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2006; 1920x800

Audrey Tautou


Maedchen im Nachtverkehr


part 2: film clip of Kali Hansa, Pilar Coll and Esther Moser




Here we go again with another visit to the VHS vault and another couple of comedies from the 80s.

Australian Dream


Australian Dream is a Queensland set dramedy that follows Dorothy Stubbs (Noni Hazlehurst), a put-upon housewife to her butcher now politician husband Geoffrey (Graeme Blundell) and their two kids. At a sex toy party, Dorothy meets the stripper, Todd (John Jarratt), and instantly begins to dream about him and starts to write about him in her stories for writing class she is taking. Her birthday is coming up and after dropping off her daughter to riding lessons, she again meets Todd, who is the riding instructor and he's also in a band, which Dorothy decides to hire for her party, which she feels is been taken over by her husband for campaign push. The party has a dress-up theme of 'dress who you want to really be' and Dorothy chooses to be Geoffrey which even he thinks is uninspiring. But after some more fantasising, Dorothy comes out in her night dress to the shock of Geoffrey who has invited the leader of his ultra-conservative party. And then Todd and his band arrived, unbeknownst to Geoffrey. It's going to be a helluva night. A throw everything at the wall and hope some of it sticks type of comedy where no attempt at comedy is left on the table. Sadly, not a lot of it works, a fair bit of sexual humour that feels there to be raunchy instead of funny. Australian Dream has a strangely subversive ending where Dorothy decides to take the road less travelled which was an interesting surprise. Hazlehurst is as usual pretty great as she played a lot of similar type roles during this period and holds the movie up well. Blundell and Jarratt are also good, but the rest of the cast is fairly anonymous. Not bad, but a fair bit misses the mark and there's a lot going on.

Noni Hazlehurst film clip (collage below)



Relatives is a comedy where a family is getting to get together for the 80th birthday of Grandpa (Bill Kerr) at the old family farmhouse before it is to be sold off. Geoffrey (Ray Barrett), who owns and runs the farm but hasn't told the family, and his children Clare (Alyson Best) and Ross (Brett Climo), who brings Clare's Czech lover Alex (Marian Dworakowski) are joined by the rest of the family. Nancy and Peter (Rowena Wallace and Michael Aitkens) are trying to get their share from the house. Alfred (Robin Bowering) and Catherine (Jeanie Drynan) are carrying on an affair behind their spouse's back. Clare is planning to move to Czechoslovakia with Alex and Ross is planning on dropping out of university. And all Grandpa wants is a drink. Very low key family getting together light comedy and I think that is being very generous as there doesn't seem to be a lot to laugh at. Usually these types of movies are about very dysfunctional families, but this family is light on the drama and tension. What little comedy there is either too obvious, as in the Grandpa being a smelly, deaf and wanting a drink or too dark, as in one kid threatening to shoot his cousin. To be honest, I'd rather watch a bad movie than the boring movie that Relatives is.

Alyson Best film clip (collage below)

As with all VHS updates, the quality isn't the best, but both movies are not bad quality and I doubt either with make the leap to DVD/Bluray. But, you never know...

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