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The nudity in Wieners (2008) is brief and by an unidentified stripper.

Jenny McCarthy shows her large cleavage

and Sarah Wright shows some brief pokies.


There's no nudity in Hunk (1987).

Deborah Shelton shows sensational pokies as she is coming out of the sea.

Hilary Shepard looks very sexy in a bikini

Melanie Vincz

and Rebeccah Bush are down to their underwear,

Andrea Patrick is sexy as a mermaid

and some unidentified lovelies show pokies.

Death Machines

Death Machines (1976) could best be described as an absolute shocker of a movie. The credits are also very poor and the cast weren't identified with their roles. Hence, I couldn't identify the very naked ladies.

The Onion Movie

No nudity in The Onion Movie (2008) but Sarah McElligott is very sexy as she does a Britney Spears impersonation.



The Holiday

Again, no nudity in The Holiday (2006). Cameron Diaz is in her underwear.

Don't Look in the Basement

Betty Chandler is topless in the horror movie Don't Look in the Basement aka The Forgotten (1973).

Rosie Holotik is in her underwear.

The Specialist

Some nice nakedness in The Specialist (1975) by Ahna Capri


and Christiane Schmidtmer.

Shanghai Kiss

Kathleen Lancaster is topless in Shanghai Kiss (2007).

Chen Li looks good as a prostitute

and Hayden Panettiere shows a wee bit of cleavage.

Country Blue

Country Blue (1973) is a 70s road movie and Rita George is briefly topless.


Some brief pokies by Renée Zellweger in Leatherheads (2008).

13 Roses

13 Roses aka Las 13 rosas (2007) is a sad Spanish movie set in the early years of General Franco.

Verónica Sánchez is briefly very naked.

Hotel Erotica Cabo - Wild Cards

The soft core this week comes from an episode of Hotel Erotica Cabo called Wild Cards (2006).

Christy Patrick is very naked,


as is Asheley Pink.

(This is Asheley's only IMDB credit and I don't know whether it is a credits typo as there is no Ashley Pink either.)

Micah Miller (aka Divini Rae) is topless.

"Silk Stalkings"

The first five seasons of this 1990s show are out on DVD. It was a police show set in Florida. Each episode usually consists of mainly B-list actresses and models wearing very little. The actual nudity was almost non-existent but the show was very easy on the eye. The credits were poor. The actors weren't allocated to their roles and so I've had to rely on the Internet, and some actors weren't credited at all. I have also found several errors in the IMDB, which hasn't helped.

These caps are from the first part of the first season.

Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Ann Turkel - a bit of tasty leg

Season 1 Episode 2 Going to Babylon

Deborah Rennard - not wearing a lot

Unknown - some bikini-clad models

Season 1 Episode 3 S.O.B.

Shari Shattuck - topless, but facing the wrong way

Kim Morgan Greene - topless, but hidden

Season 1 Episode 4 In the Name of Love

Pamela Bowen - topless, but hidden

Lehua Reid - nice

Season 1 Episode 5 Men Seeking Women

Kelly Garrison - topless but hidden

Kim Morgan Greene - bit of cleavage

Unknown - lots wearing very little

Season 1 Episode 6 Dirty Laundry

Kelly Miller - topless but hidden

Martha Byrne - nice

Unknown - bikinis

Season 1 Episode 7 Hardcopy

Mitzi Kapture - in her underwear

Terri Treas - brief upskirt

Season 1 Episode 8 Curtain Call

Judith Chapman - cleavage

Kelly Curtis - topless facing the wrong way

Lee Benton - lovely cleavage

Season 1 Episode 10 Blo-Dri

April Rice - topless facing the wrong way

Laura Albert - pokies

Mitzi Kapture - a lot of leg

Teri Ann Lynn - nice

Unknown - lingerie








The Tailor of Panama


Jamie Lee Curtis 720p film clips (collages below)

Catherine McCormack 720p film clips (collages below)







The Guru


Today we have a "Hankster Light" day. First Heather Graham in "The Guru", no nudity but sexy as hell in her red underwear. Caps and two HD clips.





TV Land


Over in TV Land Jessica Simpson with some leg and a touch of cleavage as she visits 'Letterman" last October. Caps and a HD clip










Notes and collages

"Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century"

season 1, episode 20

Anne Lockhart

Mother of Tears


Moran Atius








Desert Passion


A second Missy Browning film clip (Sample below)








This week's Jennifer Lopez areola slips


Film Clips

Amy Irving in Carried Away. Full frontal nudity from her and Dennis Hopper.

The women of The Big Doll House: Pam Grier and Roberta Collins. One more of Pam without Roberta.

Sarah Doolan in Red Sands

Steffi Wickers in Kill Theory