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Brainscan's mailbox:

"In Brainscan’s clip from The Fruit is Ripe, Betty Verges’ co-model Amanda' in the nude photo shoot on the beach is German legend Olivia Pascal. It was her first film, she was 19. The scene starts at 3:56 in the clip and runs for about a minute. There is a nice collage of caps from the film in the Fun House Encyclopedia on Pascal’s page, under its German title Griechische Feigen. Olivia is now in the fourth decade of a very successful career in German film and TV."


Today's 1970s clips:

Julie Ege in Not Now, Darling (1973)

Laura Antonelli in The Eroticist (1972)



Boogie Woogie


Johnny's comments:

Boogie Woogie is an ensemble drama set in the art world in London. A famous painting titled Boogie Woogie is about to be up for sale. It is a much wanted piece and two prestigious art dealers Art Spindle (Danny Huston) and Bob Macclestone (Stellan Skarsgård) are amongst those vying for it. Meanwhile, Art's assistant Beth (Heather Graham) is spreading her wings and about to start her own gallery. Her job is to be taken over by Paige (Amanda Seyfried). Bob's wife Jean (Gillian Anderson) is miserable in marriage and lusts after the next big thing Jo Richards (Jack Huston), who's going after Beth. Beth is also looking for someone to highlight her first show and finds Elaine (Jaime Winstone), who is a video artist who documents her life particularly her relationship with Joany (Meredith Ostrom) and someone who wants to help her get her first break Dewey (Alan Cumming).

Or something like that.

There's an attempt at a Robert Altman style structure, but it never gets that good. I'm not a big fan of the film, given my loathing of both the pretentious art world and ensemble drama (much pronounced on this site). But I keep getting attracted to them, probably because there's always pretty girls in them.

Ah well... Here's the 1080p clip of Heather Graham and Jaime Winstone. Various collages follow.

Heather Graham

Jaime Winstone

Meredith Ostrom

Amanda Seyfried

Gemma Atkinson





Film Clips

Angie Everhart is still magnificent. Here she is in HD in Take Me Home Tonight (2011). Pretty cool scene, but more funny than erotic. See below.

Joerdis Triebel in Ein Guter Sommer (2011). See below.

Vittoria Puccini in La Vita Facile (2011). See below.

Jill Sandmire in Cyrus (2010). See below.

Anna Skellern and Tereza Srbova in Siren (2010) in 720p. See below.


These are the alleged leaked pics of Amber Rose tickling the taco.

A Natalie Portman nipple in No Strings Attached

Rosamund Pike in Barney's Version (2010)

Sandra Lavoie in Barney's Version (2010)