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Deadtime Stories

Deadtime Stories (1986) is an anthology of three horror stories adapted from fairy tales, as told to a young boy by his uncle who is babysitting him.

  • The provenance of the first is not obvious, but it is likely a variation on Hansel and Gretel, because it concerns a boy raised by two witches, and the girl he attracts to be the sacrifice in a ritual.
  • The second story is an updated Little Red Riding Hood, with red picking up a prescription to take to Grandma's. The pharmacist confused her script with a werewolf's sleeping pills, so the wolf ends up attacking grandma and Red, but not until Red loses her virginity to her boyfriend.
  • The final story is about Goldy Lox and the Three Bears, all four of whom are escaped violent criminals who meet at the Bears' old house. Goldy and Baby Bear hit it off.

IMDb readers say 3.1, which is about where I would place it -- Princess Bride it is not. The transfer is not good, the stories are unintentionally laughable, and it feels much longer than its 90 minute running time.




Cathryn DePrume shows her breasts in a shower scene being discovered by the Bears.


Nicole Picard as Red, shows her right nipple.








Tawny Kitaen returns as the Time Machine lands in 1984.


Tawny shows off the tits and has some "Babe in Bondage" scenes.


Zabou Breitman joins Tawny in some topless fun and then as "Damsels in Peril".


Topless unknown "Babes in Bondage".


Zabou tied up topless.






Notes and collages

Jamaica Inn

Moving on to the next Bond Girl ... Part 1

Ms. Seymour played "Domino" in "Live and Let Die;" here she is in a very obscure film in a very tranparent dress.


Jane Seymour










En 2006 el mismo director (como El Lobo) dirige la película "GAL"(2006): cuenta la investigación llevada a cabo por periodistas españoles sobre la naturaleza del Grupo Antiterrorista de Liberación (GAL), el cual, entre los años 1983 y 1987, cometió contra el entorno de ETA más de 30 atentados con el resultado de 27 muertos y más de 50 heridos en el sur de Francia, una gran parte de ellos por error. La filosofía de esta guerra sucia contra ETA, que entonces vivía sus momentos de mayor agresividad en sus acciones contra el estado español, era, por una parte, la máxima del ojo por ojo, y, por otra, la creencia de que trasladando la guerra a territorio galo el gobierno francés empezaría a colaborar en la lucha contra ETA. Y así fue. Como resultado de estas investigaciones periodísticas, la justicia española pudo demostrar que los atentados fueron organizados y financiados por parte del gobierno español, y en 1994 fueron condenados 11 funcionarios públicos, con el Ministro del Interior de la época a la cabeza, a penas de cárcel de entre 4 y 10 años por diversos delitos. Pero con anterioridad a las sentencias, la investigación, encabezada por los periodistas de Diario 16 (un periódico español), también supuso el cese del director del periódico, al que siguieron sus principales colaboradores, que lograron poner en circulación un nuevo diario, El Mundo del Siglo XXI (otro periódico español), en un tiempo récord, y desde cuyas páginas prosiguieron con éxito las investigaciones de un caso que se puede considerar el Watergate español.



In 2006 the same director who created El Lobo directed another film about Basque terrorism called GAL, which recounts the investigation carried out by Spanish journalists into the nature of the Liberation Group for Antiterrorism (GAL), which committed more than 30 "death squad" attacks against the ETA terrorists from 1983 to 1987, resulting in many people dead and wounded - some terrorists and their supporters, but many others innocent people killed in error.

The philosophy of this "dirty war" against ETA, which then conducted ongoing aggressive actions against the Spanish state, was on the one hand, the principle of "an eye for an eye," and on the other hand the belief that he French government would begin to collaborate in the fight against ETA if the war moved into French territory.

As a result of the investigative journalists, Spanish prosecutors could demonstrate that the attacks were organized and financed on behalf of the Spanish government, and in 1994 11 top government officials were sentenced to jail terms between 4 and 10 years. But prior to the sentences, the publisher of Diario 16 tried to head off the investigation. The journalists managed to create a new newspaper, El Mundo del Siglo XXI, in record time, and used its pages to continue investigating a case that can be considered the Spanish Watergate.

The judgment of Spanish critics was influenced by the fact that the film was funded by El Mundo - the same newspaper that launched the real-life investigation. The executive producer of the film was one of the investigative journalists.




Ana Alvarez (no nudity)









La Baule-les Pins

Valeria is one of my favorite French actresses, here she is in one of her first movies.



Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi








Three film clips of Miranda Otto in Julie Walking Home
A film clip of Sarah Jane Potts in National Lampoon's Barely Legal
Two film clips from The Boy in Blue: Cynthia Dale and Melody Anderson

Animated .gif of Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. She looks great.

Natalie Portman's ass in Closer

Here's one I never get tired of: Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places. I think I've mentioned that I saw this in a theater and the audience gasped audibly when Jamie took off her shirt.

You may have wondered whatever happened to Lumi Cavazos after Like Water for Chocolate.

Here she is in Hijas de su Madre

Here she is in Optical Filter






The Comedy Wire

The federal government ordered Massachusetts to print ballots in Chinese for heavily-Chinese voting districts, but Secretary of State William Galvin said they don't grasp how hard it is to translate.  There
are no exact words for the names, so they must choose from many characters that sound like the syllables but have other meanings.   Galvin said Barack Obama could end up on the ballot as "Oh Bus Horse," Fred Thompson as "Virtue Soup," Mitt Romney as "Sticky Rice," and Galvin himself as either "High Prominent Noble Educated" or "Stick Mosquito."  Most confusing of all is Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, whose name could be translated in three ways: As "Sun Moon Rainbow Farmer" or "Barbarian Mud No Mind of His Own" or simply, "Imbecile."

*  And that's confusing because almost all political candidates could be translated as "Imbecile."

*  "Barbarian Mud No Mind of His Own" shouldn't be mayor; he belongs in Washington.

Victoria McArthur of Romero, Michigan, is suing Mars Inc. for over $25,000 because Starburst Fruit Chews are too chewy.  She claims she was chewing one of the candies when her jaw was pulled out of joint, and she now suffers from "temporal mandibular joint dysfunction."  She says Starbursts should have come with a label warning people of their chewiness. 

*  At least that's what they think she said.  It's hard to tell.

*  If only the label contained a clue, like the phrase, "Starburst Fruit CHEWS!!"