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  • Question from my mailbox to stimulate your thought: "why no captures from Drawn to the Flame?. Not a great movie, but Lisa Welti is naked for about 40% of the movie, once in a scene with a nude Jodi Verdu"
  • Susan Sullivan, who was Maggie on Falconcrest, worked in the Playboy clubs and appeared in the magazine. (Not sure if any nudity - three different women with this name have appeared in PB). Does anybody know what was in her pictures?
  • Shortly before Nixon's death, the six living US presidents were on a sinking ocean liner. Here is what they said:

    Ford: "what do we do"?

    Bush: "man the lifeboats"

    Reagan: "what are lifeboats?"

    Carter: "little boats we use to leave the big boat. Women and children first"

    Nixon: "screw the women and children"

    Clinton: "do we have time?"

  • From the wire service: Police in Iceland nabbed two thieves who stole a trailer tent in Reykjavik and drove it 75 miles to a camping spot, where they pitched it next to - you guessed it - the guy who owned the tent. I thought this was kind of an unbelievable story until I realized that only five people live in Iceland, and the other two are the cops that were called.
  • Something old, something new
  • Realist has a 1999 movie and kind of a golden oldie for us. This year's movie is the MTV-produced Varsity Blues. This movie is meant as pure froth. Don't expect real-life characterizations or subtlety. It's MTV. The first three are Ali Larter in a whipped cream bikini
  • Larter
  • Larter
  • The next two are a woman named Bristi Havens, and the two pictures are nearly identical. This is the girl who was naked in the front seat of Tweeder's car.
  • Bristi Havens. I don't know anything about this woman.
  • The next four are Tonie Perensky. She played the very realistic role of the sex education teacher who is a stripper by night. Sure, in small town Texas nobody would ever figure that out, except maybe during those dreaded parent-teacher conferences when dad comes in and meets her. Oh, at first she looks different without the dollars in her garter, but ...... Hey, don't all part-time teachers drive a Lamborghini? Anyway, she does have the appropriate stripper body.
  • Perensky
  • Perensky
  • Perensky
  • other strippers working in the club #1
  • #2
  • The other movie from Realist today is Rambling Rose, a senstive story about a sweet and highly sexed girl who comes to live with a very conservative Southern family (dad is going to "rescue" her), and the resulting adventures as these polar opposites come eventually to love one another intensely. This is a good movie, albeit kind of a chick flick, but I don't mind chick flicks. The only thing I didn't like about it was the musical score. It was written by movie legend Elmer Bernstein, and it sounds like the overture for a Broadway play. I went to see it not knowing anything about it, and in the first 20 minutes I thought to myself "Oh, no, it's a friggin' musical". I really expected people to start singing something like "One, singular sensation ...." at any moment, but they never did. Bernstein has had some ups and down in his career. He has scored more than 200 movies. At his apogee, he scored The Magnificent Seven, which may be the most recognizable movie music ever written. (It's better known as the Marlboro Country music). At his perigee, he scored Robot Monster. I'm not joking - he wrote original music for what is arguably the worst movie ever. Back to Rambling Rose, here's Laura Dern in the scene where she tries to seduce Robert Duvall. This is quite a beautiful image. As I remember, it is a richly photographed movie, with a lot of nostalgia for the detail of the South that existed between the two great wars of this century.
  • Robot Monster ranks as the 56th worst of all time, according to IMDb voters. Here's the bottom 100. We had caps yesterday from #26, Police Academy: Mission to Moscow. I think that is the worst one to appear here.
  • More of the same scene with Dern and Duvall
  • This is a different scene, wherein Dern must explain why she had a man in her room. Her sheet falls down.
  • More of the sheet scene
  • Dern see-through in the scene with the little kid. There was a controversial scene in this movie, where Dern lets the kid touch her because he's curious and insistent. When he gets to the lower parts, she climaxes while he studies her, and he doesn't quite know what's going on.
  • More of the see-through nightie.
  • Two more flicks from Snowblind
  • Also two movies from Snowblind today. The first is The Dentist Here's Christa Sauls in the chair. No nudity in this one, just an upskirt.
  • Virginya Keehne in The Dentist. Another upskirt.
  • This one has nudity. Linda Hoffman in The Dentist
  • Here's a good catch. Singer-actress Lola Falana in The Klansman.
  • Jeanie Bell in the Klansman
  • Follow-up from FR
  • FR followed up on that Kylie Minogue picture. The event is the "Wiener Live Ball", and here's Kylie again.
  • ... and here's Grace Jones from the same event. I think there is a bare nipple in there somewhere.
  • Slartibartifast
  • A round-up of German TV last week. Regina Frisch topless in Tatort
  • Deborah Kauffmann topless in "Der Trinker"
  • Nicolin Kunz in "Die Moerderin"
  • Mergascan
  • Mergascan sent in some unidentified caps. Can you help him. Here's a sexy brunette in "From Dusk Until Dawn"
  • more of the same woman, quite intimate exposures
  • a babe from Stern. Great buns, great tan.
  • Final word
  • Two more beautiful new Pio images of Esther Arroyo. She is stark naked in both of them.
  • Esther Arroyo
  • From GR: Jamie Lee Curtis in "Love letters"