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Blue is the Warmest Color


This project, a modern nudity classic, will take several days. Today: part one of the the two stars together

Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos

(all captures in the edition for Monday, June 23)



Today: It's Ragan Brooks day

Ragan Brooks - episode 1

Ragan Brooks - episode 5

Ragan Brooks - episode 6

Ragan Brooks - episode 8

Ragan Brooks - episode 9

Ragan Brooks - episode 13

Ragan Brooks and Robin Sydney- episode 13


Diagnosis: Death


Johnny's comments:

Diagnosis: Death is a 2009 comedy horror movie where sleazy teacher Andre (Raybon Kan) and school girl Juliet (Jessica Grace Smith) contracted a rare form of cancer from a ghostly presence and are put into a drug trial at the same hospital in their dying days. Run by a vicious nurse (Suze Tye) and a doctor (Bret McKenzie), Andre and Juliet become friends as boredom sets in as they can't go outside the hospital. Then the visions start of a young boy drowning possibly by a woman who turns out to be a famous author who was a resident at the hospital. Andre and Juliet decide to investigate including stealing the keys and leaving the hospital. Is it the experimental drugs they are taking or is it the ghostly presence that is causing this. Or is something more sinister at hand. Another OK movie that benefits from good chemistry between the leads more than the attempts at comedy or horror, neither of which reaching any great heights. There's also the full Flight of the Conchords cast in cameos (well, Bret McKenzie is slightly more than a cameo) as well as Loren Horsley from Eagle vs. Shark, none of which are all that funny. A shame really because the film never really decides what it wants to be, a straight horror movie or a comic one.

Jessica Grace Smith film clip (collages below)

Luella Miller


Johnny's comments:

Luella Miller is a 2005 drama about Lydia (Sara Wiseman), a shy woman living in the shadow of her mother, who was a notorious, but now dead, local prostitute. While she works at a local factory, he main love is as a dress maker. One day, Lydia is startled by a frightened, child-like woman Luella Miller (Sia Trokenheim), who has hidden inside her house. She decides to help out Luella, but it isn't long before friction begins between the two women as Luella forces herself onto the town, impressing all the men and pissing off all the women. Then, Luella sets her sights on troubled Christian (Phil Brown), who is Lydia's best friend and who she has been harbouring a major crush on, but is too scared to take that step. Luella recognises this and plays a dangerous game where she attempts to get Lydia and Christian together just as Christian is leaving town. This is not going to end well... An OK, if slightly underdone movie that begins rather oddly with the bizarre behaviour and then completely out there suicide of Luella's father, which I assume was supposed to be a bigger part of the plot, but is never mentioned again after it happens in the first ten minutes. And while it promises to be some sort of erotic thriller, it really isn't even close, it's actually quite a depressing movie and not really erotic unless you count a quite out-of-nowhere facial scene as sexy.

Sia Trokenheim film clip (collages below)

TV and Film Clips

Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen in Very Good Girls (2014) in 1080p. As I explained in Other Crap, it's all fake. Dakota wore a bikini which was digitally erased, while Elizabeth went full body double.

Jamie Noel, Lena Young and others in this year's early Oscar favorite, The Coed and the Zombie Stoner - in full 1080p Zombievision

Viviane Albertine in Exhibition (2013) in 1080p

Zoe McLellan in Stranger in My House (1999)

Virginie Ledoyen in Mima (1991)

A nudity classic: Sissy Spacek and Janit Baldwin in Prime Cut (1972) in 1080p

Pics and Collages

You can't see much, but it's Emily Ratajkowski, dammit