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"The Borgias"

season two in 1080p clips

Episode 3

Kellie Blaise film clip

Acapulco H.E.A.T.

Acapulco H.E.A.T. was a show made in the mid nineties in Acapulco, Mexico. There were 48 shows made over two seasons. The first season, made in 1993 and 1994, was made for the American market and the second season, made in 1996 and 1997, was for the European market. The story is a about group of top-secret agents who are used to fight terrorism and international crime. They work undercover as owners of Acapulco HEAT Beach Fashions, which is a fashion boutique. Incidentally, H.E.A.T. stands for Hemisphere Emergency Action Team - a shocker of an anagram if ever there was one.

There was no nudity but plenty of bikinis and cleavage. The main person on display was one of lead actresses named Alison Armitage, aka Playboy playmate October 1990, as Brittany York. Other lead actresses occasionally showing what they've got include Catherine Oxenberg, Holly Floria, Lydie Denier and Christa Sauls.

These caps were from the first part of Season 1 and made in 1993 and 1994

Episode 1 Code Name - Checkmate - Part 1

Catherine Oxenberg

Alison Armitage

Holly Floria

Spice Williams

Spice Williams and Wendy Marie Rock

Susan Pari

Wendy Marie Rock


Episode 2 Code Name - Checkmate - Part 2

Alison Armitage

Catherine Oxenberg

Holly Floria

Spice Williams

Susan Pari

Wendy Marie Rock


Episode 3 Code Name - Honeymoon Lost

Alison Armitage

Catherine Oxenberg

Cathleen Gallagher

Holly Floria


Episode 4 Code Name - Strange Bedfellow

Alison Armitage

Catherine Oxenberg

Holly Floria


Episode 5 Code Name- Million Dollar Ladies (a.k.a. Vanished)

Alison Armitage

Angela Visser

Catherine Oxenberg

Episode 6 Code Name - Feminine Intuition

Alison Armitage

Catherine Oxenberg

Holly Floria


Episode 8 Code Name - Archangel

Liliana Komorowska


Episode 9 Code Name -  Arabesque

Alison Armitage

Holly Floria

Episode 10 Code Name - Body Double

Julie Bowen


Episode 12 Code Name - Easy Riders

Ana Alicia

Carole Davis

Maria Lailson

L'Empire Bosse


Recently released comedy about a Quebec businessman who became rich by cornering the maple syrup market during the 1960s.

Adeline Rognon: provides the only skin as nude model.

Magalie Lepine Blondeau: partial boob in sex scene.

Valerie Blais: upskirt with thunderthighs.

Melanie St-Pierre: sexy as masseuse.

Cynthia Wu-Maheux: sexy.

"Canadian Made"

episode: "Clothing Revolutions"

Not only did Canadians invent clothing such as the hockey goalie mask, toque, lumberjack shirt, snowshoes, but also the WonderBra which replaced the cumbersome Maidenform corsets.

Jennifer Krukowski: brassiere (catcher her nude on

Vlada Verevko: brassiere

unknown model: cleavage in corset. 

Granpa needed a sickle to cut through those laces!

"Saving Hope"

episode: Blindness (s1e03)

Erica Durance: brassiere, practicing "coma arousal therapy" on her comatose boyfriend. If there are any medical trials for this there should be many volunteers for test subjects.

"True Justice"

season 1

Steven Seagal cop series shot in Vancouver. Only caught a few early episodes but by then it got stupid beyond belief.

episode 1

Meghan Ory & Sarah Lind: "Hey, my tits are down there!"

Sarah Jane Redmond: cleavage.

strippers: bra and panties.

episode 3

Sarah Lind: she pulled in triple duty for this episode. Along with her regular cop role she also plays a lookalike stripper who gets murdered and then as an undercover stripper to solve her murder.

Ashley Harry: clavage in bra and panties as stripper.

Neelam Khabra: sexy as waitress, you may remember her from the Energy Bunny "Nature Walk" commercial.

Meghan Ory: cleavage.

Emilie Ullerup: sexy.

Christina Gooding: sexy.

strippers: bra and panties.

Crazy Late

(2005 short)

Comedy short available on youtube.

Sarah Lind: sexy in skivvies.


season 7; episode: "Carla & Amanda"

In this reality episode the prey are a couple of top heavy roller derby babes.

Carla Ionescu: very sexy

Amanda Seddon: very sexy, getting captured and ravaged at the end.

AND (not from that episode)

Jessie Behan: posing in bikini in audition tape for a previously aired episode.

Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot


Behind the scenes photographs of the opening skinnidipping scene. From the blank expressions on the camera crew's face they're either gay or suffering from a severe case of shrinkage.

Bianca Gross & Lynzey Patterson

National Women's Rugby Calendar


Another nudie sports calendar by a sports team to raise funds for training. A wet t-shirt concert will also help. The one in the last couple of pictures is Brittany Waters. For ordering info go to

"The Straits"

season 1

Emma Lung 1080hd film clip

One more Emma Lung film clip (collages below)



Saralisa Volm's explicit nudity in Hotel Desire (2012) in 720p. It is more explicit than indicated by the sample captures below.

Marie Rosa Tietjen in Augen Zu (2011)

Emma Levie in Lena (2011)

Kristen Bell in deleted scenes from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008). Typical of her career as Jennifer Aniston 2.0, Bell did a topless scene with double protection: (1) she wore pasties; (2) and we weren't even allowed to see that because the scene was blurred!

Sharon Stone and others in deleted scenes from Basic Instinct 2 (2006)

a very brief nip-slip from Kristen Bell in Spartan (2004). She was about 23.

Clelia Sarto in Zwei Maenner am Herd: Unter Druck (1999)


Chiara Mastroianni in Making Plans For Lena (2009)