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UK Magazines
  • As many of our viewers know, despite the enormous size of America's love for skin, we have some of the most G rated T.V. and magazines. Luckily, Europe understands the beauty of a naked female body, and has the huevos to run stuff that gives Jesse Helms nightmares! To start off, here's a little continuation from our Neve collection. Here she is, in possibly the sexiest picture I've ever seen of her, from FHM.
  • Pam Anderson! Sure, we've all seen the goodies, but she still looks great. In fact, for a change, she's got her clothes on in this one, and to me, that makes her a little more attractive. From Maxim, May, 1998.
  • Sharon Stone from GQ (UK). I guess after "Sphere" she needed to fall back on her modeling career. These scans play on her famous, slutty characters.
  • Here she is being hassled by The Man.
  • A final collage of her layout from GQ (UK).
  • Jenilee Harrison
  • Here'a an odd one for you. An almost tragic, and yet so typical Hollywood tale. Jenilee 's career showed promise from the beginning. Starting off as an L.A. Rams cheerleader, she then replaced Suzanne Somers on "Three's Company", and then on to the mega hit "Dallas". Then she tried her hand at movies. Sure, they were B-grade, but as these RDO 'caps from "Prime Target" show, she looked great.
  • So what happened next? I don't know for sure. All I can say is that she now hosts infomercials for some "wonder dress", and for some magic diet pill. Sadly, she doesn't look nearly as good as she used to.
  • A final collage from "Prime Target", by RDO.
  • Priscilla Barnes
  • I didn't intentionally plan to run scans of multiple "Three's Company" stars, it just sort of happened. Personally I can't believe that show was on the air for 8 seasons! Anyway, here's Priscilla. These aren't the best scans, but they are new to the Fun House.
  • Personally I think her best work was as the topless, three-nippled, psychic in "Mallrats".
  • Fun House Variety
  • Jane Daniels from "Midnight Temptations 2", by Scanman. Great collage, but I couldn't verify either the actress or the movie in the IMDb!
  • From "Jude", some topless scans of Kate Winslet that are new to the Fun House. Thanks to The Blade for sending these to us.
  • One thing Scoopy Sr. taught me was this, you can never go wrong by showing a scan of Mathilda May's breasts. So here she is, in a new scan from "Lifeforce", by Sisyphus.