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Henry and June



This project will encompass several days.

Today, day one, the captures only:

Maria de Medeiros


Uma Thurman and Maria de Medeiros

Brigitte Lahaie and Maria de Medeiros

Brigitte Lahaie and Maite Maille

unidentified actresses




Ashleigh Hubbard.




Nicole Munoz: her character finally strips down to a skimpy bikini for her in-laws weekly nude bathing ritual but finds herself staring at her mother-in-law's (Jaime Murray) tits.

Joy Ride 3


Recent DVD release which starts out with a kick-ass nude sex scene (followed by 90 minutes of skinless gore.)

 Sara Mitich: nude sex scene but in the last frame for crotch patch is visible.

 Kirsten Prout & Leela Savasta: cleavage and pokies.


Sara Mitich: sexy as Mr. D's ex-girlfriend in the recent CBC television special "Gerry Dee: The Substitute".

Sara Mitich: modeling photos from about two years ago but she doesn't show very much, not even her tramp stamp tattoo.



Recent Quebec DVD release but the only nudity is by an actress who's first nude scene was over 40 years ago predating Trudeaumania.

Louise Turcot: GILF


Louise Turcot: a much younger topless in the 1970 Quebec sex comedy "Deux femmes en or" aka "Two Women in Gold".

"Orphan Black"

 season two finale (s2e10)

Tatiana Maslany: arms-over-boobs then skivvies after being forced to strip for medical exam.



Lea Lawrynowicz: obscure woman topless in very obscure movie.



This is an unofficial Laura Croft fan film.

Cassandra Ebner: Canadian stunt babe is very sexy.



This US/Canada production features several Canadian musical stars such as Burton Cummings of the Guess Who as the nekkid piano player. The quality is very low VHS quality.

Glynnis O'Connor: topless in bed with Don Johnson.

Trudy Young: pokies in tanktop.

Fetish Factory

(2014 trailer)

Tristan Risk: bare butt by Canadian burlesque dancer.

Le show de la belle Natasha

(2012 le short)

Kristin Delcellier: very nice cleavage.

Eva & Adele

(2012; UK lesbian short)

Charlotte Roi: buns while nude, nice bra-less pokies.

Grace Hall: brassiere making out with Charlotte.


Charlotte Roi: nude modeling photo.


(2005; Canadian lesbian short but in very low VHS quality.)

Keira Michelle Telford: sexy. She now writes lesbian novels.

Natasha Denis: sexy.


Natasha Denis: cleavage in the short "The Waiting Room" (2001).


(2012 short)

Nancy Kenny: panties removed while having sex but nothing shown.


Nancy Kenny: cleavage in the short "Charge the Mound!" (2013).

Nancy Kenny: cleavage in the short "The Shepherd: (2012).

Psycho Princess: The Little Mermaid

(2011 short)

Jovanna Huguet: in revealing mermaid costume.

Cradle of Flesh

(2010 short)

Samantha James: sexy.


(2001 short)

Canadian short directed by Canadian actor Daniel Kash of Aliens fame and starring his wife.

Hayley Tyson: Mrs. Kash shows some bare butt on toilet.

For Lease

(2007 short)

Another short directed by Daniel Kash.

Catherine Bruhier: panties upksirt.

Mookie's Law

(2008 short; trailer)

Sandra Vadasz: nice cleavage.


Sandra Vadasz: nip slip in modeling session.


(2010  short; trailer)

Sonia Rodriguez: Canadian ballerina is sexy.


Sonia Rodriguez: in very revealing ballerina costumes.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

(2014 promo)

Nina Lauren: Quebec actress in Mystique costume as stand-in for Jennifer Lawrence.


Nina Lauren: in normal clothing.


tv series trailer

To start airing sometime in August but something tells me we'll get stuck with the PG-rated network version while the overseas euro-version gets the uncut nudity.

Caitriona Balfe

Serum 1831

(short; trailer)

Denyc Poole: bare back having sex.

Entanglements of a Dangerous Mind

(2014; A US short)

Kaylin Boosalis: major sideboob.

That Little Yellow Pill

(2011; Another US short)

unknowns: tame lesbian scene.

Kari Swanson

US actress/model Kari Swanson be be forever mistaken for the Kristy Swanson known as the original Buffy the Vampire slayer. Kari Swanson: very sexy lingerie modeling photos.

Eila Adams

Eila Adams: nekkid news correspondent shows some sideboob as topless stripper in an episode of "The LA Complex" which was recently released as a DVD box set.

Eila Adams: some gyno-cam views in some recent Naked News Flex Appeal segments.

Eila Adams: more nude modeling photos.

TV and Film Clips

Mia Wasikowska in Tracks (2013) in 1080p

Lizzie Brochere and Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story (s2e2) in 720p

Lizzie Brochere and Manon Klein in American Translation (2011) in 1080p



Pics and Collages

More of Venus Williams in the ESPN Body Edition

Anna Paquin in this season's premiere of True Blood

Karolina Wydra in this season's premiere of True Blood

Lili Simmons in episodes of Banshee

Nathalie Emmanuel in one of this year's episodes of Game of Thrones

Hannah New and Jessica Parker Kennedy in Black Sails

Hannah New on her own

Jessica Parker Kennedy on her own

Valerie Lemercier in The Ultimate Accessory