2009; Director's Extended Cut

The director has brilliantly addressed what was wrong with the original version of Watchmen: it was just too damned short!

I'm kidding, but if you didn't realize that, here's your big opportunity to see what was left out of the original two and a half hours of film. It's the new, improved three-hour version.

There's not much difference that you would notice unless you're a comic book fanatic. Several scenes are longer. There's a little extra gore. There's only one expansion which has any substance: Night Owl 1 gets beaten to death by a skinhead gang, then Night Owl II (Dan) loses it in a bar and beats the daylights out of a member of the same gang that beat up Night Owl I. He gets so far out of control that Rorschach has to calm him down.

Having Rorschach tell you to get a grip is like having Amy Winehouse stage your intervention.

Here are the latest versions of the female nude scenes (Malin Akerman). I think they are identical to what we have seen, but the quality is slightly upgraded. That's not enough of an upgrade, to be candid. The scenes are so dark, and the dim lighting so funky, that only a Blu-Ray rip will present the scenes in adequate quality.


The Las Vegas Abductions


This is a softcore sex film within sort of an Invasion of the Body Snatchers framework, with a little offbeat Vegas-style raunchy bachelor party comedy thrown into the mix. It's not very good, and what is particularly odd about it is the allocation of the nude and sex scenes. Although the film runs a bit more than 80 minutes, there is no nudity past about the 32-minute mark, which means that the film ends with nearly an hour of grade B no-budget sci-fi/horror, as acted by fully dressed softcore porn stars.

And you really don't need me to tell you how good that is.

Here's the female nudity (T&A only. In Lynne's case, just the T without the A.)


Streets of Blood


Streets of Blood is set in lawless post-Katrina New Orleans. Feds are investigating crooked cops. Cops are investigating crooked Feds. The streets are out of control. Blah, blah. Everyone is on the take except one cop. It stars former A- or B+ listers Sharon Stone and Val Kilmer, plus screen newcomer 50-Cent.

Val Kilmer has been in the straight-to-vid business for some time now, and I can see why he might have liked this project, because his role is colorful and the character is on screen for almost the entire film. He probably has a big enough ego to crave that kind of part, and such opportunities are no longer being offered to him in big-time movies.

On the other hand, while Sharon Stone has been involved in projects which bypassed the theaters, I can't imagine why she was involved in this particular one:

  • Surely there was not a big paycheck.
  • Shooting in New Orleans can't be that much of a dream assignment these days.
  • Unlike Kilmer's juicy part, Stone's role seemed like a tack-on, and all of her scenes could be cut without affecting the film at all. She played a police psychiatrist and, in effect, her scenes seemed to exist purely to provide exposition and scene transitions. She is either sitting at her desk or at a restaurant while she asks the police officers some questions about what we have just watched. Her interviews with the cops almost seem to have been inserted after the fact to make the narration smoother, as a substitute for the timeworn trick of adding voice-over narration.
  • Stone is too smart to have have read this script and thought "I just have to be part of this film." There are only two things I liked about this film other than the sight of the closing credits. First, Kilmer does an excellent job, as usual. Second, the beginning of the film is gripping. The opening credit sequence consists of some very impressive and evocative footage of New Orleans taken immediately after Katrina, This was followed by a boldly visual and dramatic set piece which takes place in that city's desperate clean-up phase, with part of the action taking place within a storage facility for carnival equipment, and the rest of it in the flooded streets, where a tense "Mexican stand-off" develops between police and a paranoid private security guard who is trying to prevent looting. Unfortunately, the worthwhile elements of the movie are finished about six minutes in, at which point the story jumps forward six months and turns into a routine police procedural.

The only possible explanation I can think of is that Stone may have been able to shoot all of her scenes in a single day, which would have made it easy money.

 There is quite a bit of nudity, but it all consists of background players.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








The Girlfriend Experience


Sasha Grey 720p film clip. Collages below.







Today we have a little "Damsel in Distress" stuff.




First up is Maya Barovich in "Chaos". Maya shows the boobs, but be warned that this is bloody stuff, as some creepy dude slices off a nipple and eats it. Ugh! Caps and a clip.




Fait Accompli


Then from "Fait Accompli" aka "Voodoo Dawn" Rosanna Arquette gets roughed up and handcuffed by a cop. Pokies only in this one. Caps and a clip.



TV Land

Laura Ingle of 'Fox News" puts on today's leg & thigh show in these caps and 2 HD clips.

June 7

June 13







Notes and collages

Love Serenade


Miranda Otto


Silent Night, Deadly Night


Sue Nero


Deep Down


Tanya Roberts

This is the final movie credit listed for Tanya at IMDb









Desert Passion


A fourth and last Carrie Janisse film clip. (Numbered #3. Sample below)

Scorp finished off Desert Passion with the unknowns (Samples below)








Model Agness Deyn very naked.

Julianne Moore caught in a bikini.

It seems that her body has never before been touched by the sun. Maybe she's getting ready for a vampire role in True Blood.

Film Clips

Kristin Sutton in 7 Angels in Eden

Sigrid Spoerk in Und ewig schweigen die Maenner


Gabriella Hall in The Seductress. Sample right.
Hip-hop artist Foxy Brown in the concert film Fade to Black. Samples right.
Anna Camp on Broadway in Equus. This cam is a repeat item, but has risen to the front burner thanks to her role on True Blood. Samples right.
Sarandon's daughter, Eva Amurri, in The Middle of Nowhere - this time in HD with a sample right.
Brea Grant in The Middle of Nowhere - in HD with a sample right.