removed easier to shoot. He sent Friedman to the Playboy club to recruit some talent. Friedman returned with June 1963 Playmate Connie Mason. Connie was a model, and posed every time she was on camera. They also used her in 2,000 maniacs, but she had no acting ability at all. Lewis directed, scored the film and did the camera work, while Friedman produced, did the sound and special effects and even had a small part to save having to pay another actor. The stage blood of the period looked too purple on film, so they invented a new mixture made mainly of Kaopectate. They did not tell the actress (some of whom had to have it in their mouth) what was in it. The actor hired to play a police chief didn't show, so they used a grip in his place. Fades were done in the camera rather than in a lab, as the lab charged $75.00/fade. No sets were used -- the Suez Motel provided most of the filming sites. The uniformed police and squad cars were real, and appeared for free. Notice Unknown image 4. The book obviously fell into the bath at some point, but they kept using it. The entire film was shot in 9 days at a total cost of $25,000.00 including the 75 prints that went into distribution.

They opened Blood Feast in Peoria because they weren't sure how the public would accept it. The drive-in was packed every night. Of course, Friedman did have an ambulance waiting at the entrance, just in case the shock was too much for viewers, and handed out barf bags to people as they went in. This sort of showmanship is something he learned in the carny, and helped insure his success in exploitation films. In the commentary, Lewis had this to say about the success of Blood Feast. He called it "The Schlock that Wouldn't Die." For me, the film was bad enough to be funny, and the DVD was well-made and packed with special features.

For more information about this film, I enjoyed this article.

Thumbnials Connie Mason (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Unknowns (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

"Private Parts" from Tuna

I must be the last person to cap Private Parts from DVD, but hopefully my treatment is different enough to make it worth the download. This has been discussed frequently in Funhouse (check the back issues), but let me say that I really enjoy this film. It is pure entertainment, which is not a bad thing at all.

Lesbians (1, 2) Theresa Lynn (1, 2, 3, 4) Melanie Good (1, 2, 3)

new collages from GR

Four new collages from Graphic Response today. Probably the most interesting is the quick pubic flash of Rosanna Arquette in "I'm Losing You" - which was missed by many of the people who did captures from this movie. Amber Smith, "Laws of Decpetion" Elizabeth Perkins, "I'm Losing You" Pamela Sue Martin, "Lady in Red" Rosanna Arquette, "I'm Losing You"

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