Demi Moore
1, 2, 3)
Say what you want about the movie "Striptease", but I enjoyed it! It's not the greatest movie in the world by far, but I thought is was dark and funny enough to sit through it and not want to hang myself. Ving Rhames was very good as the tough, yet funny sidekick, and Burt Reynolds as the nympho Congressman was fantastic! Anyway, if nothing else, Demi gets big points for looking the part. I've spent more than a few nights in strip clubs, enough to qualify as an expert actually. (ok, so I have my own reserved table, big deal!) And I can say as an expert she certainly did her homework for this role.
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Page 3 Desktop Wallpaper, the final installment
Janie Charlie Claire Claire Louise Danni Emma Gerladine Jade Jilly Jo Jodie Jonie Maria Nicola Nina Rebekah Katie
Sadie Frost Very nice vidcap of Sadie topless from "Flypaper". Don promises more of these to come...can't wait!
Linda Horn From "American Gigolo"
Monique Parent From "Stripshow". Don reports that he did over 180 vidcaps from this movie...Wow! I guess we'll be seeing more as the week continues.
Andrea Rau Topless from "Daughters of Darkness".
Michelle Drake Topless 'caps from "American Gigolo".
Kate Groombridge Chumba's favorite model...Very wet, and very see-thru from FHM!
Lisa Faulkner The first of a 25 part series of new FHM Bikini Heaven pics.
Davinia Taylor FHM Bikini Heaven...Part 2. Scoop and I agree...THIS is our kind of Bikini!
Cerys Matthews Comments by Brainscan:
Each image was scanned from the June issue of Interview. First let me sing the praises of that there magazine, since the format is damn near perfect: get interesting and knowledgeable people to interview other interesting and knowledgeable people, throw in some first rate photographs and then charge less that $4 (American) a copy. Problems? Yeah, just one, if'n you want to scan any of the photos: the paper they print the magazine is so lousy the French would refuse to use if for either their money or their toilet paper (you know the joke: the toilet paper in France won't tear and the money falls apart). So I worked for a while on these scans of Cerys Matthews (from the band, Catatonia), Eve (of hip-hop, Ruff Ryder fame) and Patricia Velasquez (the reason the Mimmy got in all that trouble, you know); here's hoping someone likes them!
Patricia Velasquez
and ...
Elizabeth Gracen
1, 2)
Baring her breasts in these 'caps from "Lower Level", by Hugo
Kate Ashfield
1, 2)
Collages of the Brit starlet from "A Many Splintered Thing", by Pitters
Natasha Lyonne and Clea Duvall From the cover of Out magazine
Ele Keats Vidcaps from the movie "Lipstick Camera"
I think I struck a chord with my Russian Roulette Game show idea...Nice to know I'm not the only one who is tired of "Millionaire Mania". Actually I never bought into it to begin with. Regardless, here are a few comments from Fun House viewers:

Can't wait for the Russian Roulette Show. What do you get for coming in second? Also, can the network get any stars to participate? and can they get them to show some skin for sweeps? You know, each time there is a dead chamber the contestant has to remove a garment. I think it will be a winner! "Like you I'm sick of the game shows, but I'd happily tune in to see the contestant fire the gun 5 times into Regis's head."

Killing Regis may be a bit extreme, after all Regis can sometimes be almost tollerable. Kathy Lee on the other hand....

Suddenly I'm having a flashback to an old episode of "SCTV". They put on a skit called "Shoot at the Stars". The idea was simple...kill 'em all and you win! If I recall the stars were Robert Goulet, Charo, and John Ritter. There may have been a fourth, but it's been at least 15 years since I've seen it, so forgive the ol' memory.

Members Bonuses


"The Hot Spot", (1990) from Johnny Web

What more is there to say about The Hot Spot? It must be the most capped movie in history, attributable solely to one beautiful close-up scene of Jennifer Connelly topless in bright sunlight. It is certainly not common to see someone so young, so famous, and so perfectly formed in such perfect clarity. Bravo to Jen for preserving the memory for all of us. Can you believe that this movie is now a decade old, and Jen is becoming a senior citizen before our very eyes? Hold on to your seat for this next sentence. She turns 30 this year.

Don Johnson was well cast as an egocentric, thoughtless, and dishonest man. The part called for a cold man whose heart was touched by the innate beauty and innocence of the Connelly character, even if things can't really work out between them. Johnson had the cold part down to a T. I'm not so sure he sold me in the part where his heart is supposed to melt. To me, it all seemed like just another scheme. It doesn't seen that Johnson is very effective when warmth is required. Let's just say that when he enters a room the mongooses start to fidget.

The other woman in today's group is Debra Cole, now a top morning DJ in Texas. You have to give her credit. It must be intimidating to be photographed topless next to Connelly's world championship bosom, but Debra held her own and looked good in her own right. Not that anybody was looking at her.

I'll have Virginia Madsen tomorrow. There's quite a bit of Madsen material, and it needs a lot of massaging, so I couldn't get it done for today's edition.

Debra Cole (1, 2) Jennifer Connelly (1, 2, 3, 4)

"Vampyros Lesbos" from Tuna

Vampyros Lesbos has been discussed extensively by Scoopy then Mongoose. I tried to find some frames that weren't covered by them. I don't remember them discussing an odd bit of symbolism a moth in a fishing net and a scorpion. The scorpion represented the Vampire, and the moth, her victim (who was drawn to her like a moth to a flame). I also don't recall them explaining why this DVD edition is dubbed in German. At any rate, it has the slow pace of a Rollin, and is about Lesbian Vampires, but does not have the lighting, color or photography of a Rollin. It was set in a city I have spent time in - Istanbul - and it is always noce to recognize locations in a film.

Thumbnials Ewa Stromberg (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) Miranda Kussin (1, 2)


"Salo" from Tuna

Salo is the crudest and most pointless film ever made. Don't let the fact that this out-of-print film was done by Criterion to fool you into thinking it is some great masterpiece. It is meant to attack the fascist in WW2 by showing just how evil they were, and how thoroughly you can demoralize the human spirit. Eight young boys and eight young girls are captured and taken to a mansion where they are used as sex toys by a group of Facists. A hooker tells erotic stories while another plays piano, and the men grab a young boy or young girl anytime they feel like it, and perform every depraved act I know the name of, and some I don't. I have no idea who any of the eight young actors are, but if seeing these images satisfies your curiosity about this film, I have done a good thing.

Someone at IMDB called it brilliant because it is so thoroughly disgusting, and all of us should enjoy that experience. I don't agree.

Thumbnials Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)



new collages from GR

GR has three classics for us today.

Carol Kane, who later became famous as Latka's wife on Taxi, with her perfect impersonation of Andy Kaufman's idiolect. She is seen here in The Last Detail, a pretty decent but largely forgotten Jack Nicholson flick about two Shore Patrolman who take a naive young sailor to begin a long stretch in military prison for a petty crime.

Barbara Hershey in Boxcar Bertha. I think these are probably the best looks at the beautiful Hershey when she was still young and ripe. GR did a heck of a job on this collage because I don't think the movie is available on DVD yet, and he got some large and beautiful images.

Morgan Fairchild, dream date of Jon Lovitz when he played The Liar, in "The Seduction". Yeah, that's the ticket.

Carol Kane Barbara Hershey Morgan Fairchild

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