I'm Dying Up Here

episode 4, 1080hd

Sarah Stiles and Nicole LaLiberte



NOTE: Nicole LaLiberte did some great nudity in 2013 in a film called Girls Against Boys

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Take this Waltz

2011, 1920x1080

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, Sarah Silverman and others

The Fighter


The Fighter has some see-through nudity by Amy Adams

and there are some sexy ring girls.

A Cure for Wellness

2016, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

A Cure For Wellness is a thriller where a young executive, Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), is charged with bringing back the CEO of a failing company from a health farm in Europe. When he gets there, Lockhart is given the runaround by everyone including head doctor Volmer (Jason Isaacs), so he's asked to come back later, but a car accident leads him to be a patient at the facility. As he recovers he finds the CEO, who is disoriented but agrees to come with Lockhart, but yet again the staff interferes and the CEO goes missing. Lockhart goes wandering around the facility and meets a young girl Hannah (Mia Goth), who seems to have a free run around the place while all the other patients have strict rules. After almost dying during a treatment, Lockhart becomes more desperate to leave the facility even just to make a phone call, so he goes into town with Hannah to make a phone call at the pub but he gets into trouble with the locals when they become possessive of Hannah and they are saved by the facility's security who have come with Volmer. Lockhart becomes closer to Hannah and more and more desperate to leave the facility (possibly bringing Hannah with him) as he discovers that nobody ever seems to leave. But Volmer will have his way.

A long but Intriguing and disturbing movie that gets more and more insane by the minute with a final twist which may well be the most bat shit crazy thing I've seen in a while (although probably unnecessary). DeHaan is OK but seems a bit young for the role and Isaacs always plays a good smarmy villain. Worth a look if you're into creepy medical thrillers, but be warned that the movie is two and a half hours long.

Mia Goth film clips (collages below)

Annette Lober film clip (sample below)

Joanne Dobbin in The Legend of Ben Hall (2016) in 720p

Solene Rigot in Tonnerre (2013)

Helena Noguerra in Mumu (2010)


E-Rat in Italy

Gillian Anderson in a top which is nearly transparent

Kate Mara - hint of see-thru