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"Saving Grace"

1080hd. s1e7

Holly Hunter



Johnny's comments:

Neverlost is a Canadian thriller where Josh (Ryan Barrett) is miserable as can be because he can't sleep and his marriage to Megan (Jennifer Polansky) is a disaster and she's most definitely cheating on him. His doctor finally prescribes him some sleeping pills and he finally gets some sleep and starts to dream about his love of his life, Kate (Emily Alatalo), who died tragically in a fire lit by her father (Sam Borstein). The dream is incredibly vivid and he is in a much better place, until he is woken up Megan only to abuse him. Now all Josh wants to do is get back there and he takes more sleeping pills and has more vivid dreams about Kate until he runs out of pills. Josh wants to get back to the dream life and starts stealing cough medicine, then a whole slew of sleeping pills, disregarding his own safety in the process of getting back to the dreams. While his real life goes to shit, his dream life is perfect, until Kate's father turns up in the dreams and is extremely jealous of their love and he wants Josh dead at any cost. Now it's a race against time to save himself in both reality and his dream world.

Neverlost seems like an interesting idea, but the outcome is just repugnant and gets worse by the minute, so much so that I don't know why I bothered to keep watching to the inevitable ending. Josh is such an awful character who we're supposed to be sympathetic towards, but he becomes so horrible that I just didn't care about him and his story isn't worth following, also not helped by the actor who plays him who just mopes around for the most part. The women characters fair just as badly with them so obviously good and evil, it's just hackneyed writing. The father rounds out the ludicrous caricatures, his jealousy of his daughter given such poor motivation that I found it laughable. I went in thinking this might be an interesting little movie, but I am genuinely surprised at how poor Neverlost actually is. What a shame...

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