Sunday cable round-up

True Blood


Anna Paquin - a flash from the side as she lies down on a vampire operating table after being attacked by a were-reindeer. She was not eaten by the beast, presumably because reindeer are herbivores.

Various people at an orgy.




New show with Mickey Mantle (Tom Jane) playing a guy with a big dick.

Jane Adams - underwear. Sample below. Yawn.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Once again, this week's update is so big that it will be spread out over several days.

Victoria Abril in Pour Elle. (2009) Among other things, Victoria sips from the love-straw on camera! Ya gotta love European filmmaking and its performers. It's difficult to imagine any American stars doing this kind of hard-core material. Here is the info about this project.

Iliana Lolitch, Marie Vinoy, Helene Lapiower in En Souvenir de Nous. This is another scoop for Defoe. Although theoretically released in 2007, the project is so unknown it has no votes or comments at IMDb.







The Postman


Scoop's notes: It's difficult to imagine it today, but in 1987-1990, Costner was at the very top of the A list. He leveraged that into the big-budget megabombs The Postman and Waterworld. Waterworld was known in the trade as Fishtar or Kevin's Gate, after two fabled Hollywood money losers. To be honest, I kinda liked Waterworld. Looking back on it, it was a work of genius compared to The Postman.

Olivia Williams 720p film clip. Sample below.








Hank is on vacation in Cape Cod.

(The lucky stiff!)

He'll be back later this week.







Notes and collages

El Cortez


Tracy Middendorf









Desert Passion


A second Carrie Janisse film clip. (Sample below)








Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction

one of the above brightened

Beatriz Rico in El Desenlace

Dorkas Kiefer in Der Staatsanwalt (s3, e4)


Film Clips