A brief exposition on this Emma Watson pic. The look on her face makes it great in terms of entertainment value, but it's a fake.

In fact, it's a two-level fake. First of all, the upskirt pic is not the picture she was asked to autograph!

And second, the upskirt pic in the fake is a fake-within-a-fake. In the real pic, she was wearing panties, albeit flimsy ones that allowed her pubic hair to be visible!


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Today's 1970s clips:

Christine Boisson in Jeu Avec (1975)

Lana Wood in A Place Called Today (1972)

and following up on Oz's monumental contribution from yesterday:

Gabrielle Drake in Au Pair Girls 1972. What a body!




Starting the sixth season of Baywatch, which were made in 1995 and 1996. It also includes the only nudity I was able to find. It was a brief nip slip by a girl being saved.

Episode 1 - Trapped Beneath the Sea Part 1

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Brandi Andres - sexy

Christine Champion - sexy

Gena Lee Nolin - pokies

Kelly Packard - pokies

Pamela Anderson - cleavage

Yasmine Bleeth - bikini show

Unknown - bikini show

Episode 2 - Trapped Beneath the Sea Part 2

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Brandi Andres - sexy

Christine Campbell - sexy

Gena Lee Nolin - lovely

Yamine Bleeth - pokies

Episode 3 - Hot Stuff

Gena Lee Nolin - sexy

Unknown - cleavage

Episode 4 - Surf's Up

Gena Lee Nolin - pokies

Unknown - bikini show

Episode 5 - To Everything There Is a Season

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Anna Alberg - sexy

Unknown - bikinis and the nipple poking out (number three)!!!!

Episode 6 - Leap of Faith

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Gena Lee Nolin - sexy

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Unknown - sexy

Episode 7 - Face of Fear

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Yasmine Bleeth - pokies

Unknown - sexy

Episode 8 - Hit and Run

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Yasmine Bleeth - pokies

Episode 9 - Home Is Where the Heat Is

Camilla More - sexy

Episode 10 - Sweet Dreams

Shae Marks - sexy

Episode 12 - Beauty and the Beast

Gena Lee Nolin - sexy

Krista Frazier - sexy

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Yasmine Bleeth - sexy

Unknown - lovely bikinis

Episode 13 - Desperate Encounter

Lisa Boyle - lovely

Rochelle Swanson - lovely

Episode 14 - Baywatch Angels

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 16 - Freefall

Jenny McCarthy - bikini show


With the Canada Post strike drying up my DVD deliveries, I took the opportunity to sort out the best modeling pics I came across from various actresses. Most are the arms-over-boobs variety, some are explicit, and one offered her full services up front as an escort.

(1) Ace Hicks: hands-over-boobs.

(2) Agnieshka Wnorowska: arms-over-boobs.

(3) Alyssa Marian: bare midriff from her early modeling day.

(4) Alyssa Nicole Pallett: full frontal by American Pie babe.

(5) Amelie Chantal Bogdaniec: discreet nude.

(6) Andrea Stefancikova: topless.

(7) Andree de Villers: full frontal.

(8) Angela SanCartier: nude.

(9) Beth Armstrong: babe from Scarce horror is sexy.

(10) Bonny Giroux: b-movie babe full frontal.

(11) Caitlin Alexander: new actress topless in see-thru lingerie.

(12) Candice Hotchkiss: arms-over-boobs.

(13) Caroline Bernard: pokies.

(14) Charlene Lynn Chartrand: bare ass.

(15) Charmaine Barran: hands-over-boobs.

(16) Christina Jocic: topless.

(17) Crystal Tisiga: arms-over-boobs by American Pie actress.

(18) Cynthia K.: arms-over-boobs.

(19) Dawna Wright: full frontal by Naked City lesbian.

(20) Dawne Furey: early bikini shot before she became a stripper.

(21) Deanna Prall: explicit nude.

(22) Denyc: discreet nude.

(23) Elfina Luk: arms-over-boobs.

