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Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
Heaven's Tears was an attempt at a serious movie with an erotic edge, from that Czech company that normally does the grade-b sci-fi films with the painted backdrops, the ones where the narrator watches his screen and tells somebody else (and the audience) what happened when they can't afford the F/X to show us the action. This time, they used stock newsreel footage from the 1930's to substiture for period recreations. A German lad falls for a Jewish chick, with the expected repercussions. An amazingly ambitious undertaking for a bunch of people with no budget and only a couple of actors who could speak English, but it isn't too bad. My review and Tuna's are together at the link. He liked it more than I did.
  • Lisha Snelgrove (1, 2, 3, 4)

The Contract is a Jeff Fahey film. There is a fairly good nudity quotient from Camilla Roos, of "Titanic" fame

  • Camilla Overbye Roos (1, 2)

Distant Shadow is a movie that I never hear of, but it is visually excellent. The direction and the cinematography are imaginative, and technically sweet, combining the best gimmicks and tricks of Guy Richie and Jake Scott. (It's a Brit-flick, in case you hadn't guessed). Unfortunately, I have no idea what the friggin' movie was about.

  • Rosie Fellner,

    Encyclopedia, volume H, part 9 is updated

  • Tuna


    Shelter (1997) is a direct to vid crime thriller about an honest ATF officer whose wife dies near the beginning of the film after a long coma caused by an accident. He is at odds with his boss, who is selling the guns they confiscate to youth gangs. He meets and falls in lust with Brenda Bakke, wife of the Greek who does most of the gun running in several states. The ATF bad guys hatch a plot to muscle the Greeks out of town. When the hired guns shoot at Bakke and kill our hero's partner, he, as any honest cop would do, joins the bad guys. Naturally, the bad guys are ecstatic over the chance to hire an ATF agent, and make him Bakke's body guard.

    We then learn that Bakke is into women. Shortly after that, she gets it on with, you guessed it, our ATF agent. She does show breasts in a dark scene. She also shows most of a breast in the car after a shootout. As if a really lame plot wasn't bad enough, the pace is about as exciting as watching paint dry. IMDB readers say 4/7/10. If someone invites you over to see this film, immediately make an appointment for a root canal -- it will be much more enjoyable. D.

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  • Brenda Bakke (1, 2, 3)
  • Strippers (1, 2)
    "Born Bad"

    Born Bad (1997) is a Roger Corman ripoff of Dog Day Afternoon, but with a poor script, weak teen actors, and very little original content. The one exception, is an attempted rape of a hostage, Melinda Songer, where we see her breasts, before the rest of the "Born Bad" crew decides that, while bank robbing, murder, and mutilation is good clean fun, rape is a bad kid no no.

    I watched about 10 minutes, then did the rest on fast forward looking for flesh. I had trouble staying awake even at fast forward. IMDB folks give it 5.0/10. I will lower that score with my vote. This is a D.

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  • Melinda Songer (1, 2, 3)

    Salvador (1986), by a young Oliver Stone, is everything Scoopy said a few days ago when he reviewed it. I remember the events from when they were happening, although Stone did a much better job of reporting what was really going on than the US press ever did. For those who missed it, Scoop's review is available here, and I would like to add a big me too to everything he said.

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  • Elpedia Carrillo (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Juliana Urquiza (1, 2)
  • Nuns (1, 2, 3)
  • Ken Marcus

    Ken has photographed for Playboy and Penthouse, and still uses some of those models in his work. His pay site is remarkably large, considering that it is essentially the work of one man (and a few guests now and then). He gave me permission to use these pics in return for a link back. Ken Marcus' web site. Note: you can't just use these on your site. His permission doesn't extend to other web sites, although he might work with you if you write him.

    here's a miscellaneous sampler

  • Janine (peeing)
  • Dita von Teese
  • Lorissa McComas
  • Lorissa McComas
  • Alexa Lauren
  • Aria Giovanni . Ken has about a zillion of the former Penthouse babe, including some bondage specialty stuff.
  • Comments by Spaz
    No pictures today, but Spaz passed along this column

    It may be news at but it's already been reported by Variety. Read the complete thread here.

    I wonder what scene was cut out?

    Lollipop lollipop
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    IMDb's story: 27th June 2001. Newspaper Says Theater Banned It.

