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"Game of Thrones"

Season two in 1080p clips

Finishing off with Episode 10

Esme Bianco


Lea Mornar in Mord in Ludwigslust (2012) and Anja Kling in Mord in Ludwigslust

Maya Parish in Midnight Son (2011)

Amanda Harlech in Sport de filles (2011)

Robin Sydney in Masters Of Horror (s2e9) in 720p

Julia Anderson in Masters Of Horror (s2e9) in 720p

Tschulpan Nailjewna Chamatowa and Maria Hofstaetter in Hurensohn (2004)

Anja Kling in Der Staatsanwalt hat das Wort: Verliebt verloren (1991)

Gerit Kling in Barfuss ins Bett: Hohe Zeit (1988)


This is the most interesting pic o' the day. Gwendoline Christie is the gigantic woman who plays Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones. If the show follows the books closely (and it has been doing that so far), she and The Kingslayer will be two of the most important characters next season, or maybe the following season. (Rumor is that they are splitting the next book into two seasons, even though each of the first two seasons has been based on a single book.) At any rate, here's what Gwendoline looks like naked.

Jacqueline Poggel in an episode of Polizeianruf 110

Lori Wagner in Imps*

Lynda Weismeier in Imps*

Leonor Watling in The Oxford Murders

Mailys Amrous in Sexual Chronicles of a French Family

Marie Pape in A dix minutes des naturistes

Olivia Rameau in Keyhole

Valentina Cervi in Sunday's True Blood (s5e3)

Cecile Pochet in Maitresse (1975)

Jill Damas in Games Girls Play (1974)