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Dish Dogs


Scoop's notes:

It's pretty hard to mess up coming-of-age comedies aimed at the summer youth market. Nobody expects them to be that good to begin with, so all you have to do is keep the mood light and the breasts bare.

OOPS! Dish Dogs seems to have missed one of the essentials. It takes itself seriously. I guess it really isn't possible for a movie in this genre to be pretentious, but this movie comes close, with at least 15 quotes from famous philosophers. The surfer boys in this film aren't fun-lovin' stoners, but budding philosophers who are trying to pare away all the inessentials in their lives so that they can concentrate on having their epiphany. So they surf only for the intrinsic zen value, and they wash dishes because it is the simplest, least demanding thing they can do, allowing them plenty of time to think. They even turn down hot babes and good jobs because babes and money distract a man from his life's quest. It's the Road House of surfer flicks.

The film takes itself so seriously that it has commentary on the DVD. Commentary? About a 96-minute Matthew Lillard movie that never got released? Oh, come now.

Say, here's a tip for you youngsters. If you want to make a comedy - it will really help if you try making it funny. Just food for thought.

Having said all that, I need to point out that there is a very good reason to rent this movie. That reason is Shannon Elizabeth. If you don't recognize the name, you'll remember her as Nadia, the gorgeous Eastern European babe whose nudity was broadcast over the internet in American Pie. In this movie (made earlier, but released later) she was a little younger and fresher, and she still had the curve in her nose and her unenhanced bosom. And she looks even better here than she did in American Pie. Plus, freed from the responsibility of her inept Pie accent, she was able to act as herself, and that self is very charming, with an electrifying smile.

Now here is a summary of the plusses:

  • Shannon Elizabeth works as a stripper in the film, and her entire routine is shown on camera. (She kept the bottom on, but it was a thong, and there were rear shots.)
  • Shannon Elizabeth is topless some more in the deleted scenes, trying on bras in a changing room, and asking for an evaluation of each.
  • There is also a music video on the DVD, and Shannon Elizabeth is also topless in that, with at least two more camera set-ups not used in the movie.
  • Shannon Elizabeth also spends much of the music video playing frisbee on the beach in a bikini, which is not as good as Shannon playing naked, but is better than any other human activity involving frisbees.

Now, those are some pretty strong plusses. In fact, I think all movies should feature a couple minutes of her naked. On The Waterfront, The Seventh Seal, The Muppet Movie, Battleship Potemkin - pretty much anything could be improved by Shannon's body.

On the negative side, it includes two of the all-time lowlights in the history of cinema:

  • Matthew Lillard sings an entire song. I can't describe how bad this is. He makes Shatner sound like Ezio Pinza.

  • Brian Dennehy wears a skin tight wet suit. Now that's entertainment.

Shannon Elizabeth film clips (samples below).

Chona Jason film clip (samples below).




Fastlane (2002) was a short-lived series of 22 episodes. A bit of money was spent on it but I didn't particularly like the fast editing and 'edgy' camera work. There was no nudity but there were a lot of lovely women, notably Tiffani Thiessen and her silicon-enhanced bumpers.

Episode 1 - Pilot

Jennifer Sky - in her underwear and pokies


Radha Nilia - pole dancer

Tiffani Thiessen - nice

Episode 2 - Girls Own Juice

Abby Brammell - whale tail

Tangi Miller - sexy

Tiffani Thiessen - cleavage

Episode 3 - Gone Native

Natasha Alam - in her underwear

Tiffani Thiessen - cleavage

Episode 4 - Things Done Changed

Tammy Townsend - sexy

Tiffani Thiessen - pokies

Unknown - lovely looking ladies

Episode 5 - Ryde or Die

Tiffani Thiessen - cleavage and pokies

Unknown - sexy

Episode 6 - Ray Ray

Tiffani Thiessen - sexy

Episode 7 - Wet

Jamie Brown - underwear

Tiffani Thiessen - cleavage

Unknown - partially dressed


Erotic Tales II: Devilish Education


Renata Dancewitz film clips

The collages are below:





Rebecca Brooke in 1001 Perversions


Beatrice Harnois in 1001 Perversions


Darlene Escobar in Circle of Pain

Sylvaine Chebance in True Blood, s3,e2

CC Sheffield in True Blood, s3,e1

Thea Brooks in True Blood, s3,e1

Natasha Alam in True Blood, s3,e1 (see her nine years ago in OZ's section above)

Krista Ayne in Life on Top, episode 8

Krista Ayne in Life on Top, episode 12

Shannon Lepard in Circle of Pain

Lily Cole (non-nude) in The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus

Volleyball stars Maria Bratkova and Evgenia Ukolova. Best cameltoes ever?

Amandine Maudet in Vent Mauvais

Cindy Morgan in Caddyshack

Sean Young in Haunted Echoes

Nikki Reed at the Eclipse Premiere

Zita Vass in Children of the Corn



Candice Rialson in Pets

Cynthia Van Damme in Emmanuelle's Magic (collages below)


Inna at Summerfestival 2010 (samples below)

Now here's a proper use of 1080p! 13 film clips of Natasha Henstridge in Species

(parts 1-4, parts 5-7, parts 8-13)

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