(24) Elyse Mason: hair-over-boobs.

(25) Erica Van Briel: Mantracker contestant topless when she was a Belgium model.

(26) Evelina Ortynski: sexy.

(27) Fawnia Mondey: 90s stripper topless.

(28) Gabriella Kriss: circus performer nude (and no clown makeup or carney tattoos!).

(29) Jovana Golubovic: American Pie babe topless.

(30) Juliet Lukin aka Yulia Larkin: lingerie.

(31) Katie Bergin: she's not a lingerie model nor has done r-rated productions but this saucy pic is from her IMDB profile.

(32) Kim Cayer: this was from her 1990s burlesque strip-o-gram days.

(33) Kim Jagtiani: former Discovery's Daily Planet hostess in saucy lesbian pic.

(34) Kim Kirchoff: one of the few actresses who does artistic topless shoots.

(35) Klodya Plante: stripper as lingerie model - so much more clothing than usual.

(36) Lindsay Lyon (not to be confused with Lindsay Lohan): discreet nude.

(37) Lisa Mackay: other lesbian from The Last Kiss movie is discreet nude.

(38) Milena May (aka Melody Spring): softcore actress in explicit nude.

(39) Moira Shone: early full frontal.

(40) Nicole Chartrand: American pie babe in see thru bra.

(41) Olecia Obarianyk: Miss Canada contestant nude in see-thru sheet.

(42) Pamela Mars: American Pie babe nude.

(43) Rachel Chartrand: babe from the horror movie Scarce in underwear.

(44) Rikki Gagne: stunt babe in discreet nude.

(45) Saraphina Bardeaux: Gutterballs babe topless on her website, showing what you can buy even if you're not a movie producer. The website closed soon after the movie was released but it's the first  example of an aspiring actress selling herself as a full service escort on the internet. The website is still archived at

(46) Sima Fisher: American Pie babe shows some bare ass.

(47) Sonni Pacheco: American Pie babe in see thru lingerie.

(48) Sugar Bouche: rare pussy shot from her 1990s website.

(49) Tanya Memme: Miss Canada contestant and Sell This House hostess showing some sideboob.

(50) Taryn Maria Johnson: arms-over-boobs by American Pie babe.

(51) Tristan Risk (aka Little Miss Risk): rare pussy shot from this burlesque dancer.

(52) Vanessa Lai Fox: topless.

(53) Veronika London: discreet nude.

(54) Watermelon (Mary Jean Dunsdon): topless, arrested at nude beach protest.



"Erotic Tales"



Episode: The Cloud Door

Anu Arya Aggarwal film clip. Collages below.



Episode: The Dutch Master

Sasha Veldman film clip.  Veldman collage below.

This is Sasha's only credit at IMDb. Also in the clip: a non-nude Mira Sorvino.





Film Clips

Yasmin_Lee-The_Hangover_Part_II (2011; cam quality; see below)

As far as I know, she is a woman wearing an artificial penis.

Christina Corigliano in Devolved (2010) in 720p. See below.

Najwa Nimri in Todo lo que tu quieras (2010). See below.

Nadezhda Tolubeyeva in Peremirie (2010). See below.

Elene Netesina in Peremirie (2010). See below.



Agnes Desplechin in Soho mag

Martha Bolanos in Sex, Lies and Death (2011)

Andrea Lopez in Sex, Lies and Death (2011)

Maria Alejandra Pinzon in Sex, Lies and Death (2011)

Carolina Sepulveda in Sex, Lies and Death (2011)

Alexis Texas in Bloodlust Zombies (2011)

Jordana Leigh in Bloodlust Zombies (2011)

Jessica Turner in Chained (2010)


Cristin Milioti in Year of the Carnivore (2009)

Jane March in a publicity shot from The Lover (1992)

"Just Say" Julie Brown in Bloody Birthday (1981)


Erica Hope in Bloody Birthday (1981)

Sylvia Wright in Bloody Birthday (1981)