    The editor of the alternative Cincinnati weekly CityBeat is claiming that his film editor has been banned from two local theaters following the paper's revelation that the operator of the theaters had removed a scene from the film The Center of the World. In an email message to several publications on Tuesday, John Fox claimed that theater operator Gary Goldman had banned CityBeat film editor Steve Ramos "from seeing advance critics' screenings at the theaters and even from buying tickets to see anything there. Our racks/papers have been removed, and the Esquire [theater] will no longer advertise with us." Goldman, who issued an apology after the film's distributor, Artisan Entertainment, yanked Center following Ramos's story, was reportedly out of the country and unavailable to comment. CityBeat said Tuesday that Ramos, defying the ban, returned to the Esquire on June 21 to attend a critics' screening and that no one asked him to leave.

    Variety's story: Artisan yanks edited print of "World" By Dana Harris

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Artisan Entertainment has yanked a print of Wayne Wang's erotic drama "The Center of the World" from the Esquire Theater in Cincinnati after the distributor discovered that the theater edited the film without permission. Artisan discovered the Cincinnati scissorhands after getting a call June 4 from a field agent whose friend had seen the movie at the Esquire and suspected that a scene was missing. That same day, Artisan contacted a local distributor who screened and subsequently pulled the film, three days before it was scheduled to end a two-week run. "Artisan cannot and will not condone exhibitors who make their own decisions to alter our product," said Paul Pflug, Artisan's exec vice president of national publicity and corporate communications. "If they book an Artisan picture, we expect them to play it in its entirety." Artisan previously has done business with the Esquire, as it is virtually the only arthouse in the area. Screening unrated films is not uncommon for the venue; recent offerings included the violent "Chopper," an Australian import handled Stateside by First Look Features.

    Artisan distributed "The Center of the World" without a rating from the Motion Picture Assn. of America because the filmmakers did not want to edit the film's graphic sexuality. As is, the MPAA would have awarded the film an NC-17, a rating viewed as commercial poison.

    Gary Goldman, who runs the Theater Management Corp. that owns the Esquire, did not return calls for comment.

    Over the life of our site, this scene has been one of the most requested and viewed, and these versions are some of the best ever. Kathleen Kinmont and Barbara Crampton in "Fraternity Vacation" (1, 2, 3)
    A few cleavage scans from our "new kid"
  • Heidi Klum (topless from the side, but covering her nipple. She's a big girl.)
  • J-Lo
  • Verona Feldbusch
  • Scorpion
    The weekly round-up from King Kable
  • Candice Daly in "Hell Hunters"
  • Darcy deMoss in "Living to Die"
  • Harlee McBride in "Young Lady Chatterly"
  • Helene Udy in "One Night Only"
  • Kimberly Rowe in "Maui Heat"
  • Kimberly Rowe in "Maui Heat"
  • Lisa Comshaw, as Fawna
  • Lorin Jean Vail, in "Rest in Pieces"
  • Maria Ford, "Unnameable II"
  • Maria Ford, "Unnameable II"
  • Morgan Fairchild in "Midnight Cop"
  • Sarah Crystal in "The Daughter of Emmanuelle"
  • Sonia Braga in "Lady on the Bus"
  • Tiffany Bolling in "Love Scenes"
  • and ...

    Demi Moore

    HBS Grafix presents Demi in The Scarlet Letter.
    Jeanette Rundgren

    Panda looks at her pictorial in a Scandinavian mag
    Celeb News
    Thanks to Pat Reeder The Comedy Wire for pointing out these stories .

  • From Something for you to look forward to. To translate, "non-stereotypical images of natural beauty" means "fat chicks who don't shave."

    Miss Nude UK asks for contestants of all shapes and sizes

    Organisers of the UK's first ever Miss Nude UK competition want women of all shapes and sizes to enter. They say the competition "flies in the face of stereotypical images of beauty portrayed in the media today." The competition, open to all women over 18, has seven regional heats before a September final in London. Miss Nude UK will get 20,000 in cash, a car and a modelling contract. Second prize is 10,000 and a scooter while the third prize is 5,000 and a scooter. A televised docu-soap will follow the competition from start to finish in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

    Saira Karim, who's organising the competition said: "This is a way of encouraging British women to take control of perceptions of beauty and nudity. "This kind of competition is held all over the world where women take pride in their natural beauty and sensuality and it's time we were a little more liberated."

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