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The Acid Eaters

The Acid Eaters (1968) is a titty flick written, produced and photographed by none other than David F. Friedman. Regular readers know that he is a personal favorite, most especially for The Erotic Adventures of Zorro. Sad to say, this is a much lesser effort, but does score several points for weirdness.

We open with close ups of people going through their workday. Finally, it is quitting time, and a group of them take off on motorcycles to enjoy the weekend. They start at a swimming hole, topless of course, then indulge in body painting. Finally, one of the women gets intimate with the wrong man, so they get into a knife fight. The transgressor falls into quicksand, and flips the others off as she goes under. Not to worry, she comes out in a room with an Indian and a miner, and then later reappears when the Indian performs magic. The group then takes off in search of the "sugar cube pyramid" which is an unlimited supply of acid. They find it, and it is so large it is visible from the road a couple of miles away. The group enters the pyramid and descends into hell, where they discover that one of their own has become the devil. Then all of the women show their tits again on one pretext or another, and everyone heads back to work on Monday.

This odd film pretty much bites the big one,  but there is some good news. This oddity is available on a Something Weird double feature, and the other film is a gem. Rather than add a second exploitation drug film, Something Weird included a documentary film made by hard core legend Alex de Renzy as a reaction to a Presidential Commission on Marijuana. This is a wonderful time capsule, and a real oddity from someone who mostly made hardcore porn. To give you some idea of the context, they are interviewing GIs when armed forces radio announces the Charles Manson verdict. It shows the legal and illegal use of weed, the procedures of anti-drug enforcement, and the easy availability of the drug in places like Nepal and Vietnam. The documentary was obviously edited such that the logical conclusion was to legalize it because, as the film said, criminalizing pot use essentially turned a sizable percentage of American youth into criminals, and that couldn't be a good thing.

The Acid Eaters is incoherent and the sex/nudity is inexplicit, but it is competently filmed and is thus a D, more or less.

The entire package, however, is actually worth owning or watching if the subject of the documentary interests you. That would grade out at C-.

IMDb readers have this at 3.3 with only 40 votes.

Scoop's note:

This film sounds like a bummer, but Friedman is one fascinating guy. If you can find a copy at a reasonable price, I highly recommend his memoir, A Youth in Babylon: Confessions of a Trash-Film King. He is a very funny, very smart guy who might have succeeded in many different fields, but life's twists and turns let him into exploitation cinema. The book is not only highly entertaining and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, but is a complete education in every aspect of the world of trash films. It's an insider transporting you into a world that he knew better than anyone and, unlike the authors of many such efforts, Friedman is an insider with a gift for a good yarn.



Pat Barrington


Sharon Carr


Lena Lamont


Judy Wood


Diane Curtis









The Sensuous Nurse


The Time Machine is back in 1975 for The Sensuous Nurse. This is a fun movie and, in my opinion, was probably Ursula Andress' finest hour. She was sexy and downright alluring, with or without clothes, but fear not we have ample nudity from Ursula including full frontal.

Carla Romanelli runs around stark naked.

Luciana Paluzzi shows breasts.

Jack Palance plays with a naked unknown.








Notes and collages

Ecco Noi Per Esempio

More Barbara Bach. And still more to come in the next few contributions.

Barbara Bach 








ISI & DISI: Alto Voltaje

The sequel to yesterday's film.


Kira Miro


Ruth Zanon


Zuleidy Piedrahita and Lucia Lapiedra








Hellraiser: Deader

A reporter, Amy Klein (Kari Wuhrer), travels to another country to investigate a suicidal cult known only as the DEADER. When she discovers the corpse of a woman in a bathroom of a run-down hotel, she also finds a strange puzzle box, and soon thereafter is constantly plagued by visions of dead people and the evil PINHEAD.

After this her world starts slowly to fall apart.



Kari Wuhrer








Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan

Somebody posted ten really sweet HD clips to Rapidshare. I made a highlight reel of the nudity here. If you absolutely want to see every second of the clips, and have the patience to download some 500 meg of files, here are the original links:


Two of the famous topless pics of Jessica Biel. Better quality than what we have seen earlier.






The Comedy Wire

The Wall Street Journal reports that parents have become obsessed with picking baby names that set their kids apart. has seen a 50 percent rise in hits since 2002, and their paid consultants are overwhelmed.  One woman paid a numerologist $475 for a list of names, and other parents are polling friends, families and even hospital staffs.  They Google potential names to see if they're unique, like one woman who discovered that her choice, "Zoe Rose," was also a porn star.  But a UCLA psychologist warned that giving your kids bizarre names might help them stand out, but so could sending them to school with their hair dyed blue.

*  So now, all these parents are dying their kids' hair blue.

*  Want something unique?  Name your kid "John Doe."  I've never met ANYBODY by that name! (FACT:  We searched Yahoo.  There wasn't one John Doe listed in the entire US.)

Schools in Canada need more money, so the Ottawa-Carleton school board is considering selling school naming rights to corporations.  Proponents say it would eliminate deficits, and they envision sponsors such as the Loeb grocery chain or Cognos software.  But opposing officials say they're afraid they'll end up with "Wal-Mart Elementary School," and that "no one wants to go to Taco Bell High."

*  Oh, come on!  Kids go to Taco Bell high all the time! 

Cameron Diaz apologized after she visited Peru carrying a purse that had a red star and Mao Tse Tung's slogan "Serve the People" in Chinese.  She said she bought it as a tourist in China and didn't realize it would offend Peruvians, 70,000 of whom were killed by Maoist Shining Path insurgents in the '80s and '90s.  A Peruvian human rights activist said Diaz should be a little more aware of local sensitivities when picking her accessories.

*  The good news: when she gets to Argentina, she can wear her Hitler earrings.