Some more great film clips:

An imager named Dead Red did these three outstanding zipped .avis from The Devil's Advocate. This is a great combination. The film clips are high-definition, superior to DVD quality. The women are beautiful, famous, and naked full-frontal (Charlize Theron and Connie Nielsen). The movie is a classic escapist picture with a hammy but charming performance by Al Pacino as Satan. (Movie House Review). In the first clip, Theron strips stark naked in church. In the second, Nielsen strips naked to seduce Keanu. In the third, Keanu makes love to his sweet wife (Theron), but fantisizes about his satanic half-sister (Nielsen), and we see the breasts of both actresses.

Stage Beauty attempted to pick up on some of that Shakespeare in Love vibe by looking at the key moment in English theater when women were first allowed to play women's roles. The question it raises is: "So what happened to the guys whose entire livelihood - playing women in stage - was legislated away?" It's a decent movie, in the good-not-great category. I probably liked it more than you will. (Movie House Review). Claire Danes chose this film to expose her breasts for the first time on camera. (Well, the first time she showed them intentionally. One nipple was seen in a downblouse in Polish Wedding.) Our readers chose Claire's work in Stage Beauty among the top ten nude scenes of 2004. In the first clip, Claire whips out a breast for a portrait painter. In the second, her breasts are visible in a downblouse during a sex scene.

A nudity classic. A topless Erika Eleniak pops out of a cake in Under Siege in this zipped .avi. Amazingly enough, I have never written a review or done captures from this film, and I never loaded Tuna's notes into the Movie House, but Tuna wrote the following, and I agree with it:

Under Seige (1992) is described on the package as "Die Hard on a ship." The ship is supposedly the Battleship Missouri. The part of Bruce Willis is played by Steven Seagal, who has been demoted to the position of ship's cook, probably because of a little misunderstanding over his having rearranged the face of his commanding officer. Of course he is really a Navy SEAL, expert in ...  well, whatever is needed to get through the plot.

A chopper full of entertainers and caterers arrive, supposedly from Pearl Harbor, to throw the captain a birthday party. Included in the guest list is a centerfold, Erika Eleniak, to jump out of a cake. Erika is what she appears to be, but the rest of the group actually consists of the baddies, led by a turned CIA agent and the Missouri's executive officer. Their aim is to take over the ship, offload some nuclear missiles to a submarine they happen to own, and sell them to the highest bidder. This is all the more ironic as the Missouri is on her final voyage to be decommissioned. Of course it is up to Seagal, with the help of Eleniak, to stop their nefarious scheme.

I enjoyed it. The Navy policies and procedures won't stand much scrutiny here, but it was a good, fast-paced yarn, and Seagal, whom I usually find irritating, was better here than usual.

C+. IMDb readers have this at 6.1. It was nominated for Oscars for Best Sound Effects and Sound Editing. It earned $156M against a $12M budget.

David Cronenberg's Crash is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of film, and I have done both. It is relentlessly downbeat, humorless, and totally "off the wall." It exists in an alternate universe which looks like ours might look if God were a madman. I didn't much care for Crash the first time I saw it, especially since it takes itself so seriously,  but I came around because it is just so unique and imaginative. I wrote, "This movie is like Andy Kaufmann's comedy: it never winks and comes out of character and tells you everything is OK. It wants you to hate it, because if it works, a normal person should hate everything about it. This film might repulse you, in fact it should repulse you, but you can't deny its imaginative power."  (Movie House Review). There is a lot of nudity, some of it presented in such a demented way that it isn't remotely appealing, but the highlight is the full frontal scene in this zipped .avi - with crotch close-up - from Deborah Unger.




Other Crap:

The Weekend Warrior makes his predictions for the upcoming weekend.
  • He's calling for about an 11% increase over last year, which sounds reasonable
  • He thinks Superman will do no better than $67.5m because the demand will be burned off by its early release at midnight on Tuesday. The logic is probably impeccable, but the exact number is hard to call. I think it will probably be higher.

This week's movies (about 4000 screens): Superman Returns - 79% positive reviews.

  • I've lost track, but this may the first week of the year in which there are no bad films among the wide releases.

