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Slave of the Cannibal God


If you believe in the Cannibal God, you must be a monotheist. Obviously, he would eat the other gods.

(I suppose they meant the "cannibals' god," but I won't swear to it.

Ursula Andress film clips (samples below).





"Miss Universe Canada 2010 Beauty Pageant"

Scandal earlier last June when it was found out contestant Sophie Froment appeared nude in a unreleased commercial for the dating website There are various versions that were leaked online but the most explicit one is blurred out.

Ashley Madison commercial

The story does not stop here. She also appeared as a topless groupie in a little known Quebec rockumentary (see next entry).

Dede, a travers les brumes

(2009; aka "Through the Mist")

Sophie Froment: topless as groupie

Benedicte Decary: nude sex scene

Claudia Ferri: sexy

"Histoire de famille"

(2006; aka "Family History")

Hippies, radicals, and free love.

Sophie Paradis: nude sex scene

"La derniere fugue"

(2010; aka "The Last Escape")

Back in good old days in 1968 when the husband returns from a fishing trip the wife was all too happy to gut and clean the fish for supper while he relaxes with a beer.

Marie-Christine Labelle: sexy MILF.

Le confessionnal


1950s Quebec when unwed pregnancies were swept under the rug and sex was still a dirty filthy sin, as the good Lord intended.

Marie Gignac: topless.

Anne-Marie Cadieux: topless pasties as stripper.

Suzanne Clement: see-through nightgown.

Battle of the Brave


18th century epic taking place when England and France fought over Quebec.

Noemie Godin-Vigneau: side boob.

Les signes vitaux

(2009; aka "Vital Signs")

The first nudity by an actress who's a double amputee below the knees. Heather Mills eat your heart out.

Marie-Helene Bellavance: full frontal.

"Francois en serie"

(le TV series)

Quebec comedy about a schizophrenic couple (Julie LeBreton and Martin LaRoche) who each have multiple personalities that they have to deal with. And sometimes they have sex with them and even each other's.

Marianne Moisan, Amelie Bernard in the first frame. Julie LeBreton later joins in.

Julie LeBreton: nude orgy scene from first season.

Zombie Dearest


A good low-budget zombie movie.

Shauna Black: Lady Hammond from the Blackfly tv series is very sexy.

Suburban Madness

(2004 TV movie)

April Mullen: sexy as Sela Ward's lesbian assistant.

Elizabeth Pena: cleavage and partial boob.

Kate Greenhouse: nude sex scene but showing nothing.

Rheagan Wallace: sexy MILF.

Martha MacIsaac: nice cleavage.

See Grace Fly


Jennifer Copping: her only nude scene with a nice crotch shot to boot.

Jade Shaw: in skivvies as stoned junkie getting felt up by lesbian.

The Break-Up Artist


Amanda Crew: cliche-ridden fully clothed sex, partial boob on massage table.

Ali Liebert: sexy.

Serinda Swan: sexy in tiny dress

Love on the Side


Monika Schnarre: kissing Marla Sokoloff, bare breast.

Jennifer Tilly: cleavage

Marnie Alton: sexy.

Criss Cross


This is a sequel to the Tropical Heat tv series but only aired in overseas and wasn't released to DVD until recently.

unknown: nude sex scene at beginning.

Cynthia Belliveau: Miss Mona Lott sexy as dominatrix.

Carolyn Dunn: sexy


(episode: "You Shmooze, You Lose"; s1e13)

Both "Hiccups" and "Dan for Mayor" have been renewed for a second season two which ended this week which means reruns until the NHL hockey season starts.

Emily Perkins: very sexy.

Samantha Ferris: cleavage in red dress.

Paula Rivera: cleavage.

Willow Mainprize: sexy in blue dress.

Nancy Robertson: bondage Canadian style

"Dan For Mayor"

(episode: "A Date with Vengeance"; s1e12)

Lara Jean Chorostecki: sexy, short skirt.

Tarah Consoli: sexy

Emily Haines

The lead singer for Metric may not be busty but she doesn't wear a brassiere and sports rock-hard pokies.

Laurence Leboeuf

Sexy in youtube campaign for teddy bear donations to children's hospitals.

"Ahh, Youth!"

(2009; short)

(trailer only)

Shannon Jardine: wearing nothing but a pair of knee stockings.


(2007 TV movie)

Tinsel Korey: cleavage having sex with tanktop on.

Tracy Wright (1959-2010)

She died last week just before her final cameo role in "This Movie is Broken" was screened. She's best known for her role as the mousey virginal secretary in "Last Night" who gets deflowered by a guy fulfilling his bucket sex list and Nina Hartley's lesbian partner in "Bubbles Galore". Here's one of her early roles in "The Kids in the Hall" 1991 sketch "The Affair".

Tracy Wright: bra and panties.


"God Has a Rap Sheet"


A low budget joisey-ploitation.

Danielle Staub aka Danille Morelli, Real Housewives of New Jersey star, topless as "whore date." She's a whore-anything.

Danielle Morelli is one of many aliases and for some reason her first name is spelled wrong in the movie credits which amounts to her only known acting role. An interesting article: Danielle Staub: Did "Devout Catholic" Danielle Dupe her Friends?

Strippers: Justine Noelle (blonde) and Laura San Luis (cowboy hat) topless. If they look familiar that's because they were also Bada Bing strippers in the HBO series The Sopranos.





Coco in a Bikini that's WAY too small

 Jane Jensen in Tromeo and Juliet


Debbie Rochon in Tromeo and Juliet

Jacqueline Tavarez in Tromeo and Juliet

New ID: Normaline in Intimate Games

Rhian Sugden hits the beach




Greta Gerwig in Greenberg in 720p (sample below)

Brie Larson and Juno Temple in Greenberg in 720p (no nudity; sample below)

Leticia Gutierrez in Coup de Chaleur (sample below)

Marie Trintignant in Betty

Caro Lenssen and Marleen Stolz in Cloaca

Lisa Temple and Mary Demas in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (unusual HD, 1280x960)