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"Black Sails"

1080hd. Season one.


Hannah New

Jessica Parker Kennedy


Some early movies this week, covering the period 1950-71.

Today: Moving on to 1965

Not Tonight Henry

The quality of Not Tonight Henry (1960) is shocking and most of the topless nudity is by unidentified women.

 Some other women are looking good:

Babe McDonnell

Betty Blue

Brandy Long

Dorene Dare

Joanne Berges

Marge Welling



Piper Perabo 1080 hd film clip

Raw caps here. (Collages below)

Film and TV Clips

Chihiro Otsuka in Tokyo Refugees (2014) in 1080p

Judit Uriach in Trash (2009) in 720p

Marina Gatell in Little Ashes (2008) in 1080p

Julia Duffy became famous on Newhart as Stephanie, the spoiled, prudish rich girl who was forced into menial labor when cut off from her family's money. Just before she took the series gig, the diminutive actress did her only nude scene in a movie called Night Warning (1982). This clip is about the best one I've seen, and I don't suppose this obscure flick will hit Blu-Ray soon (if ever), so enjoy!


Doutzen Kroes in the new edition of W

Irina Shayk in the new edition of W