This week's movies (2800 screens): The Devil Wears Prada - 81% positive reviews

A second trailer for Lady in the Water, Shyamalan's new movie.

Miami Terror Plot: Attny. Gen. Gonzales Announces Successful Launch of "Operation Clueless Negro Thoughtcrime Entrapment" - (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

April Scott: The New & Improved Daisy Duke

Superman has entered the building. In honor of that: 40 Things You May Not Know About Superman

Here is the teaser/trailer for Spider-Man 3

Britney Spears is pregnant and mostly nude in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar

Video dating update: "Wanted: Ninja For One Night Stand "

TomKat disappointed with the value of photos of Suri Page 2 : Welcome to Sports Voyeur Nation

What better way to celebrate Brazil's win than with Brazilian Soccer Chicks?

Colbert points out that there's a reason why we need the poor - they're delicious.

Colbert awards his Medal of Audacity, which goes to those who impersonate the courageous

Gallant or Goofus? Colbert pays tribute to Highlights magazine, the pillar of American childhood.

Colbert looks at Warren Buffet's massive charitable contributions.

Colbert talks about the increase in the Army enlistment age

The Daily Show looks at the Miami terrorist cell.

Jon Stewart talks to Lance Armstrong

The Daily Show's John Hodgman evaluates the administration's theory that history will judge the Iraqi War to have been a success

Jessica Simpson's Music Video Is Gonna Be Sexy

Find the lowest gas prices in your zip code

"Worms Write 'Hi' On Tomato"

Check out the picture of Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson. (The article isn't bad either.)

"George Bush performing U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday "

Colin Farrell Fansite Photo Gallery - Miami Vice

"Prison system to offer corporate lodging. Kind of a 'get acquainted offer' "

Four words: Snakes on a Plane

Kuhl: Astro Pic: The Moving Moons of Saturn

I was surprised to see that Roger Ebert disliked Superman

  • "This is a glum, lackluster movie in which even the big effects sequences seem dutiful instead of exhilarating."
  • Ebert has always been less enthusiastic than most people about Bryan Singer's movies. The biggest gap between his opinion and ours is that he absolutely ripped The Usual Suspects a new one with one and a half stars - and that has gone on to the all-time Top 15 at IMDb - higher than Citizen Kane or Goodfellas!
  • (He awarded only 2.5 stars to X-Men, and three to X-2, which is probably half a star below the general consensus on both pictures.)

That Rush Limbaugh thing was totally bogus - he had an anonymous bottle of Viagra.

  • Hey, no Limbaugh love for me, but this is complete chickenshit!


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Spaced Out (1979)

Spaced Out (1979) is a silly sex farce from the UK. Four humans are taken aboard an alien spacecraft by the all-female crew, who come from a unisex planet. The captain of the spaceship (Kate Ferguson) considers herself an expert martial artist. Glory Annen is the entire maintenance crew, and Ava Cadell does anything else required. The alien ship is forced to land on earth because of mechanical difficulties, and their cargo is ruined. When a herd of cows surrounds the ship, they take off, against the best advice of the ship's terminally depressed computer. Then they have a brainstorm and realize that it might be possible to sell humans to galactic zoos if any of them prove interesting enough.

Two of the captured humans are a couple unhappily engaged because she (Lynne Ross) is saving herself for the wedding - and even after that sex is not certain. A third human is a man who had been spying on the bickering couple. The fourth is a full-on wanker who has a jacket full of girlie magazines. The humans are examined for fighting ability, intelligence and physical characteristics. It is during the latter examination that the crew learns about the joys of being a species with two sexes. Due to a comedy of errors, the wanker proves to be the smartest, the most adept fighter, and the most complex physically. The cast is rounded out with a Wurlitzer jukebox, which is an analyst played by Bob Saget in the US version.And yes, the bride to be eventually comes across!

While it is certainly not a challenging or ambitious film, and the small budget is very evident, Spaced Out is enjoyable as a pleasant diversion. Judged against other UK sex farces of the era, this one is satisfactory brainless entertainment, and hence a C on our scale.

IMDb says 3.4.

Lynne Ross - breasts.
Kate Ferguson - breasts.
Glory Annen - full frontal.
Ava Cadell - full frontal.








