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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










The film starts with a party at an asylum. The doctor who heads the asylum is doing a magic act. His lovely assistant, Lou Doillon, is helping. Chloe Sevigny, a journalist trying to expose the doctor for abusing kids and performing experiments on them, has crashed the party in a clown outfit. The final main character is a young doctor who has heard about the event and volunteered to help.

The head doctor unmasks Chloe and has her thrown out, then we see him fighting with Lou Doillon, after which the young doctor drives Doillon home and sleeps with her. The next day, he leaves to get Doillon and her twin sister a cake, comes back to the apartment, and is stabbed to death. It seems that Lou Doillon was part of a pair of Siamese twins. Her sister died during separation, and ever since then Doillon switches between her good character and her sister's evil one.

Chloe Sevigny witnesses the murder, and tries to convince the police.

Maybe that's what happened. Maybe not. If any of the above plot summary is wrong, I wouldn't be surprised, since this film is purposely inaccessible and obtuse. Director Douglas Buck proudly exclaimed in the commentary that the film was designed to be ambiguous, especially at the end. While it is categorized as a horror film, and is a remake of Brian de Palma's 1973 film of the same name, it plays more like a particularly dense Italian giallo, a genre the writer/director was trying to emulate. This is not a film I will watch again. 

The DVD includes several outtakes and more.

Lou Doillon

Chloe Sevigny









Knock Knock


Today we have a very forgettable recent horror flick.

Misty Meeler shows of her cute little natural "Niblets" in the shower, but then watch out for the last 4 caps because they get really bloody as she becomes a gutted "Babe in Bondage". There is a film clip of the shower scene in the film archives.

Some hot cleavage from a chick billed only as Erika J.

Kim Taggart played a sexy detective. I kept waiting for her to get naked but it didn't happen. Maybe sometime in the future.







Notes and collages

Save Me


Lysette Anthony








The unidentified nude dancer in yesterday's Oz videocaps from Bolero is former Czechploitation actress and hefmag Czechmate Eva Aichmajerova (known in her hardcore porn stint as Eva Major). The action in Bolero represents her first nude scene since going legit. Here is a more recent picture of her with the same hairstyle as in Bolero.




Blockbuster movie from last January with the best viral non-marketing since The Blair Witch Project. (Never ever hire a Hollywood publicist.) I believe this is the first time this movie has been capped here.

Odette Yustman: bare back in bed

Jessica Lucas: cleavage and upskirt



"Mutant X"

Episode: "The Taking of Crows"

An Angels-in-Chains sort of episode with all the WIP cliches: The opening strip search, tight fitting tank tops and t-shirts (brassieres optional), attempted rape  by male guard, cat fights, and underlying lesbian overtones.

Victoria Pratt: bare back and pokies

Karen Cliche: bare back and skivvies



Deadly Betrayal

(2002) (TV)

Run-of-the-mill cable murder mystery but with much better than average nudity.

Nicollette Sheridan: rock hard pokies.

Andrea Sadler: full nude but wearing crotch patch in opening sex scene

France Viens: full nude as hooker but wearing white pubic patch


Wrong Number


Run-of-the-mill cable murder mystery with average nudity.

Brigitte Bako: having sex with brassiere on

Karen Cliche: pokies and lesbian kiss with Bako

Anna Ruben: topless dancer



The Terrorist Next Door

(2008) (TV)

According to this based-on-a-true-story movie, Muslim wives wear very tight revealing cocktail dresses under their hijabs.

Kathleen Robertson: sexy


Othello: The Tragedy of the Moor

(2008) (TV)

Recent CBC movie.

Christine Horne: cleavage by the The Stone Angel actress

Emma Campbell: cleavage making the beast with two backs

Nazneen Contractor: cleavage



"Robson Arms"

Season III. Episode "Trixie's Honour"

Allison Hossack is still sexy after all those years.



Cleaning up my hard drive...

Lara Gilchrist: bare back in The Last Trimester

Allison Lynn: very tight sweater in "Mayday" episode

Allison Lynn: sexy in "Mutant X" episode








A young Rosanna Arquette in Baby, It's You (1983)


Film Clips

Just opened Friday: Angelina Jolie's sexy and well-tattooed rear view in Wanted (I guess it's from one of those cam thingies. Sample right)

The women of The Number 23: Rhona Mitra and Virginia Madsen. The film clips have that obnoxious kind of dubbing they do in Russia where the Russian speakers talk at the same time as the original dialogue. But, hey, it's two familiar favorites in some sexy shenanigans, so let's not complain. Madsen's nudity may be a body double.