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King of the Gypsies


The story traces the life of a gypsy boy from pre-conception through his becoming King of the Gypsies in the New York area. All eight of them. Not much of a kingship. I guess he's not really the king of the gypsies so much as the squad leader of a few New York gypsies, but the precise details don't make for a very resonant film title.

His mother is Susan Sarandon, and his grandfather, the previous King of the Gypsies, is Sterling Hayden, and those parts of his life work well, other than making him an outcast in mainstream society. What doesn't work for him at all is his ne'er-do-well father (Judd Hirsch), whose abuse causes him to leave home and abandon the gypsies for a period of time. When grandfather is near death and names his grandson as his successor, the grandson has fateful decisions to make.

Eric Roberts, in the lead role, was nominated for a Golden Globe; Sarandon also stands out; and there is not a bad performance in the film. Unfortunately, there is nothing fresh about the story of a kid who is eventually forced to fulfill his birthright after growing up in, then seeming to leave, a family criminal organization associated with a distinctive ethnic minority group in New York, as immortalized in a 1970s movie.

It's essentially The Godfather with earrings.

IMDb readers say 6.2.

Susan Sarandon shows her right breast when her husband tries to force her son to have sex with her.









Girl Boss Revenge: Sukeban


Today's classic from the Pinky Violence collection of Japanese sexploitation films is all about Miki Sugimoto, as she twice becomes a "Babe in Bondage," is beaten, and raped. The Japanese summer feel-good flick of 1973!

Bloody breasts from Miki in these Caps and six clips.







Notes and collages

Joy Ride


Leelee Sobieski (non-nude)

Kristin Scott-Thomas Film Festival

Force Majeure 1989

Body and Soul 1993

Keeping Mum 2005 (non-nude)







I have to assume that Spaz is correct about the unidentified actress in Bolero (2004). It certainly looks like Eva

(There is no way that I could have found this out using the movie's credits or the IMDB.)

Here are the updated caps.







Fool's Gold

The good news about this 2008 romantic comedy/adventure flick is that, because of the setting, the women spend a great deal of their time in bikinis.

The bad news is the movie is kind of lame, and not very adventurous.

Tess (Kate Hudson) is divorcing her adventurer husband after years of watching him waste all their money looking for a lost treasure. She is working aboard a private yacht when ex-hubby shows up, and guess what? He's found the treasure. There's a problem, though, because bad guys also know of his discovery, and they're trying to beat him to the find. He manages, despite Tess' objections, to convince her rich boss and his dumber-than-a-rock daughter (Alexis Dziena) to assist, and off they all go after the treasure.

It's just pretty silly, with absolutely no substance or believability, but the women look good.

Kate Hudson Alexis Dziena flashers







Pamela Gidley in Free Fall (1994)

Bollywood actress Negar Khan caught on a topless beach.



Film Clips

Shirley MacLaine in Desperate Characters

(samples right)


Melinda Clarke in Return to Two Moon Junction

This one is a big download (194 meg), but, hey, it's Monica Bellucci in Malena. This is one of the world's great beauties getting naked frequently in a terrific film in high definition (1416x576). Celebrity nudity heaven! If this film isn't in your collection you just don't take film nudity seriously!

Something you won't see often: a Bollywood actress getting nekkid - and she has quite the rack! Piyumi Samaraweera in Letter Of Fire. We Polish people have a special affection for the people of India. They make us feel like we have short last names.