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Re: early Danielle Straub nude role. She has a topless sex scene in the joisyploitation "God Has a Rap Sheet" and the DVD is readily available in the bargain bins.



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Doc Hollywood


Has it really been twenty years?

Julie Warner film clips (samples below).




All today's movies are made in the U.S. in the years 1990-1993.

Beyond Justice

Quite a bit cleavage by Carol Alt in Beyond Justice (1992).

Bikini Ski School

Plenty of naked women in Bikini Ski School aka A Sensuous Summer (1991).

 Lori Jo Hendrix shows the lot,

as do some women I couldn't identify.


Brittany McCrea,


Christina Campbell

and Gina Jourard all flash their breasts.


Limited nudity in Boomerang (1992) by Robin Givens, who shows a brief bit of nipple.

Grace Jones shows an interesting behind view.

Lela Rochon shows some cleavage

and Eartha Kitt a lot of leg.

Camp Cucamonga

No nudity in Camp Cucamonga (1990), which is essentially a kid's movie.

However, Jennifer Aniston shows off her body in a bikini top

and Dorothy Lyman shows a bit of cleavage.

CIA II - Target Alexa

Again, no nudity in CIA II - Target Alexa (1993) but some nice pokies by Kathleen Kinmont.

Death Warrant

Another movie without nudity is Death Warrant (1990).

Cynthia Gibb flashes her bra

and there's pokies by an unidentified woman.

Desperate Hours

Kelly Lynch flashes her breasts in Desperate Hours (1990).

Brittney Lewis is wearing some very tight shorts

Lise Wilburn shows some pokies

and Mimi Rogers takes a bath.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

I capped Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) once before but I've obtained a higher quality source, not that the movie particularly warrants it. Most nudity comes from Lorraine Bracco who shows some bush when she, and a number of other women, drop their pants. I have included a movie of the relevant scene.

Sean Young briefly shows some nipples.

The rest of the women look lovely: Angie Dickinson,

Carol Kane,

Heather Graham,

Rain Phoenix,

Uma Thurman


and Victoria Williams.

Frankie and Johnny

No visible nudity in Frankie and Johnny (1991).

Kate Nelligan

and Michelle Pfeifer are supposed to be topless


and Shannon Wilcox is sexy in a very short dress.

Jungle Fever

Lonette McKee's nipple slips out in Jungle Fever (1991)

and Annabella Sciorra is down to her underwear.

Meatballs 4

Plenty of nudity in the classic Meatballs 4 (1992).

Christy Thom,


Kristi Ducati,


Lauren Hays,

Miche Straub

and Paige Thomas


and a few not identified flash their breasts.


Deborah Tucker

and Neriah Davis show some slight see-through pokies.

Sarah Douglas shows some cleavage.

Robin Hood - Men in Tights

No nudity in the Mel Brooks classic Robin Hood - Men in Tights (1993) but Amy Yasbeck looks sexy, especially in her chastity belt.

Saved by the Bell - Hawaiian Style

Obviously, there's no nudity in Saved by the Bell - Hawaiian Style (1992). There's lots of bikinis by the Saved by the Bell girls,

Elizabeth Berkley,

Lark Voorheis

and a pre-enhanced Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.


Rena Sofer shows some brief pokies

and there are a few bikini-clad girls as background eye candy.

Taking Care of Business

Loryn Locklin is topless in Taking Care of Business (1990) but we only see her from the side.

The Killing Zone

Melissa Moore is topless in The Killing Zone (1991)

and there is unidentified stripper with her clothes still on.

The Magic Bubble

There is brief flash of side boob by Diane Salinger in Magic Bubble aka Unbecoming Age (1992) and bit of butt exposed, although some of that could be her body double Shelley Michelle.


A topless unidentified stripper is shown on television.

The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them

No real nudity in The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them (1992).

An almost topless and unidentified women pops out of a cake.

Courteney Cox is sexy in a bikini,

as is "Just Say Julie" Brown.

Kimber Sissons flashes in a teddy.




Aurelia Petit in The Science of Dreams

Demi Moore in G.I. Jane (scene pics below) in ultra-HD 1080p

Ornella Muti in The Girl from Trieste