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Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
The Invisible Circus is that movie about the 60's where the younger sister tries to re-trace the footsteps of the older sister in order to understand why she committed suicide.
  • Jordana Brewster (1, 2)

Midnight Express is a multiple award winner from the late 70's, the first successful screenplay written by Oliver Stone, about an American kid who was busted in Turkey for smuggling hashish, and subsequently imprisoned in that country for many years. Stone changed a lot of facts along the way, but its some kick-ass nail-biting filmmaking. It managed to upset the Turkish government so much that there was an interpol warrant out for Billy Hayes until 1995!

  • Irene Miracle (1, 2)

Dude, Where's My Car is a set of moving pictures. No significant nudity.

Unbreakable is one strange movie, but a pretty good one. The deleted scenes have some Bruce Willis nudity, but no chicks.!

Encyclopedia, volume H, part 8 is updated


"Black Cat Run" (1998)

Black Cat Run (1998), a made for TV thriller has everything, including excessive violence, lots of chase scenes, explosions, and Amelia Heinle, who shows her breasts in a very dark sex scene. So with all of the ingredients for an American thriller, how did they blow it? Well, they show a prisoner escape from a chain gang during the opening credits, then cut to a small town in Texas where the local garage owner's son wins auto races, dates the sheriff's daughter against his wishes, and pisses off the deputy who wants her. I am sure you can figure out the rest of the plot from here. Part of the problem is that they take way too long to bring the prisoners into contact with the sheriff's daughter, so, by the time they do, I had already figured out the plot and stopped caring. The bad guys were one dimensional, and hence not very interesting. They didn't show nearly enough of Heinle. The love scene was so dark they could have skipped it entirely. The film was cut for violence in Germany and the UK. There are no reviews, and 68 IMDB readers have it at 5.2/10. I will give it a D.

  • Thumbnails

  • Amelia Heinle (1, 2, 3)
  • Pictures and comments by Spaz
    Paradise Falls" premiered on Showcase last Monday and it's like "Twin Peaks" but with nudity, mostly by up-and-coming Canadian actresses.
  • Chantal Quesnelle : plays the town's femme fatale. She has not done the hottub scene yet but the commercial teaser shows how hot this hottub will be. Cleavage only.
  • Cherilee Taylor : plays the resident skinnydipper. Boobs and butt.
  • Kim Schraner : plays the future bride of the mayor's grandson. Has a nude dark love scene which show nothing.
  • Kim Poirier : plays the only trailer trash in the world who keeps her bra and panties on during lovemaking. There are around another half dozen actresses who may later do nudity but don't hold out for talk show host Carla Collins. She said on the Mike Dullard Show that "I do not do the blue". And anyways, for the part she wears a heavily padded brassiere which could deflate any expectations. She is very small-chested in real life.
  • More Paradise Falls
    Also from the land Up Over, Snowblind produced his versions of some of the lovely lasses.
  • Cherilee Taylor topless
  • Kim Poirier ,once again, in the dreaded fully-clothed sex scene

  • Penman
    Penman looks at Sean Penn's "The Crossing Guard", which starred Jack Nicholson

  • Kari Wuhrer (1, 2)
  • Priscilla Barnes (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • and ...

    Sadie Frost (1, 2, 3)

    Palrune's caps from Bram Stoker's Dracula
    Winona Ryder

    another Palrune presentation from Coppola's stylized Dracula, with some light alterations to highlight various features.
    Salma Hayek

    Palrune's storyboard presentation of Salma's bum in "Wild Wild West".
    Catherine Zeta-Jones

    a scan of Zeta in the black net thing. Nice job by Chance, who is one of the newest contributors to the page
    Tiffany Minx

    unpublished picture of Tiffany Minx, from The Insider
    Kristin Davis (1, 2)

    Aesthete's caps of her side-rear breast exposure in last week's Sex and the City
    Celeb News
    Thanks to Pat Reeder The Comedy Wire for pointing out these stories from the IMDb News.

  • Yet another bulletin from Halle Berry's breasts' press agent, via the IMDB News. "Naked Scenes Are Liberating For Berry" I love the last sentence

    Sexy movie star Halle Berry is ready to do more nude scenes. When she broke into the movies she was initially reluctant to show her body, fearing that it would typecast her. "Ten years ago I was a former model and beauty queen and I believed that if I showed my body I would be seen as one- dimensional. Now that I'm a more established actress I feel more comfortable to explore it." How different to when she started off, as she admits: "It's true that I wouldn't even read scripts that had nudity in them before but now that I've done it I realise that it's actually very easy." Berry's breasts can be seen in the new movie Swordfish.

    Pat's additions: ..."In September, they will be headlining (or headlighting) a charity fundraiser at Hooters, followed by a stint on Broadway in 'A Sale of Two Titties.' While not trodding the boards, they will be preparing for their next film role in the comic book superhero movie, 'The Flash,' as well as reading movie scripts and weighing their options.

  • Never Say Never To Nudity Says Mena

    Mena Suvari may be getting ready to strip for the cameras again. The natural redhead stripped off for American Beauty and she was pleased that she wasn't the only one to get 'em off. She says, "The scene wasn't just a nudity shot - it was an unveiling of Angela's character. I think it worked in the film as a whole. I found it comforting that I wasn't only the one that was naked. Kevin Spacey had a scene, Annette Bening had a scene, Thora Birch had one - so I was like, 'Okay we're all a little involved.' I always said I didn't want to be known for nudity and then this happened. I'm not going to say I'm completely open to it, but I'll never say never."

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