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"Game of Thrones"

season three

Aesthete's 1920x1080 clips

Today: s3e6

Esme Biancos




Brainscan's comments:

Caps of two women in Spread.  Their identities are all over the place.  Some folks have labeled Jenae Altschwager as Lejla Hadzimuratovic and some have put Jenae's name on collages of the unidentified stripper.  And some have said the unidentified stripper is Jennifer Cambra.  I wish.  IMDb identifies Jennifer as an uncredited dancer but she has appeared in several movies and has a half-dozen portraits posted to IMDb and she is not that gal.  They are both white and cute as the dickens but their faces are just not that similar.  So the topless gal goes on the long list of women who play (are?) clothing removal professionals but whose names are known to only friends and family.

Jenae Altschwager

the other woman


The TV caps this week come from Two Guys and a Girl (aka Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place). It was made over 4 seasons from 1998 to 2001. Obviously, no nudity but I've always had a bit of thing for Traylor Howard.

This last set of episodes are from the fourth season and were made in 2000 and 2001.

Episode 6 The One Without Dialogue (2000)

Joie Shettler

Episode 7 Disco Nights (2000)

Jillian Bach

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 8 My Dinner with Irene (2000)

Jillian Bach

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 9 Drip (2000)

Traylor Howard

Episode 10 Rescue Me (2000)

Suzanne Cryer

Episode 11 Burning Down the House (2001)

Bo Derek

Episode 12 Give Mommy a Kiss (2001)

Bo Derek

Traylor Howard

Episode 13 I've Got a Secret (2001)

Suzanne Cryer

Episode 16 A Few Good Firemen (2001)

Traylor Howard

Episode 18 Make Mine Tea (2001)

Lacey Kohl

Episode 19 The Love Boat (2001)

Jillian Bach

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 20 The Icewoman Cometh (2001)

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 21 Should I Stay or Should I Go? (2001)

Suzanne Cryer

Episode 22 The Internet Episode (2001)

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Casting Couch

Dead Souls  (2012)

Recent DVD release.

Magda Apanowicz: former Caprica star almost showing a full boob.

"Under the Dome"

(pilot episode)

Spaz's first rule of a television series is the first episode is bound to have a nude sex scene within the opening 10 minutes.

Britt Robertson: bare back having sex, bra and panties afterwards.

"Saving Hope"

season 2


NBC dropped this series last year so season 2 is only airing in Canada. Here's E
rica Durance in a preview for an unknown episode that has her stripping down to a brassiere, which is presumably what passes for sex on late primetime.

 episode: "Watch Death" (s2e01)

Brooke Palsson: brassiere in cellphone sex video.

"How to Live With Your Parents

 (For the Rest of Your Life)"

episode: "How to be Gifted" (s1e13; series finale)

Sarah Chalke: doing something very sexy with her feet.


episode "The Bride Wore Black" (s1e11)

The obligatory alien bachelor party. Brittany Allen: lingerie as stripper/hooker but they didn't get to the mounting ceremony.

"Final 24"

episode: "Nicole Brown Simpson"

Dani Tollefson: brassiere as doomed trophy wife.

"La Reine Rouge"

Quebec web series with explicit sex and nudity.

Veronique Tremblay: full frontal.

Stephanie Labbe: panties and cleavage after getting caught having sex.

"La pornographie des ames"

Eugenie Beaudry: full frontal in hi-def upgrade caps of the play, aka "Bare Naked Souls," directed by Dave St-Pierre.

Eugenie Bouchard

Upskirt pictures of Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard (currently competing at Wimbledon), but with those granny panties she's would need to sport some serious disco bush for her bikini line to pop out.

Heather Locklear

Conan O'Brien dug up an 80s Heather Locklear doing an aerobics video.

The full video is here

The Island


Angela Punch McGregor film clip (collages below)

The Skulls II


  Margot Gagnon film clip (collages below)

Film/TV clips

Mayra Leal in Sanitarium (2013)

Anna Brass in Der Freie Wille (2013)

Silly Germans. How can you make a Freie Wille movie without an orca? On the other hand she plays "raped woman in the dunes," so I guess it would not be a very good kiddie film, even by European standards.

Sophia Takal in Supporting Characters (2012) in 720p

Florence Giorgetti and Isabelle Huppert in La dentelliere (1977)


The spectacular topless body of Emily Ratajkowski

Mylaine Hedreul in Ego (2013)
You never heard of it because it is a Swedish romantic comedy

Laura Ramsay in 1 Out of 7 (2011)
1 Out of 7? Sounds like my Little League batting average.
Also, perhaps coincidentally, my batting average with women.