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No nudity, just Miley Cyrus dirty dancing on Kimmel last night

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Sleeping Beauty


Aesthete's 1920x1080 clips continue

This is the last group: Emily Browning, Mirrah Foulkes and others.


Hand of Pleasure


Brainscan's comments:

Grindhouse movies are like crab cakes: the best ones have only enough other stuff to hold together the main, tasty ingredient.  And for grindhouse movies the main ingredient is nekkid babes.  In that context, The Hand of Pleasure is a good movie of its sort.  The plot, if we might call it that, consists of very little more than briefly introducing a character or a situation before someone gal, somehow gets her clothes off.  In a bit more than an hour's running time, Hand gives us a seven-minute-long stripper performance (by the bovine Roxanne Brewer) and five lengthy sport-humping scenes by Maria Arnold, Wendy Winder and Terri Johnson.  Maria and Wendy do guys - they wind up killing two out of three by sucking the precious bodily fluids right out of them - and they do gals (they do Terri).  The guy they fail to kill is Terri's beau and, out of revenge or sheer survival instinct, he fucks them into a coma, or to death - the movie is not so clear on this point.  Terri's character is sort of, kind of odd, in that she starts out a professional sex worker but winds up (very quickly) romantically attached to her fella, which I suppose is as likely as winning the lottery or getting eaten by a grizzly bear and a regular bear on the same day.  No matter.  There is T and there is A and there is B and nothing else that happens gets in the way.  I should add that Terri and the guy playing her boyfriend clearly did the nasty for realsies at least once.  She's on top, grabs his johnson and positions the little fella so that in it goes.  No one bothered to edit it or hide it so you got to figure it was a calculated maneuver.  BTW, the title is the name of a character who wears a mask and likes to listen in as Maria and Wendy drain guys of the will to live; he does so by way of a listening device the NSA has probably tried out a time or two.
Today: Part 1 - Terri Johnson film clip (collages below)


The Sacred


The Sacred is a horror thriller about Jessie (Heather Roop), a horror writer (is there any other kind in a horror movie) who is struggling to write her second novel. When her Aunt dies and leaves her the rural cabin she lived in, Jessie decides to use it to get some alone time and some inspiration for her novel. But from the moment she arrives in town, once it is recognised where she is going, the townsfolk avoid her like she has the plague, which might be better than what's about to happen. After cleaning up the cabin, a young girl named Leah comes along and befriends Jessie and claims ownership of a creepy doll that found in the cabin. At the same time, weird things begins to happen in the cabin, including various visions and it soon becomes apparent that the cabin is haunted and it could be because of some exorcism that occurred in the cabin years ago. When her boyfriend Brian (Jordan Belfi) joins her at the cabin along with his brother and girlfriend, that when things turn deadly.

Stock standard cheap frightfest that is mildly sleazy with some gratuitous nudity and a welcome but obviously tacked on girl-on-girl-on-girl action, nothing to write home about, but the sleaze helps get through this pretty forgettable movie.

Angel McCord film clip, collages of Angel below

Heather Roop film clip, collages of Heather below

A film clip with Heather and Angel (full frontal nudity from Angel)

Cora Benesh film clip (low res summary below)

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