Various film clips:

One of the sexiest scenes ever to appear in a mainstream film, done entirely with context. There's no sex, not much nudity, and the little nudity is inexplicit. It's just Richard Dreyfuss spying on Madeleine Stowe in the entertaining film, Stakeout  - just the magic of cinema when it's done right.  Movie House Comments. High Definition zipped .avi. (Sample below)


Linda Fiorentino's failure to become an A-lister has always surprised me. She seems to have the right stuff, but ... rumor is that anyone who works with her doesn't look forward to repeating the experience, but I don't know if this is true or not. At any rate, I like her performances, her voice, and her looks. This is a very sensuous scene from The Moderns (Movie House review) - a bath scene with dialogue, and with background music from Madame Butterfly. Zipped .avi


This is pretty cool. An excerpt from a British documentary about the nudie career of Heather Mills McCartney. With plenty of nudity! Zipped .wmv


I'm not sure what POW is. I think probably the successor to GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). I guess it is also known as WEW (Women's Extreme Wrestling? Women's Erotic Wrestling?). Anyway, they have nudie cutaways in between the matches, and this one (zipped .avi) features B-movie cutie Glori-Anne Gilbert prancing around in her birthday suit.



A minor release. The Minotaur (2005)

(Note: there was one other minor release with some nudity this week. See "Catch o' the Day" below.)

I watched The Minotaur, which came out last Tuesday, but was not inspired to write any lengthy comments. It's a TV film made for the Sci-Fi network. It is a dark and gloomy-looking reworking of the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, and it stayed reasonably faithful to the shell of the familiar mythological story, but added its own embellishments. (The people from Crete seemed to spend all their time inhaling some mind-altering gas from their bull masks.) Given a minimal budget, the look of the film isn't bad at all, but the script included neither interesting dialogue nor a compelling storyline, so it was not my personal cup of tea. It seemed to be targeting the kiddie crowd because Tony Todd, ol' Candyman himself, playing the King of Crete, turned a performance so hammy and so lacking in nuance that it would have embarrassed Michael Rooker.

The film really needed a few lightbulbs, some humor, multi-dimensional characters, and some human interest. I did make it through the film with the occasional aid of the blessed fast-forward button, so I suppose a C- is the right grade on our scale, especially given the fairly good reception from the genre reviewers. Many of them praised the F/X. I can see their point. The Minotaur did look like a really big and scary bull, and it moved realistically, but I really didn't need to endure 89 minutes worth of routine exposition just to see that.

I'm glad this site is entirely written as opposed to spoken, so I don't have to pronounce Shiva Gholamianzadeh






Other Crap:

Daily Box Office for Friday, June 23, 2006
  • The Sandler movie was on target. The other new film, Waist Deep, id surprisingly well. It took in almost on Friday as it was expected to do all weekend, and it nearly equaled Sandler in "revenues per screen."

I learned something today: If I eat 14,333 Hershey's Kisses, it will kill me.

  • They say that the body has a natural defense mechanism, and it must be true, because I always stop around 13,500. (Although, of course, it's good to know that I could have had 800 more.)

An interesting optical illusion

Weird concept of the day: What if U2 did the music for Snakes on a Plane?

Occam's Razor in practice: "Falling Japan birth rate due to lack of sex"

"Bush Wants Santa's Data on Millions of American Families"

Clerks 2 - "Train Wreck" featurette

The Australian trailer for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Madonna nude at 19

Amanda Beard's layout at FHM online



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


The Camomile Lawn (1992)

The Camomile Lawn is a BBC TV mini series about an upper class British family's experiences starting in the period just before WW II and continuing until the present day. It is told as flashbacks by survivors on their way to a funeral in the present. Essentially, three generations of an extended family are involved.  More or less on her own is Sophie, a love child, and youngest of the bunch by a goodly margin. In the middle group, we have various cousins of both sexes. The older generation consists of Uncle Richard and Aunt Helena, who are the owners of the Cornwall estate the family summers at, and their friends, a concert violinist and his wife who are expatriate Austrian Jews.

Beginning in the last summer before the start of the war, the talk is of the annual "terror run" (a moonlit romp along the cliffs), who should bed whom, and when or if the war will start. The war changes everything. Aunt Helena goes on tour with the violinist, so Uncle Richard beds the violinist's wife. In the younger generation, one of the female cousins marries for money, but does not let that get in the way of enjoying many men, another girl moves to London for an important war department job, and all the men join the military. It paints a portrait much different than I imagined for the besieged Brits, who, it seems, were not always hunkered down in air raid shelters. In fact, they were having it off as often as possible with anyone in near proximity, in twos and threes.

