It's Canada Day

What a better way to celebrate Canada Day than to show Canadian actresses showing their beavers.



Quebec erotic drama where C.A.'s Isabelle Blais bares all for the very first time in several sex scenes
including one with her C.A. co-star. Blais offers all three Bs including a coochie beaver shot in the last pic.

Felixe Ross: having lesbian kiss with Marie-Chantal Perron

and then boob and butt having lesbian sex with Isabelle Blais.





CBC hostess Sook-Yin Lee shows her beaver getting stuffed.


Other news:



After two aborted theatrical releases plus the UK delaying the DVD release, I wouldn't be surprised if the upcoming United States DVD August 26 release gets delayed because it's two weeks before September 11.

Scoop's note: the ultra-black comedy film makes use of 9/11 humor

Young People F*cking


The UK deleted the DVD release which was supposed to be the day before Canada Day. F*cking assholes.









  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Stump the Band


Stump the Band is not based on the old Johnny Carson bit from the Tonight Show, but is rather a low budget comedy/horror offering owing at least part of its inspiration to Deliverance. An all-girl metal band is on tour in a van with their manager, and the boyfriend of one of the members, who is insanely jealous, and has come along as their driver and general gofer. After a brawl at a local gig, they stop in a backwoods filling station, and a few miles later, find themselves out of gas, and being hunted by the crowd from the filling station. The head of the group is a foot fetishist and loves shows, and it is his aim to chop off their feet and add them to his collection. Another of their number acts and is treated exactly like a dog, and the others jump at the head guy's bidding.

This is played for laughs more than screams, and they make good use of the female cast members getting most of them naked in a skinny dipping scene, including Becky Boxer, Courtney Bean, Dominique Davalos and Brittney Startzman. We are talking low budget and high camp here. If that is your sort of film, you might enjoy this one.

IMDb says 4.7 with only 49 votes.

Becky Boxer











Tell Me No Lies


"Babes and Boobs" today as we look at some soft core erotica.

Amber Smith stars and bares her tits in these caps and three clips.



More boobage from Erika Michaels in these caps and two clips.



Michelle Perry shows of her "Big Uns" in these caps and two clips.

Not to be outdone in the rack department Yvette McClendon displays the goodies in these caps and two clips.








Notes and collages



Kate Winslet

Rok's notes:

This film is the "pet rock" of movies. There is no rational reason for the billions of dollars it earned wordwide yet it did.  The background trivia is that James Cameron forfeited his directorial fee to the studio in order to complete this very expensive film, unfortunate for him in terms of lost money yet it's not like he's licking soupcans out of garbage piles. He's good at what he does so this was a good investment for him.








Almost Famous


"The one and only (if very brief) on-screen nudity by Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. Just like her mom, she is a true A-cup beauty, to be sure. The caps and movies are in HiDef and from a 1080p source.

I hope you like them.

Aesthete "

Film clip










(Series 1, 2006)

Here is the film clip of Danielle Urbas (and Jemima Rooper).

The collage is below:








Alexandra Paul in Millions

Britney Spears upskirt


Film Clips

Edwige Fenech in Giovanonna Long Thigh

Ele Keats in Eros

Two women in Death on Demand (2008): Anne McDaniels and Krista Grotte

"Wealthy college student Richard Sachs arranges a web broadcast contest originating from a local haunted house. He entices three young couples to spend Halloween night in the abandoned dwelling by offering $5,000 in prize money. The last owner of the house was deranged killer Sean McIntyre, who murdered his entire family 20 years prior on Thanksgiving Day before hanging himself. McIntyre was an amateur mountain climber who used his grappling hook to gruesome effect during his murder spree; we learn that his descent into madness began when he killed what he believed was a Yeti on a trek up the Himalayas. "Richard has mini-video cameras situated throughout the McIntyre house to capture the happenings for his Internet broadcast," O'Hara continues. "When subscriptions for the show lag, he hires a porn star to take the place of one of the contestants. The participants include two college football players, their girlfriends and a geeky student who is paired with the amorous Velvet Luv, the hired porn star. The two football players are destined to clash over a simmering feud concerning team spirit. The evening starts off with a group sťance where the spirit of Sean McIntyre is contacted and, unbeknownst to the youths, brought back from the other side. As the kids split up and follow clues given them under the rules of the contest, they are systematically slaughtered by McIntyre. Eventually, the kids realize they are being stalked and the survivors must make a final stand in the attic."