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Today's 1970s clip:

Nastassia Kinski in Stay as Your Are (1978). This represents some of her most spectacular nudity in a career filled with spectacular nudity. Below you will find a rare promotional still from this film.



For a change of pace, this time all movies are British from last century. This includes quite a number of 70s sex comedies but, unfortunately, the DVD quality is not always the best. You'll also notice some of the same names keep coming up.

Au Pair Girls

Lots of nudity in the Au Pair Girls (1972) by a large number of women:

Astrid Frank


Carole Catkin

Christine Donna

Gabrielle Drake


Lyn Yeldham

Marcia Fox

Me Me Lai

Nancie Wait


Some not identified

Can You Keep It Up for a Week?

Another lot of naked women in Can You Keep It Up for a Week? aka Keep It for Me (1975):

Jenny Cox

Jill Damas


Lindsay Marsh

Lynne Ross

Mandy Morris

Olivia Munday

Sally Frampton

Sally Harrison

Stephanie Marrian

Sue Longhurst

Valerie Leon

Valerie Phillips

Venicia Day

Wendy Wax

Some not identified

Commuter Husbands

The third sex comedy is Commuter Husbands (1974):

Claire Gordon

Fiona Victory

Francoise Unwin

Gabrielle Drake

Heather Chaser

Jane Cardew

Nicola Austin

Valerie Stanton

Yokki Rhodes

Lots not identified


Confessions of a Sex Maniac

The next movie with lots of nudity is Confessions of a Sex Maniac aka The Man Who Couldn't Get Enough (1974):

Audrey Frank

Ava Cadell

Bobby Sparrow

Candy Baker

Carole Hayman

Cheryl Gilham

Glenda Allen

Jeanette Marsden

Jo Peters

Louise Rush

Monika Ringwald

Stephanie Marrian

Vicki Hendry


Zoe Hendry

Some not identified

Crooks in Cloisters

No visible nudity in Crooks in Cloisters (1964) but Barbara Windsor is in some classic 60s underwear.

Death is a Woman

The nudity in Death is a Woman (1966) comes from a naked Caron Gardner.

Trisha Noble

and Wanda Ventham look good.

Don't Bother to Knock

No visible in nudity in Don't Bother to Knock (1961).

Dawn Beret,

Elke Sommer,

and Nicole Maurey look very sexy.

Frank and I

Jennifer Inch shows the lot in Frank and I aka Lady Libertine (1984).


Sophie Favier

and some unknowns are also naked.

Golden Ivory

Some see-through nipple exposure by Susan Stephen in Golden Ivory (1954) when she gets wet.

Goodbye Gemini

Judy Geeson shows her bum in Goodbye Gemini (1970)

and an unknown shows her breasts.

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight

Lots more nudity in I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (1976) by:

Bobby Sparrow

Gennie Nevinson

Geraldine Hart

Glenda Allen

Gracie Luck

Heather Deeley

Jo Peters

Juliette King

Katya Wyeth

Lynne Worral

Mary Maxted

Penny Croft

Sally Faulkner


Suzanne Bass

Lots not identified


Innocent Lies

Pokies by Gabrielle Anwar in Innocent Lies (1995).


Lady Caroline Lamb

Some brief breast flashed by Sarah Miles in Lady Caroline Lamb (1973).

The Magus

Anna Karina is topless in The Magus (1968)

and Candice Bergen flashes a breast, although it is a probably a body double.


I've added movies of Anna Karina (see summary below)

and Candice Bergen (see summary below)


Fabienne Dali flashes her breasts in Mayerling (1968).

Sex and the Other Woman

The next sex comedy is Sex and the Other Woman (1972) and the naked women are:

Barbara Meale

Felicity Devonshire


Gillian Brown

Jane Cardew


Louise Pajo

Maggie Wright


No real nudity in Sin aka The Beloved (1970). Raquel Welch isn't wearing much

and an unknown flashes her knickers.

Suburban Wives

Suburban Wives (1972) is the final 70s sex comedy and the women are:

Claire Gordon

Eva Whishaw

Jane Cardew

Maggie Wright

Mia Martin

Pauline Pearl

Yokki Rhodes

Sweet William

Sweet William (1980) shows a topless Jenny Agutter

and Geraldine James in her underwear.

There's a Girl in My Soup

The best nudity in There's a Girl in My Soup (1970) comes from Goldie Hawn, but some have asserted that some of it is a body double. You can see for yourself.

Geraldine Sherman is topless.

Gabrielle Drake

and Nicola Pagett are in their own underwear,

and Francoise Pascal shows a bit of cleavage.

I've added movies of Goldie Hawn (see summary below)

and Geraldine Sherman (see summary below)

Finishing up with some British comedy shows that I have collected over the years. No nudity; just upskirts and partially dressed women:

"Drop the Dead Donkey"

Drop the Dead Donkey was a very funny comedy show set in a TV news room. It was also very topical, which added to the humour.

Series 6 Episode 2 Beasts, Badgers and Bombshells (1998)

Letitia Dean impersonates a weather girl and does a Marilyn Monroe.


This series was set in that peculiarly British institution, a summer holiday camp called Maplins. The caps are of the main characters, who were known as yellow jackets aka the camp leaders.

Series 3 Episode 2 Carnival Time (1982)

Nikki Kelley

Rikki Howard

Susan Beagley

Ruth Madoc,


Series 3 Episode 3 A Matter of Conscience (1982)

Nikki Kelly,

Rikki Howard,

Susan Beagley in bikinis.

Series 3 Episode 4 The Pay-Off (1982)

Nikki Kelly,

Rikki Howard,

and Susan Beagley are sexy.

Series 3 Episode 6 Stripes (1982)

Nikki Kelly,

Rikki Howard,

Series 4 Episode 1 Co-Respondent's Course (1982)

Rikki Howard lovely

Series 4 Episode 3 Eruptions (1982)

Nikki Kelly,

Rikki Howard,

Susan Beagley in bikinis.

Series 4 Episode 6 Maplin Intercontinental (1983)

Rikki Howard goes Hawaiian

"Steptoe and Son"

This was a brilliantly written comedy about father and son "rag and bone" merchants. It inspired the American series known as Sanford and Son.

Series 7 Episode 2 A Star Is Born (1972)

Lots of cleavage and an upskirt by Margaret Nolan.

Series 8 Episode 1 Back in Fashion (1974)

Some partially dressed models: Ava Cadell,

Christine Donna,

Madeline Smith,

and Sally Farmiloe

Series 8 Episode 2 And So To Bed (1974)

An upskirt by Lynn Farleigh.


Film Clips

Vivien La Fleur in The Making of Suesse Stuten 7 (2011; see below)

Tyra Misoux in The Making of Suesse Stuten 7. If your last name were Misoux, you'd have to have a bizarre sense of humor to name your daughter Tyra. (It would be pronounced the same as Tiramisu.) Of course, she's an "adult film" actress, and that's simply her nom d'porn. Her real name is the more prosaic Myriam Rebschlaeger. See below.

Sarah Roemer and Imogen Poots do the girl-girl thing in Waking Madison (2010). The breasts are Imogen's



Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty

Selena Gomez ... semi see-through?