This is a C+, as a very watchable historical mini-series which is reportedly true to the original source material penned by Mary Wesley, who wrote several novels about the British upper class. It did keep me interested, although I found the last two episodes a little slow.

IMDb scores this 8.6. All of the comments are glowing. There are surprisingly few reviews listed at IMDb. 

Scoop's main comments at the Movie House Page

Additional thoughts by Scoop about Jennifer Ehle:

I've rambled on from time to time about the element of luck in showbiz success. The classic example is the comparison between Kate Beckinsale and Claire Forlani, two beautiful English women who easily switch to American accents. They are approximately equal in facial beauty, although Beckinsale has a more familiar, cheerleader kind of look and Forlani is more exotic. They both have slim, healthy bodies, but Forlani has more feminine curves. Neither one is a great actress, but each has a niche, I suppose. Beckinsale has carved out her career as the female Keanu Reeves - no emotional depth but looks great in leather and does fine in action roles. Forlani's roles have been more dialogue-oriented. You'd have to call them about even. Scoopy Junior and I prefer Forlani, but plenty prefer Beckinsale. But the point is that Beckinsale is now an A-list star and nobody in the general public really knows who the hell Forlani is. "Oh, you know, the girlfriend from Mallrats." Beckinsale won the dice roll.

The same is true of Jennifer Ehle and Kate Winslet. Ehle is far more attractive, has a much better body, and is every bit the actress, but do you really know who the hell she is? Probably not. Yet Winslet is a major international star. I'm not saying Winslet doesn't deserve her fame, but why her and not Ehle, who is equally talented and more attractive? Just the luck of the draw. That's all. Put Ehle on that big old sinking ship, and she'd be the star now, while Winslet would be getting good reviews in small-time productions, and I'd be writing these comments the other way around.


All of the nudity occurs in episodes 2 and 3.

Jennifer Ehle shows full frontal and rear nudity.

Tara Fitzgerald also shows everything








The sexy shots from "Sexy Movie" just keep on coming.

Today we feature Belinda Gavin, as she bares all in a sex scene with a quick opportunity to play the "Spot the Tool" game. I'm surprised McDonald's hasn't tried this game instead of "Build a Big Mac."

Nicole Glenn shows breasts in a very quick scene.





How Do I Love Thee

The only nudity in How Do I Love Thee (1970) is a brief nipple popping out from a very sexy Rosemary Forsyth.

 Interesting caps of Soroya Farah, who is a belly dancer,

and Maureen O'Hara.

Down Came a Blackbird

The nudity in Down Came a Blackbird (1995) comes about as Laura Dern is reminiscing about what happened when she was a prisoner. The quality is poor due to the special effects applied. She is topless and we get a side view.

Amanda Smith is topless, but not the prettiest of sights.



The Edukators

Julia Jentsch is topless in the German film The Edukators (2004) but the view is brief. There is a better view of her pokies.


Be Cool

Be Cool (2005) has provoked a mixed reaction in the IMDB with some people really hating it. However, it seem that these people are comparing it with Get Shorty. I don't remember Get Shorty and I enjoyed Be Cool. The nudity in Be Cool is very brief by Uma Thurman as she is sunbathing topless and we really can't see anything.

Here is a film clip (zipped avi in DIVX format) of Uma Thurman.

However, there are a lot of sexy shots of Uma,

Christina Milian,

Minae Noji

 and Carol Duboc.




Masters of Horror - Sick Girl

We see some nice topless shots of soft-core actress Misty Mundae (using the name Erin Brown) as she does a bit of a lesbian scene with Angela Bettis in an episode of the Masters of Horror series called Sick Girl (2005). We see more of her in a dream sequence but the special effects muck up the view.

Here's the Misty Mundae film clip (zipped avi in DIVX format)


Masters of Horror - Deer Woman

Cinthia Moura is a Brazilian model and she is the deer woman in another episode of the Masters of Horror series, this time called Deer Woman (2005). She says nothing in the episode but she smiles very nicely and she has lovely breasts.

Here's the Cinthia Moura film clip (zipped avi in DIVX format)

Lisa Marie Caruk keeps her clothes on but we see her in her bra.


Masters of Horror - Dreams in the Witch-house

Brief frontal nudity by Chelah Horsdal in the Masters of Horror episode called Dreams in the Witch-house.


Masters of Horror - Homecoming

No visible nudity in the Masters of Horror episode called Homecoming but Thea Gill shows a lot of leg.




There was a second minor release this past Tuesday called "The Wailer." I passed on it, but Mr Skin got the goodies. Here's his zipped .wmv of Brenda Lyn Mejia. The capture is below.