Dann reports on Lifespan (1974):This film is classified as a Sci-Fi Thriller, but actually it's more of a Sci-Fi Mystery, and things don't sort themselves out until near the end.

A young doctor interested in developing a way to lengthen life seeks out another doctor well known for his research on the subject, but the man had just committed suicide, and no one, including the man's beautiful girlfriend, knows why.

In delving further into the man's work, the doctor finds that it appears the man has doubled the age of laboratory mice, and has also been working with residents of an old-age home, who seem to be living longer than expected.

Frustrated because he can't find notes indicating just what the man had been doing, or how, he starts to intensely investigate the man's activities, and comes up with some surprising answers.

A slow-paced and very low-key drama, too subtle to be called a thriller, but very interesting and thoughtful.

Tina Aumont





There's another horror movie on the docket today, as we look at "Motor Home Massacre." The sexy stuff features three women, and all are first timers at IMDB.

First up is Breanne Ashley, with only cleavage from this cute girl. If anybody else pits her in a movie I demand that they get her naked.

Nichole Crisp - breasts, while making love in a tent. She meets a bad ending off camera.

Diane Picallo - robos in a tent, and bloody boobs as she is knifed to death.



Christine Taylor in Room 6. As usual, Mrs. Stiller doesn't show much, but you can see a nicely toned booty in some skimpy panties.
With the possible exception of peanut butter and chocolate, no two things go together better than a naked Paris Hilton and a hummer.
Gina Holden in The L Word, episode "Lynch Pin"
Azucena Medina in The Matador. I never reviewed this, but I saw it and thought it was a very watchable "mismatched buddy" flick.
This is supposed to be Emilie DeRaven from Lost. If anyone knows for sure one way or another, and/or can identify where the pics came from, let me know.
BFD did various collages, some photo-representational, others more like paintings, all fun. They form the rest of "Catch o' the Day." Enjoy.

Daryl Hannah in At Play in the Fields of the Lord

Jayne Mansfield in Promises, Promises
Jayne's daughter Mariska Hargitay in Welcome to 18
Lara Flynn Boyle in Past Tense
Lara Flynn Boyle in Susan's Plan
Michelle Pfeiffer in Into the Night
Michelle Pfeiffer in Tequila Sunrise
Michelle Pfeiffer in A Thousand Acres
Leigh Taylor-Young in the original version of The Big Bounce
This is said to be Marilyn Monroe in a stag film made early in her career.  (It's actually former POM Arline Hunter.)


Pat's comments in yellow...

Rush Limbaugh was detained for more than three hours Monday at Palm Beach, Florida, International Airport because he had a bottle of Viagra without a prescription.  He was finally released without being charged, but the sheriff plans to refer it to state authorities, who say it could be a second-degree misdemeanor.  Limbaugh's attorney said he has a prescription for the Viagra, which is for his personal use, but the doctor didn't put his name on the label for the sake of privacy.

*  They confiscated his Viagra and let him go. That's two reasons why he won't have to do hard time. 

As part of a public toilet cleanup campaign, Singapore wants to improve their toilet cleaners' "low morale and low skills."  To turn them into proud professionals, they are importing Japanese experts in toilet technology to teach a three-day course. Graduates will earn the title of "restroom specialist."

*  It's hard earning a degree in bathroom studies.  You have to do a lot of
reading.  Mostly magazines.

*  If I wanted to go to school just so I could end up cleaning toilets, I'd
get a liberal arts degree.

Many Catholics questioned how divorcee Nicole Kidman was able to marry Keith Urban in a Catholic Church.  The BBC reports that Kidman was advised by church officials that she didn't need an annulment because her first marriage was in the Church of Scientology.  Since the Vatican doesn't
recognize that as a religion, in their eyes, her 10-year marriage to Tom
Cruise was a sham.

*  Proof that the Catholic Church is definitely right about at least one

Moose, the Jack Russell terrier who played Eddie on "Frasier," has died at 16-1/2, or 115 in dog years.  Like many stars, he had a shady past: his trainer Mathilde Halberg was called as a last resort after he kept running away and chewing up things, and he was sent to the pound's death row for killing a neighbor's cat. . 

*  Pretty much the same backstory as Alec Baldwin.