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Midnight Matinee


We watch a young couple sneak into a shed, have sex, and then someone breaks in and kills the boy. Another couple was spying on them. The second girl looks at her boyfriend, who is now shown in a theater seat, with a knife through his neck. Murder number one is in a film - a movie within a movie. Murder two is real.

Cut to two years later. The theater is about to reopen with a horror festival. The new cop in town, Ron White, is besieged with letters asking him not to allow it. We are introduced to numerous suspects, including the bad boy who is in love with the daughter of the female projectionist, the sister to the girl whose boyfriend was murdered, the theater owner's gay "friend," a weird kid who works in the theater and wants the girl, the girls' father - a successful director introducing his new film for the festival, an obnoxious newsman who has a history with the cop, etc. People start dying, and we are able to cross them off the suspect list.

Midnight Matinee (1990) is a Canadian film made for cable. It is positioned as a horror film but at its heart is really a murder mystery. There isn't that much gore in that the murders are off camera, and there is very little terror or suspense, so those who expect a horror film will rate it low, as IMDb readers did.  If a grade B whodunit is your idea of fun, this one will entertain you.


(TRIVIA: It was originally to be titled Matinee, but the name was changed to avoid confusion with the great John Goodman film by that name.)

It is available from in English in a Region 2 PAL. Click on the image below for ordering info.

Midnight Matinee DVD (1990)


Angela Dohrmann, in the film within the film, shows breasts and buns in a scene that mimics Friday the 13th shot for shot.








Justine: In The Heat of Passion

Today: a short trip back to 1996 for the favorite movie of the all-softcore-bondage network.

Cute Daneen Boone keeps getting all tied up in several scenes showing off her pert little breasts.

Jennifer Behr with cleavage only.

Odette Miro shows off her tits in a bondage consensual love scene.






Notes and collages


Jane Seymour ... Part 3








Dead Weekend

Bad, bad movie (like any Stephen Baldwin movie), but with lots of nudity (like any Stephen Baldwin movie).

An alien (Bai Ling) comes to eart. The police start to kill everybody, hoping to get the alien in the process. The alien gets in touch with one of the policemen (Baldwin) and changes to different women like Barbara Alyn Woods and Jennifer MacDonald, to have sex with Baldwin.

She gets caught in the end but asks the police pretty please to let her go and they do!


They killed half their citizens for nothing,

Whoever wrote this is a genius!



Afifi Alaouie


Bai Ling


Barbara Alyn Woods


Blair Valk



Jennifer MacDonald









Here's a nice little web find. There's a whole bunch of crazy stuff going on in this film clip, but I suppose you won't mind, since it's about four minutes of Monica Bellucci stark naked in L'Ultimo Capodanno
Rachel Avery in Big Love. Film clip here, sample to right.
Vanessa Minillo and Nick Lachey were caught nude by paparazzi - but so far only these censored pics have emerged.