Walkabout (1971) is one of those movies that everyone who follows celebrity nudity knows all about. This seemingly simple story of a young girl (Jenny Agutter) and her kid brother, stranded in the bush by their father's suicide, who were guided back safely by a young aborigine her age on his "Walkabout," or coming of age ritual, could be a simple love story, it could be about the unhappiness of city dwellers as opposed to aborigines, or it could be about the problems caused by lack of communication. It glancing three the reviews, everyone has a different theory as to what the symbolism is, but everyone agrees that it is a masterpiece, beautifully filmed, and everybody agrees that Agutter looks very good in her numerous nude scenes.

This film has the flavor of a doccudrama, but is rated 7.5 at IMDB and praised by critics. This is a B-, as it appeals to some who would normally not consider a pseudo-documentary.

Scoop's notes: the poetry quoted by the narrator at the end of the film is from A.E. Housman's 'A Shropshire Lad':

Into my heart an air that kills

From yon far country blows:

What are those blue remembered hills,

What spires, what farms are those?

That is the land of lost content

I see it shining plain

The happy highways where I went

And cannot come again.

The film was rated PG (or GP, as it was then called) by the MPAA, despite extensive full frontal male and female nudity. It was originally rated R, but the board changed its mind upon appeal.

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    Updated volumes: Tilda Swinton, Laura Gemser, Heather Graham, Ariadna Gil, Marie Gillain, Gina Gershon, Monique Gabrielle, Maria Ford

    Stripteaser 2 (1997):

    This is a terrible movie. I watched it only because Maria Ford is supposed to be in it as an uncredited dancer. After watching the entire mess, I still didn't know where the hell she was, so I started going through her volume in the Encyclopedia. Well, guess what? The mystery was solved when I saw UC99's caps from an earlier film. The director of Stripteaser 2 just re-used some footage from two scenes in Showgirl Murders. It didn't seem too much out of place because the character had no lines in Stripteaser 2, and did not interact with any other members of the cast. It was just an anonymous dancer working a special room with anonymous clients. Just atmosphere.

    I assume it was all done with the proper permissions.

    They had to have been desperate for content, because the entire film runs only 78 minutes, even with the padding from Showgirl Murders. The opening credits run exactly 5:22, Ford's two unrelated scenes run a couple of minutes, and there are two other strip scenes and a montage which are unrelated to the movie or the rest of the cast (see unknowns below), and those must run another two or three more minutes.

    There is also a five minute car chase, and not a bad one, with two vehicles destroyed in dramatic crashes. I assume that is also footage from another film, because (1) it begins with an obviously looped-in voice saying "Hey, he's driving off with one of our girls", even though the guy doing the actual driving is the only person in the scene, he is outside the club, and nobody came out after him! So whose voice is it? (2) two guys from the strip club die chasing our hero, but when he returns the next night, nobody mentions anything about it (3) a cop also died in that chase, but the police chief shows no interest the next night.

    Between the five unrelated nudity scenes, the opening credits, and the car chase, there must be 15 minutes of extraneous footage. Figure another 2-3 minutes for the closing credits, and we have only a 60 minute film. I suppose at least 35 minutes of that consists of actual wordless strip acts performed by the women in the cast. There is also a sex scene which probably lasts about five minutes, so the time spent on plot and character development is approximately 20 minutes. 

    You have to love a film with essentially no content. This is close to my dream of a film with opening credits, which then go directly to the closing credits. And they both can be very short. We won't have any music or visuals during the credits, just word screens shown in silence, and therefore the only credit needed is the "credit guy" (assuming he does his own editing).

    Oh, well, at least Stripteaser 2 has plenty of nudity, but even that is disappointing. The strippers never remove their bottoms, so the only brief flash of pubic hair comes when Kim Dawson has a sex scene. Some of the topless footage is also badly interlaced, but some of it is OK.

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    By the way, the film (surprisingly) has quite a good musical score. The songs are alternative rock, and the incidental original music is sad, wailing, progressive jazz which would make a great score for a detective noir, and reminded me of the love theme from Blade Runner.


    • As a skin-flick C-. Almost nothing below the waist, and some footage is damaged by interlacing.
    • As a drama: E-. There is only about 20 minutes of material. It isn't quite bad enough technically to be an F, but some scenes are F's, so an E- overall.



    You know of course that Melina Mercouri, so brilliant in Never on Sunday (thanks to Tuna for the caps today!), went on to become Minister of Culture in Greece? At the start of the pedestrian road up to Acropolis there is a great marble bust of her (complete with that small lopsided smile) and she is buried among the greats (Schliemann, Papandreou etc) in the First Cemetery of Athens. There are always flowers on her grave.


    Scoop's reply:

    Has there ever been one person so intimately associated with the film industry of a country as Melina Mercouri with Greece? Perhaps Romy Schneider's association with Austria could be a contender, but I think Mercouri must have it.

    The only other contender I can think of would be the great pride that Liechtenstein has for Hugh Grant. Of course, Grant is not from there, and doesn't even know where it is, but that does not deter the determined Liechtensteiners from their loyalty. They conduct tours of the childhood home that they wish Hugh had lived in, they have a statue of Grant at both entrances to their country, and in all three public buildings. Their main castle even has a tapestry which pictures Grant getting arrested for that blowjob in Los Angeles. Except for the Liechtensteiner Polka, Hugh is about the biggest thing that ever happened to them.



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    Jessica Forde in My Life is Hell (1, 2)

    Emmanuelle Laborit in Retour la vie

    Anna Galiena in Senso '45 (1, 2, 3)

    Barbara Bach in Force 10 from Navarone

    Corinne Dacla in Brothers in Arms (1, 2)


    Pictures and comments by Spaz

    Le Pornographe

    French indie about a director who goes back into making porn movies after a twenty year absence.  Not much nudity actually but there is scene involving the  filming of a hardcore sex scene involving  porn actress Ovidie where she brings her partner  to full attention. Then the scene is stopped by the director before the obligatory money shot.

    (1) Ovidie: hardcore action

    Some Canadian stuff:

    (2) Rachel Blanchard: partial breasts in "Nailed" (2001).

    (3) Juliet Reagh and Melodie Bennett: topless in hottub in FutureSport (1998) (Juliet, the brunette, was in Bordello of Blood).

    (4) Michele Mercure: nude dancing James-Bond-opening-credits-style in the French-Canadian "Kid Sentiment" (1968) (aka Pow).

    (5) Lisa Howard: bra-less pokies getting raped in "Rolling Vengeance" (1987).

    (6) Tara Spencer-Nairn: episode of Bliss, partial breast and butt cleavage, then humping a guy with a lipstick holder.

    The Outer Limits

    More episodes from the first half of season six. Again no nudity because these are the syndicated episodes.

     (7) Laura Leighton: bra-less in "Iner Child".
     (8) Gabrielle Miller: fake android robo-hooters in "Glitch".
     (9) Suzy Joachim: leg and brassiere in "Decompression".
     (10) Jill Teed: bra-less in "Abaddon".            
     (11) Allixandria East: underwear in "Abaddon".
     (12) Jessica Steen: downblouse in "The Grid".

    Leslie Hope One more of the Canadian actress in scenes from "Paris, France" (1993).

    Marisa Tomei

    in Oscar

    Stefania Rocca

    in Viol@
    Dedee Pfeiffer (1, 2)

    in Radical Jack