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Rest Stop: Don't Look Back


Jesse Ward 1920x800 film clip (collages below)







Die Watching


In Yesterday's "Fun House" Scorpion ran a film clip from "Die Watching." The clip brought back memories, so here are some caps from this memorable for me "Babe in "Bondage" scene.

The actress in this scene was actually Melanie Good, not Tammy Elaine.



How do I know? Back when the movie was released, Melanie visited a local video store and I still have an autographed photo of her scene in the movie that was signed by her. The scene opened the movie.




TV Land


Over in TV Land Cameron Diaz visited Conan on Monday nights "Tonight" Show. She is one of my favorites, she is just so sexy. Caps and 2 HD clips, the second clip is only 5 seconds long, but she flashes her bum at the end of the show.









Notes and collages

Unnatural and Accidental


Trina Sxwithul'Txw

She hasn't made another movie since this one because Superman got her to say her name backwards.








Desert Passion


part 1 of ? from this film

Missy Browning film clip (Sample below)









Petra Jared film clips (collages right)
Nicola Charles film clip (collage right)

Walking on Water


Maria Theodorakis film clips (collages right)

Time Crimes



Barbara Goenaga film clip








Goldie Hawn in Wildcats (1986)


Kate Moss upskirt


Joey Lauren Adams in Mallrats

(Same pic as yesterday. Some browsers had trouble with the @ in the filename.)


model Brooklyn Decker (aka Mrs Andy Roddick)

Significantly upgraded images from the Pirelli shoot

Ana Beatriz Barrios Catherine McNeill Daisy Low Eriko Mihalik
Eriko Mihalik Eriko Mihalik Marloes Horst Marloes Horst
Miranda Kerr Rosie Huntington Rosie Huntington Group

Film Clips

Ayelet Zurer has moved much higher on the radar since she co-starred with Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons. Here she is in Ahava Asura (1998), then again a decade later in  Fugitive Pieces (2007).

Also from Fugitive Pieces: Rosamund Pike

The major stars of Vanilla Sky (2001): Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.

Helen Mirren in Cause Celebre (1987)

Jennifer Hill in Ice Queen (2005)

Sandrine Bonnaire in Fire on Sight (1984). This film was made very early in her career.

The women of No Alibi (2000): Lexa Doig and Melissa De Marco

The women of Texas Lightning (1981): Lisa De Leeuw and Susy Martin, as well as a brief flash from Maureen McCormick (aka TV's Marcia Brady)

Marcia Cross topless in Always Say Goodbye. For its video release in the UK, this obscure 1996 film has been renamed Desperate Housewives: The Early Years. (Sample right)